Tuesday, May 24, 2011


internet troll to spread the manure thick on the internet, paid for, of course, with OUR TAX DOLLARS. Yeah ANOTHER commieczar to spin for little caesar. How perfect does this fit in with the little community organizer, who is in reality, nothing more than a rabble-rouser who worked for ACORN. God in Heaven, how TYPICAL of a leftist to hire a clown well-versed in agitprop. This, fellow patriots, is a sure fire sign that Obama KNOWS that he is in deep dooky. The American people have SEEN through this empty suit, starting from day one, and this latest trip to Europe, to dodge Bibi's speech to Congress is just another nail in the coffin. Not to get off thread but WHAT president has EVER left the nation for a vacation, and don't BS yourselves, THIS is another Obama vacation, while a potentate of a major nation was in the country AND giving a speech to Congress? None. BTW, Bibi's speech KICKED ASS and he did it without a teleprompter! (link below)

So, back to Herr Goebbels, the new internet troll for the regime. His job is, evidently, to cover up the facts that the sun doesn't set, Obama SUCKS it down! This jives with the other douchebags in the regime, i,e., Cass Sunstein for example, who wrote a paer on infiltrating websites to spread BS and cloud the truth, which is what this pencil neck geek's new job is. Funny how the Gunny's dad was right again, "[sh*t]birds of a feather, flock together..." So the new commieczar will attempt to deflect the arrows of truth that are making Obama look like a frigging porcupine and we'll somehow NOT realize it? WTF Over? We already KNOW that Obama lies with every telepromptered speech, it is a GIVEN! But here comes Jesse Lee "X", the Pencil Neck internet troll to set things to rights, on our tax dollars.

How the HELL can Obama use TAX DOLLARS to rent a fat nitwit, to spread lies and disinformation, in order to help his reelection? How the hell does THAT work? Oh yeah, it's in the Constitution, right below where it says that Barry can fire CEOs and buy companies, in order to reward his union buddies.

Obama is not just a failure, HE IS A CRIMINAL THUG who has violated his oath of office and the Constitution and hiring this clown is just another footstep on this trail of crimes and lies!

They just don't get it do they? Lies DO. NOT. WORK. on us anymore. We are free from the Lapdog Media [hat tip to Owl Gore on inventing the internet] and our facts and logic CANNOT be denied. For example, Obama got bitch-slapped by Bibi, had his short pants pulled down, took a spanking, and then skyed out on vacation while Bibi took the Congress by FIRESTORM. Spin THAT one commieczar.

Can we get Bibi as POTUS for Barry and 10,000 liberal morons to be named at a later date?

It appears that Darrell Issa is gonna need some "regulators" to corral all of the libs that are going to need to be put on trial after we clean house in 2013. The Gunny recommends all of those returning Iraqi vets that Janet Incompetano and this regime labeled as potential terrorists.

A tip to the vermin inside this regime, start learning the words to the song, "working on a chain gang."

The turd on the Left is the regime's new internet troll
bought and paid for by the US taxpayer. Jesse Lee "X"

HOT UPDATE: This douchebag's wife is a raging liberal and one of the one's behind the "General Betray-Us" ad. Says a lot about where this asshat's head is at (up his colon).

Bibi's speech to Congress here:


  1. Wish you were right about putting all the criminals on trial.
    But you know it don't work that way.
    The GOP, even the Tea Party GOP, would be scared shitless that putting these crooks on trial would be propagandized as "purge trials" ala Stalin, ala Mao.
    They just haven't got the gonads. Even the tea partiers.
    Otherwise why hasn't Issa sent the House Sgt at Arms to bring in the jerks who refuse to honor his subponeas???

  2. Dont remember in which paper I saw the add, but I did see an add asking to pay people to post on websites, for money, for Acorn. ... 1+1=2.
    As for this administration, and other such scumbag organizations, this is nothing new. Paid posters are the new proproganda ministry, or the ministry of truth if you will.

    The USA is beinging to resemble late 1930s Germany... We lose 2012, we lose our country, and most probably our lives.

  3. I'll agree with Buck. Every pol is afraid of being labeled an extremist.

    Everything that zero has touched since day one has turned to shit. There are no exceptions. It's no small wonder he has hired a paid "fixer" to polish the turd.

    The public ain't buying it one bit. Any GOP candidate should be able to beat zero on just his record alone.

    They could start with zero not pledging allegience to our flag and go from there.

  4. Buck,

    I know, it is a pipe dream but a nice one. Most of them deserve a fast trial and then a trip to GenPop at Leavenworth.

  5. Anon,

    A lot of truth in your post. Barry SAID he wanted a civilian national security force so it stands to reason that he wants a gestapo to assist them.

  6. Hardnox,

    Indeed. Jesse Lee will try to convince us that you really CAN pick up a turd by the clean end.

    Hope y'all had fun in the mts.

  7. Gunny,
    We had a blast. Didn't see a rooftop or a road for a week. My horses were great in some really rough country. I can't say enough about real American Quarter Horses.

    I even un-holstered the 1911 once when a really big black bear hauled ass when we approached. Got the blood pumping. The bear went through the brush like a freight train. The horses didn't even flinch.

    It was a real treat NOT to see or hear zero for a week. As I catch-up on the news I see that he has crapped the bed on a daily basis which is no surprise. Finding out that zero got bitch-slapped by Bibi was a nice welcome home.

  8. Hardnox,

    Nice. I was out in the bush yesterday and saw beaucoup moose with calves but no grizzlies.

    Yeah, Bibi seriously OWNED Obama.

  9. I guess the OLDM isn't enough to lie about the bastard,so along comes yet another frigging czar.The Lying Czar???? This asshole has some SERIOUS problems. Reason enough to shitcan him.