Monday, May 2, 2011


It took a little while to find but remember when Barry told the world that HE would end ALL of the policies that Bush 43 put in place that eventually LED to Osama's brains seeing the light of day? Yet the arrogant jackass takes credit "I authorized the operation..." for what the US military and the intel bubbas and bubbettes did.

In Barry's mind, it is ALL ABOUT HIM.

Now let's see him put KSM and Major Hasan in front of a military tribunal! C'Mon tough guy, get on the phone to Holder...


  1. HE authorized it? Sorry, but it has been a STANDING ORDER since 2001 to kill bin Laden.


  2. "...the United States will be unyielding in defense of its security..."

    Except, uh, when, ah, racial profiling is, uh, necessary...

  3. Craw,

    Exactly right. Bush 43 summed it up well:

    "And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice."

    The Left forgot about that standing order since they were busy protesting Bush at the time and had their mouths open and their ears and minds closed!

    Simply what pisses me off is that Zero was an ungracious arrogant prick over this when he could have stood out for the troops.

  4. Buck,

    Oh yeah, can't profile OR seal the southern border!

  5. What the hell is the problem for giving credit where credit is due...this was a victory for our president, the people of our country and across the world! Bush was given all this praise (and rightfully so) when we found and brought Saddam to justice, so why shouldn't the standing president also be given the same praise when another enemy of freedom is brought to justice?

  6. John 3:16,

    I have no beef with Barry getting some credit, it was the way he took it, not to mention "neglecting" to mention Bush for any of it since it was Bush who put the policies in place and set the stage for this.

    As I stated, now I want to see him go after KSM and Major Hasan with the same fervor! After all, they've both been screened by this regime.

    Let's put this in context. The military asked to get this guy and Barry says okay. That is the extent of his involvement. And since they've known OBL's whereabouts since LAST AUGUST, why the wait unless it was to pump up Barry rock bottom numbers.

  7. It was obvious that this was delayed to boost zero's numbers and to suck the air out of the room considering all the pending investigations.

    The "I" and "me" was a bit much. Give the Seals and the CIA the credit already. Zero is such a douche.

    I hope that someone pinned a bacon strip on OBL's corpse before they splashed him.

    Americans have every right to rejoice that the head turd was offed.

    A.M.F. (Adios M'fer) There is a special place in hell for that POS.

  8. Hardnox
    I agree with the bacon strip.
    I think the military should start purchasing ammunition that has a hog lard derivitive lubricant.
    THAT'D end this crap quick.

  9. What this operation showed was the patience and hard work of the intelligence and military communities. They worked for years to put the pieces together.
    And Obama could not afford to tell them not to complete their mission. It would have gotten out even faster than the screw ups by Billy C in the '90's when they had BinLaden in their sites and the WH said don't do it.
    This was a victory for the country that involved 2 administrations but mostly the people who did the leg work and who took Bin Laden out.

  10. Since you rightoids are so obviously undereducated, I'll do the math for you:

    President Barack Hussein Obama is commander-in-chief of America's armed forces.


    Obama's responsibility was to authorize the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, and he did, as well as oversee the investigation that finally located ObL.


    Obama gets the credit, historically and in Americans' minds, for the victory.


    Barring a major government fuckup between now and then, Obama gets re-elected in 2012, and y'all know it.

  11. I can see this now...
    "Mr.President we know exactly where Usama is and we can take him out with a percision strike with minimum risk of civilian casualties. All I need is your approval."
    Obama;" Uh, Uh, uh, Hmm, I don't know, can I think about it?"

    BTW; For someone who says he doesn't believe in torture, he's done a heck of a job torturing the American people...

  12. From an old Star Trek TV episode

    "Perhaps to be a Teer is to see in new ways"

  13. Ivan,

    I love your inane and vapid posts. They make me laugh.

    Obama got a 1 point bump in the polls over this.


    HIGH Gas prices
    HIGH food prices
    HIGH unemployment
    Devalued dollar
    GE makes record profit, pays no taxes
    Businesses leaving America
    Domestic oil production way down

    Keep yapping little weiner dog, you're cracking me up.

  14. Jim,

    Well, it took Barry four days to decide on whacking four Somali skinnies, why not nine months to whack OBL!? They had to do a lot of focus groups at the WH over this.

  15. It is easy to forget that Bush had very high ratings when Hussein was caught and then when the economy went siuth, so did his chances for reelection.

    Gas Prices when Obama took ofiice; less than $2.00 gal.

    Now, $3.99 and climbimg

  16. Pack Rat,

    Hell, Bush 41 won a WAR and did not get reelected because the economy was down. Our economy is in the tank and Obama OWNS IT!

  17. When did Stewie Griffin get out of prison? Hey Ivan, did you make many friends in general population? Did a lot of them offer to COVER YOUR BACK?
    No Ivan, most Americans have figured out tha the's a self promoting liar. Most people have figured out that what he said before the election that he would do to us, he really has. When he said it was necessary to pay $5.00 a gallon for gas, when he said that he would run coal companies out of busines, when he said "single payer". Everyone knows now that he is a liar and a hypocrite. Everyone knows now tha the used interogation data from GITMO to do this. Let's face it Stewie, he's going down like a fairy in prison (tha twould be you).
    PS I miss you around here, you're the comic relief!

  18. Jim,

    Helluva post on Stewie! Made me laugh.

    Great point on Obama being a self-promoting liar. He's been doing that HIS WHOLE LIFE!

    He writes NOTHING as the president of the Harvard Law Journal and used it as a springboard to bigger and better things and on and on.

    Obama will always be nothing but a community organizer and lawyer for ACORN at heart.

  19. Were any of the members of the Seal team one of the guys Sir Golfsalot and Eric the coward Holder prosecuted for giving a terrorist a bloody lip?

  20. beachmom,

    HAHA! I wonder if they were. I'm surprised that Obama is not indicting them for murdering OBL now that it comes out that he was unarmed!

    I can just see him whining, "the SEALs acted stupidly. I told them to arrest him."

    That speech will happen after the Muslim world erupts in anger in a day or two.

  21. Hey Ivan, just so you know, if we hadn't water boarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, we wouldn't have received the names of the couriers that interacted with Osama Bin Laden. Since OBL did not let his whereabouts to the other top terrorist leaders, a single courier would deliver letters and orders from OBL.

    Through water boarding, we found out the names of many of these couriers that led the us to Pakistan. So, when you were praising Obama, you were also praising the tactics in which we caught OBL, making you a hypocrite, unless you'd rather have wanted the foiled terrorist attack we got from waterboarding him and OBL eventual death. So, would you care to elaborate, more deaths of American people, or a swirlie that saved many lives and brought the end of the most wanted terrorist?

    I look forward to laughing at you insane excuses.


  22. Interesting,

    libs want us to give Obama credit for gettting UBL, but ignore all of the work done under Bush's watch.

    Last night Alan Colmes was caught misrepresenting Rumsfeld's position.