Sunday, May 22, 2011


(Monday edition out early as the Gunny is on travel)
Okay, it is several days after our very own little caesar was SCHOOLED and PUNKED by Bibi Netanyahu, who gave a speech from the heart and not a teleprompter! How many Americans do not know that Netanyahu went to schools like MIT AND served in the Israel version of the SEALs, the Sayeret Matkal. Wow, no wonder little caesar was as upset as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs with fat guys in them for the closest Barry ever got to joining the military was trying to figure out to join the US military or say, Hamas. You see, PM Netanyahu KNOWS what it is to be a leader and our little caesar was getting chapter and verse on it and his Muslim insides had to be boiling! HAHA! God surely does have a sense of humor.

Once upon a time (all war stories start out this way), when the Gunny was but a young buck Sergeant, he witnessed a miscreant Marine getting a verbal spanking by one of the Gunny’s mentor’s, who did it sitting in his chair, leaning back, and never raising his voice. The boss went up one side and down the other, from front to back, verbally skinning this knucklehead, who ended up sharting his shorts, there can be no doubt! He could not move FAST ENOUGH to get out of that office when told to "get the hell out of my sight." THAT, fellow patriots, is what happened on May 20, 2011 to our little caesar. Bibi Netanyahu patently gave a "teachable moment" to our petulant one, like a father to a son perhaps, telling him that what he was doing was wrong and how to get "his head and his ass wired together." ALL America, indeed the world, was witness to the spanking our little caesar received. Someone needs to examine the chair Zero was sitting in for fingerprints, because Zero had a white knuckle grip on those armrests and left indents! HAHA!

PM Netanyahu told Zero something that his mommy and rich white granny never told him…"NO!"

1. No return to the 1967 lines.
2. No flooding Israel with Arab refugees.
3. No negotiation with a Hamas PA 'government.

NO little caesar, we AIN’T gonna do what you say. EGADS man, that must have irked Irkel no end. The Gunny has just added an item to his bucket list and that is, to shake the hand of PM Netanyahu for pulling down the short pants of Irkel and administering a sound verbal spanking. Bibi, you ever get to Alaska, the steaks are on the Gunny! In one fell swoop, Netanyahu took a hefty dump on our little caesar’s three basic points of his Middle East policy. So richly deserved, it is truly a shame that no one in America has the balls to follow Netanyahu’s excellent example of courage, honesty, and statesmanlike leadership.

Perhaps deep inside, where his nasty little Marxist heart is, Barry KNEW that school was in session because Bibi has been there and done that AND got the t-shirt, whereas Barry’s only success was milking the system as an affirmative action recipient, who skated through life, and became potus because he reads well off of a teleprompter and that 52% of the nation is comprised of idiots and parasites. Barry played patty cakes while Bibi played for keeps. Awesome. Our little caesar thought that he could toss Israel under the bus, like he has done everyone and everything else, that has gotten in his way but Bibi gave him a full magazine from his verbal Uzi up close and personal. F-ing fantasic.

Barry got into a war of wits with PM Netanyahu and found out that his armory is empty, always was, and always will be for if David Axleroid was not there to wipe Barry’s chin, he’d drool all over himself. David Hemmorroid is another liberal who needs to find himself in front of a tribunal of angry citizens in 2013. When PM Netanyahu gave Barry a history lesson that could not be refuted, you KNOW little caesar’s anus was so puckered up, you couldn’t ram a brad nail up it with a sledgehammer! Classic. Like the Ginzu knife, Bibi neatly sliced and diced Barry, rolled him in some kosher salt and oil, and pan fried the little turd. 

What makes it so funny is that Soros gave Barry his talking points on Israel and they both gleefully thought that Soros could relive his glory days of loading Jews onto trains headed to Hell and Bibi yanked the rug out from under both of the scumbags. In a few short minutes, PM Netanyahu took the role of leader of the free world away from a little sissy not ready for prime time and thoroughly eviscerated him. His teachings from Reverend Wright and his buddy Farrakhan were stepped on a like a roach under a combat boot! If anyone wondered what would happen in a debate between Ronaldus Magnus and our little caesar, you saw it on 20 May 2011. Game. Set. Match. Bibi. Back to the minor leagues Barry, where you should have never left in the first place.

If Israel’s enemies get froggy, all Israel has to do is set up an airlift from the US to Israel and we’ll answer the clarion call because the only way for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing. And while our little caesar would sit on his thumb and rotate, the Gunny would bet that millions of US patriots would answer the call. Hell, Hezbollah STILL has to pay for 241 brothers they murdered.

But on a lighter note, you JUST KNOW that Ronaldus Magnus, Winston Churchill, and Manachem Began were up in Heaven, puffing on stogies, drinking some fine scotch, and laughing at what happened on 20 May 2011. God knows the Gunny will be LHMFAO over it for months to come.

Encore Bibi Encore.

                   WHAT THEY GOT          WHAT WE GOT
                        "A Leader"                    "Mr. Dithers"



  1. Totally superior post Gunny,
    I am so angry with Obama that I can't even express it.
    How can any of our friends ever trust us again?
    He has betrayed everyone.
    I have been watching the movie "Lonesome Dove" and I know this is a lot of what Americans went through in settling this country. And we have a little caesar that wants to destroy it just for his ego. He will destroy us and any one else he can.
    What is scary is the thoughts of him winning the election. Rasmussin said he is leading in the polls over any of our candidates.
    We have got to get rid of him in time to aid Israel.

  2. Obama is one of the least prepared CIC's we had in years. Nixon, the Quaker and Bubba Clinton atleast had joined ROTC. Both had had more insight to the military than Obama in my opinion..

  3. Watch the "fat guy" comments,gdahmit!hahahahahaha. It is true,though,the rest of the post. Obama isn't a leader.Dickhead couldn't lead buzzards to a month old carcass.

  4. GO BIBI... good post, those pix say a lot don't they...

  5. Shaking Bibi's hand is on my list as well.

    Before his college education, Bibi attended public schools in the Bucks/Montgomery County (PA) schools. My daughters went to elementary school in that area. For non-special ed students, that is one of the better areas for public schools in our nation.

    Bibi's military exploits are the stuff novels and films are based upon. His brother was one of the leaders of the 1976 hostage rescue at Entebbe, and "Yani" Netanyahu was the only one of the heroes of the IDF to get his awards posthumously. You can bet he was part of that Heavenly audience for the smackdown.

  6. Nanna,

    DO NOT take any poll seriously. They always run for the libs. They had Karter beating Reagan and we all know how that ended up!

    Rest assured, Obama may abandon Israel but Americans won't.

  7. Pack Rat,

    I think Obama's the worst since Wilson, who was a college professor without a lick of common sense.

  8. clyde,

    HAHA! You'll see that saying again...

    "couldn't lead buzzards to a month old carcass"

  9. Lisa G,

    They surely do. Obama looks stoned to the gills.

  10. Craw,

    I'd forgotten that his brother was KIA at Entebbe. Yes, no doubt he was cracking up. Obama is probably running around thinking he won that round! haha. Dolt.

  11. Sir Golfsalot is so confident in his Chicago style bullying, he thought Netanyahu wouldn't have the spine to say anything right in front of the cameras. I'll bet he thought he'd set his anti-Israel policies in front of the cameras and his lap dogs and Bibi would sit there and quietly fume. HA!
    I watched the AIPAC speech yesterday and it was embarrassing how fawning the liberal Jews of the US are. Sure they gave him the silent treatment once or twice but they applauded more. They are liberal dems before they are Jews.

  12. Well, I think Netantahu is just plain RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!

    I'm still waiting for THAT outcry...

  13. What Obama is asking Israel to do is basically commit sucide. They were attacked by the Arab nations shortly after optaining nationhood---again. Thank you again Gunny and others here for your support..for all who bless Israel-God bless! and God bless America.. (I do not have your e-mail)

  14. Did we get Mr. Dithers or Spicoli?

    I think we got Spicoli.

  15. I think Netantahu is RAAAAAACIST!

    I'm surprised we haven't actually heard that yet....

    (tried posting that earlier, but the system froze up)

  16. Not to take anything away from Mr. Netanyahu, but making Obama look like a fool is a one man job, and Obama's already got it. I heard today that he really IS Irish. HA! I was calling him Barney O'Bama way back when he was losing to Sexy Legs Clinton.

  17. Beachmom,

    Sickening isn't it? A betrayal of their own people but hey, Soros sets them a good example.

  18. BrianR,

    Yeah, I'm sure THAT card will be played in the future. That is all that the Left has in their deck of jokers.

  19. Ben-Israel,

    Thanks for the kudos but doing the right thing is its own reward. Plus, I can USE all the good deeds I can get when I report in for duty upstairs lest the Old Man bust me! haha.


  20. ferrellgummit,

    You got that right!