Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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King Barry the Lame is busy taking his victory laps for enforcing Bush 43’s policies on whacking terrorists wherever they raise their filthy heads thus confirming Murphy's Original Law: "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it."

Remember, this is the same clown who mewled over and over that Bush 43’s policies are evil, they make terrorists hate us, they are counterproductive but at the same time, Bush went after terrorists like Rosie O’Donnell after a free buffet! In the words of Caligula, "Let them hate us, as long as they fear us." But in just one month after taking office, Barry set a course for the rocks and shoals and rang up flank speed by bowing and groveling to anyone who would listen, apologizing for America’s greatness, closing Gitmo, putting the CIA folks who waterboarded KSM and others on trial, the same ones that GOT the tiny nugget of info that, after being refined, led bit by bit, to Osama’s brains seeing the light of day by a SEAL’s double-tap. Lord Barry the Healer even went so far as to dismiss the charges against the U.S.S. Cole plotter, thereby pissing in the faces of the families who lost their kin in that terrorist attack AND freeing the Lockerbie bomber. Barry’s way is the catastrophic way, not because al-Qaeda and the other peaceful Muslims are threatening revenge, but that Barry WEAKENED us beforehand, thus making us MORE vulnerable. But feel safe America, Chuck U Schumer is calling for a "no-ride" list for trains! Now THAT is taking the fight to terrorists! This also confirms one of Murphy’s Laws of Warfare: "The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: when they're ready, when you're not." The Left has ensured that we ain’t but hey, gays can serve openly in the military now. Whew, a MASSIVE problem solved by the regime.

No one can deny that He Who Wields the Intrepid Nine Iron is what is known in the private sector as a manager who manages via email or more likely, an absentee manager. When Barry stated that, "Nancy can handle the details," concerning ObamaKare, he then confirmed Murphy's First Corollary, "Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse." They did. This nightmare of regulation, death panels, hidden fees and taxes, is under assault by at least 26 out of the 57 states because not only is it unconstitutional, but because it’s simply a pile of 2000 pages of liberal ignorance. Hot on the heels of the First Corollary is Barry’s confirmation of Murphy's Second Corollary: "It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious." Remember back when Lord Barry spent $20.3 million dollars of the US Taxpayer’s money to import Palestinian refugees from Gaza, aka Hamas terrorists or Hamas sympathizers, to the United States? What, we didn’t have enough fifth columnists and terrorist sympathizers already IN the Democrat Party? He doubled down on that by telling immigration to allow MORE Muslims to enter the US, heedless of the possible threat that this peaceful religion, of throat-slitters and head choppers, poses to the US. Major Hasan springs to mind for some reason. Obama's former religious advisor to DHS! Oopsy.

Speaking of the DHS, Murphy’s New and Improved Law: "If anything can go wrong -- it will," and Johnson’s Corollary: "Nobody really knows what is going on anywhere within the organization," is validated almost to perfection by Janet Napolitano, the boss of Homeland Security, who apparently, doesn’t have the first clue about security, terrorists (unless it is white male vets just bak from Iraq) or where the problematic border with Mexico is. Hint for Janet: It’s that third world country right below California, you know, where all of the illegals you let come through migrate to. And her handling of the TSA’s gropings and pokings and x-rays and violations of the 1st, 4th, and probably the 5th Amendments, on a massive scale not seen since Wilson was chucking Americans into prison for protesting WW1? Stunning. Why, it is well known that the diapers of infants can contain explosive devices but that is usually only when their diaper are being changed (Murphy’s Law again validated) as any Mom can attest to. The TSA has prevented so many terrorist incidents by making people disrobe, remove their shoes, have pornographic body scans, getting titty twisters, ball grabs, junk inspections, etc, that the Gunny heard Israel is planning to remove their vaunted airport security apparatus and install a TSA model. (Just Kidding.) Only this regime is that stupid, as they continue to validate the Peter Principle on a daily basis with the DHS and the TSA! Just to be clear, it has been AMERICAN airline passengers who have taken down any terrorists or other malcontents (a flight attendant recently TACKLED one), not the TSA.

One constant is for sure and that is Obama and his myrmidons will continue to validate the Basic Philosophy of Murphy, which is: "Smile... tomorrow will be worse." This regime is like a stumble bum groping his way down the street, bumping into anything and everything in his path, bouncing from one potential crisis to another and of course, confirming the existence of Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics, "that things get worse under pressure." That pressure being the American people as we rise up in righteous anger at the lies and scandals of the regime, for example: Obama insulting the Brits on various occasions, having commie radicals in his admin, lying about unemployment staying under 8%, bowing to every foreign potentate he could, NOW promising amnesty for illegal aliens to pander for votes, Iran getting nukes on his watch, a new war in Libya, started by his three stooges while he was on vacation, giving US missile codes to Putin, Holder being a glassy-eyed incompetent racist without a clue, NO drilling ban, hooking up his buddy Immelt and the ATF gun scandal, the rising debt, etc, to name a few. Obama’s incompetence and malice started as a snowball and is now an avalanche growing to epic levels!

In the "Logic of Empire", Heinlein declares: "You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity." But maybe this regime validates the opposite, that WE have attributed conditions of their stupidity that simply result from their villainy for this is the Administration that has actually gone to court to STOP Arizona from enforcing the immigration laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!, stops drilling, defies a federal court on it not once but twice, and then offers bullsh*t excuses about speculators and the usual villain of the Left, the evil ol oil companies gouging us, ignores requests for federal disaster aid from Red States like Texas, while redistributing money to sh*tholes like Detroit (run by libs for the last 70 years).

Rest assured brothers and sisters, everything that can go wrong in the next 18 months until we boot this golf-bum, will go wrong. Life in America will be like standing in front of a howling wind tunnel while the guy on the other end shovels in fresh baby sh*t. Obama takes his victory lap in whacking Osama who his regime claims really wasn’t an Islamic terrorist and then gives him an Islamic burial at sea (WTF over?) and then goes on vacation (give it another day or two), as the Islamofascists prep for new terror attacks to get us back. But don’t worry, Janet Incompetano will be there to work those terrorist acts, er, "man-caused disasters" and make it better. The Regime of the Golfer is weak, timid, ignorant, and populated by vacillators best known for poisoning the minds of kids with heads full of mush, wearing Che t-shirts, than in actually kicking some butt. But never fear, Obama, when elected, confirmed one of Murphy’s laws of politics that "the worst political candidate will become President," although McLame was a REAL close second on that score.

And every single day that Obama reads from TOTUS, he validates The First Law of Military Life: "if it fails, blame it on the guy who recently PCS’d. If it works, you thought of it first," as well as the Second, "punish the innocent and reward the guilty." Guess which group we're all in.



  1. Great thoughts as usual Gunny,
    Today, Obama is taking another swipe at Texas. He is making a speech in ElPaso on immigration. He asked Rick Perry to greet him at the airport (for photo op no doubt). Mitch Daniels did the other day when he was in his state to brag er...speech. Perry told him to pound sand. I am so proud of Perry. Obama seems to think he can do anything to anybody, and they will still cow tow to him.
    I do love the way you go after this little man every day, exposing the fake that he is!!

  2. Good post. Unlike this bunch,the beaver is usually smart enough to get out of the way of the fall. Gotta give the P.L.L. credit for NOT totally gutting the Bush way of doing these terrorists. Had they had their way,the libretards would still be getting advance copies of Osama's Greatest Hits.

  3. Excellent job, Gunny. My Grandpa used to always say that whoever came up with the word foolproof was never surrounded by fools. We are definitely surrounde now, but like Chesty said, we can attack in every direction.

  4. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos. The ONE THING that I cannot stomach is a hypocrite and a liberal hypocrite is 10,000 times worse. Obama is a liar, a con-man, and an anti-American POS. He isn't fit to be the POTUS much less an American citizen.

  5. Clyde,

    True enough but Obama taking credit for it like HE was the trigger-puller and using it to further his reelection. He is, as the Spanish say, sin verguenza. (without shame)

  6. TGP,

    HAHA! Chesty would sh*t if he saw the garbage infesting the White House and our government.

  7. When Glen Beck travelled to Israel he refused to fly with anyone other than El Al...
    Toldja the guy has some gray matter between his ears.

    McCain might well have been the worse of the two choices.
    Had he been elected pres we would have had 4 years of about the same thing we are having now followed by another 4 from Zero.
    This way we have seen incompetence mixed with Marxism full face without any "moderate" or "reaching a/aisle" masking it.
    McCain is in a frock coat.

  8. 10th Generation:

    Tried to comment at your blog.
    It would not accept my comments.

  9. Buck,

    No idea why it wouldn't work. I'm mostly computer illiterate, but all I can say is please try again.