Monday, May 16, 2011


EXCERPT: "The Obama administration will begin to tap federal retiree programs to help fund operations after the government loses its ability Monday to borrow more money from the public, adding urgency to efforts in Washington to fashion a compromise over the debt. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has warned for months that the government would soon hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling — a legal limit on how much it can borrow. With the government poised to reach that limit Monday, Geithner is undertaking special measures in an effort to postpone the day when he will no longer have enough funds to pay all of the government’s bills."

The Gunny had a blog essay ready on the TSA which will have to wait, for this is far more important.

So Obama puts in a moron named Gheitner in as Secretary of the Treasury. This is the same guy who cannot pay his taxes when he should and who can't figure out what he owes anyway. Not a real smart choice right? Kinda like picking an idiot with absolutely ZERO security experience and putting her in charge of the Department of Homeland Security. Indeed, WHAT is it that drives Barry the Bungler aka Sir Golfsalot to put morons in charge of organizations that they are barely fit to be a janitor in? Stupidity? Ignorance? Arrogance? WHAT!? Because the Gunny really really wants to know.

So Timmy can't manage his taxes and he and Bernanke are allowed to run rampant and spend our money willy-nilly. Dig this. Way back when, an ounce of silver cost .55 cents. You could buy 9 gallons of gas with that fifty-five cents, believe it or not. Today, that ounce of silver costs roughly 38 bucks or so and guess what, you can still buy nine gallons of gas with that ounce of silver. So has gas appreciated in value or has our dollar sh*t the bed thanks to complete morons running the show in DC? Hint, it ain't the gas.

Now, Geithner is going to, get this, "borrow" from the retirement funds of federal employees to pay for the government's operations because he and that asshat Bernanke, with their bailouts and stimulus funds and more bailouts and buying of GM and the loss on the stock sales and their QE 1 and QE 2 and the coming QE3 have screwed our economy to the hilt. Indeed, this raping of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY will only buy Timmy the Tool a few extra months of operation.

Hurry Timmy, maybe you and Obonehead can run another "Cash for Clunkers" program with the Gunny's TSP money. That was such a good deal huh?

The loathing and anger that the Gunny feels for this entire Administration and the literal sh*theels who run is monumental at this point. THEY are going to take OUR MONEY, to fund THEIR operations, because THEY have screwed up so badly, and yet they're gonna walk away from this train wreck in 2012, when they get kicked to the curb? Au Contraire, vermin. Americans need to band together in vigilante groups and start doing what the Left says to do to bank execs, drag them out of their homes and hold public trials and jail these idiots.

Of course, Barry the Bonehead is offering tax increases to pay for it all. Boy, that Hope and Change is awesome ain't it?

Here is a few ideas for Timmy to do FIRST before screwing the rest of us.

1.  STOP Obama's pay. He's a millionaire and living on our dime.
2.  STOP Congress' pay. Most are millionaires and they can live in an open squad bay in DC.
3.  STOP the Senate's pay. Most are millionaire's and they can live on the SECOND floor of that open squad bay on, say, Fort McNair.
4.  SELL the government land that they have illegally seized from the states.
5.  SELL Fannie and Freddie and all other GSEs.
6.  END all foreign aid.
7.  WITHDRAW all bases overseas except those CRUCIAL to OUR national interests.
8.  END NATO. (That is almost ONE TRILLION a year)
9.  END the UN. (That IS ONE TRILLION a year we waste there)
10.  RUN the illegals OUT of America and END their freebies. (Probably a trillion there)
11.  DEFUND the EPA, BLM, DoE, Dept of Ed, ATF, and save ANOTHER trillion or so!

That is ELEVEN solid ideas for lowering the cost of the DC beast and the Gunny doesn't have a fancy sheepskin from Yale or Hahhhvahhhhd, just a good deal of common frigging sense. Do THAT first and THEN see where you are at because THAT is how you balance your ledger sheet in a HOUSEHOLD, you damned morons.

Fellow Americans, join the Gunny in writing/emailing/calling your Reps and Senators in condemning this idiocy. For if they can pass legislation that allows them to rape the Thift Savings Plan for federal employees, WHICH, BBTW, includes the US Military, they can quickly pass legislation to screw YOUR 401K/IRAs.

Now the Gunny knows the anger the Colonists felt when King George III summarily pissed on them with bullsh*t like the Stamp Act.

"Socialism only works 'til you run out of other peoples' money." Margaret Thatcher
"Liberalism is just Communism sold by the drink." P.J.O'Rourke

So America, HOW is that Hopey/Changey working for ya?


  1. You DO know why Tax Cheat Timmy's going after retirement money, right? To use it as a hammer against the GOP because King Barry doesn't want any spending cuts as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling.

    "The GOP doesn't want federal and military retirees to get their pension checks!"

  2. Craw,

    Yep, I figured that this would be at the root of it. THAT is why I am so disgusted. Instead of FIXING IT, this G*DDAMN filthy and corrupt regime plays GAMES!

    2012 cannot come fast enough.

  3. Good point, guys. It's always just a PR/talking points game with socialists. They're continually handing us sh*t sandwiches and trying to convince us it's pate.

    The GOP, when it was in charge, did a pretty lousy job; Bush was NO conservative.

    But the Left saw a bonfire and decided to try to put it out by throwing gasoline on it (after raising taxes on the gasoline, of course).

  4. Brian,

    Summed up nicely. The hell with them all. Time to clean house and start over. 2012 will decide our future.

  5. Everyone that is up for re-election needs to go, even the "conservative" Republicans. And no pensions for any of them.

  6. The current administration is not an administration, it's a bloody thiefdom (can't even call it a kingdom). Our real problem is not having conservative (even small l libertarians) who will actually do the job that needs to be done. No matter how this onion is sliced, those generations after me are only going to cry in anguish unless d r a s t i c steps are taken ASAP. And last point, the States need to start taking matters into their own hands or we are dooooooomed, IMHO.

  7. In conjunction with your suggestions; really free up oil drilling. Gas prices will fall, the economy will go crazy, tax revenue will increase and we'll stop funding all of the terrorist organizations around the globe.
    Of course this won't happen until we get a new president... tick, tick, tick.. I'm waiting!

  8. Gunny, could you give me the references on the cost to the US for NATO and the UN?

    If your numbers are correct on those two items (and if we add in the savings from dropping welfare, medicaide, most entitlements, closing the bases in countries that are no longer crucial to our interests, and 90% of foreign aid) we can pay off the national debt in 4 to 5 years. Getting rid of ALL illegal aliens will probably decrease this time by a year.

    If only the news media would report this and make this known to the average American, the 2012 election would be worse for the Dumbocraps than it already will be.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    That info is about 6 months old. I goggled the orgs and then began to dig. Both NATO and the UN have their budgets split up into sections and it was hell to total it up.

    Let me know if you find something new or diff.

  10. Good post and comments.Sure wouldn't occur to ANY of these assholes to CURB F%&KING SPENDING,now would it? GREAT clip on Fox News earlier of a guy shaking Newt's hand at some to-do,while telling him to drop out of the race,and that he(Newt) is an EMBARRASSMENT to conservatives. Good shit. Also good to see Huckleberry Hound and Trump bow out. Now,if only Romney would disappear...

  11. Clyde,

    Romney raised 10M at an event but I refuse to vote for this east coast GOP liberal. He can stuff RomneyKare up where the sun don't shine.

    I WISH that a SOLID Conservative would step up to the plate with the creds to BREAK AWAY from the damned GOP and form the American Conservative Party. The GOP would die in a NY second and the Dems would never again win an election.

  12. Another case of "Robbing Peter...and buying crack instead of paying Paul"

  13. Never have understood how Zero could defend Geithner as, "..the only person who can run the Treasury..." or words to that effect... neve understood why, if Geithner is so smart as to be the only one qualified to run the Treasury that he cannot figure out his income tax...
    Never could figure that one out.