Sunday, May 1, 2011


From 1937 until June 1942, the Japanese Imperial Government overran the Pacific basin, as far out as Wake Island, down to Guadalcanal, over to Burma, and up into Manchuria. They even nabbed a couple of islands in the Aleutian Islands. It was one success after another, taking Guam, French Indochina, the Philippines (destroying or enslaving a huge American force and their Filipino allies), Singapore (this time enslaving a huge British Army), and anything else they wanted.

Then came the Coral Sea, the codebreakers, the fresh water condenser ruse on Midway, and some dive bombers out of the sun, and it all turned to crap in a few moments. The Japanese Empire had reached their high-water mark and it was downhill until the bitter end in August 1945.

Emperor Obama has reached his high-water mark but like the Japanese Empire, the Obama Empire won't admit it to themselves or their zombie-like cultists. ObamaKare is under attack by 26 out of the 57 states. Arizona is standing fast on their anti-immigration bill and Oklahoma just passed their anti-immigration bill, with other states (Georgia and Utah for a couple) to follow. Boeing moved much of their Seattle plant to South Carolina, the union whined, Obama's hacks on the NLRB are suing, and Boeing might keep a tiny plant open in Seattle (with little or no work), and the unions will do as Japanese outposts did, and die on the vine. Oh, and speaking of union bums, Wisconsin cheeseheads kicked the unions in the balls, are working to balance their budget, AND surveyed that liberal idiot judge like a pile of soiled linen on Field Day. Union thuggery, union threats, and a teleprompter reading by Obama failed to carry the day. Rest assured, other states (Michigan for one) are going to follow this path like Leathernecks storming ashore on Iwo Jima!

Like the Japanese Empire, Obama and his minions are fighting on all fronts and doing poorly with every teleprompter reading, every vacation by Michelle, every golf trip, and every outrage by this administration, like the pending explosion fixing to happen with the ATF scandal being investigated by Congress and the Senate. The house of cards called Obama, built up by Soros and the liberal press, is being torn down, brick by brick, and the outer defenses of the Empire have been breached. The Resistance is going viral, as the Tea Party spreads to Europe and Australia, and Emperor Obama is losing his army, bit by bit. Bernanke is going to be investigated and the Fed gave a press meeting for the first time in 97 YEARS! Americans are demanding that the debt ceiling NOT be raised and if it does, hopefully those who vote yes, will have their trash packed up prior to the next election. Eric Holder is a disgusting racist and incompetent to boot, Janet Incompetano is a moron, the TSA gropefest is pissing off legions of Americans, who ain't digging having their Fourth Amendment right crapped on as they and their children are groped, poked, prodded, with the current crapulence from TSA saying that that is the only way to combat terrorism. (cough) bullsh*t (cough) The masses ain't buying the bread and circuses anymore what with high energy prices, high food prices, a devalued dollar, and a nation being run by Jimmy Karter on meth.  

The only question now is will Obama peacefully surrender the White House in 2013 or will he sack and pillage it like the barbarians under BJ Bubba Clinton did (that Bush 43 let them off of the hook for) in a last-ditch banzai attack on the American people's wallet? Unfortunately for Emperor Obama, ain't no General MacArthur is his future to keep him (and his myrmidons) from being charged for crimes against America once he's been kicked to the curb.


  1. Then the (take your choice) (a) Delta Force; (b) Special Forces; (c) Navy Seals
    Took Obama out.
    Now, tell me just why Zero is up taking credit for it//
    Took him 4 days to okay the Seals taking out four pirates.

  2. Correction:

    "..Took Osama out.."

    I'm not the only one who getis it mixed up.