Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The media told us that Barack Hussein Obama was the smartest and the greatest and oh, such an orator not seen since the days of Cicero.  David Brooks short-stroked it over Barry's well-creased trousers. Chrissy Matthews popped a stiffy as he got a tingle up his leg for Barry. Quite literally, the Lapdog media puled that the manchild, after he descended from the clouds at Invesco Field and passed in review by those styrofoam Greek columns, was the best thing since sliced bread.

But it appears that the The Dear Reader of the Teleprompter and Wielder of the Intrepid Nine Iron is spending ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of OUR tax money not to look for how to lower gas prices, not to look for how to reduce skyrocketing food prices, not on securing our southern border but get this, on a consultant to help him with his teleprompter skills. YES, you read that right.

The smartest man to ever attend Harvard, who wrote legions of journal reports while the President of the Harvard Law Journal, and whose grades are so stellar that they cannot be released for review, needs help reading the teleprompter.

By-the-by, it costs us almost 750K for Barry's speech writing team. The Gunny could do it for half that. Simply apply the lib formula for a speech. Tax the rich. Give out more welfare. I feel your pain. (And with Obama, add lots of I's and Me's and you're in there tighter than jelly on a bisquit.) Thank you and good night.

EXCERPT: "The White House is spending tens of thousands of dollars on a public relations firm headed by Democratic image maker Michael Sheehan - once dubbed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as an "extraordinary media coach" who helped her master the teleprompter. Mr. Sheehan's firm, Sheehan Associates, could receive more than $100,000 under a current contract and has been providing occasional speech and consulting services to the White House since 2009, federal purchasing records show."

The Gunny wonders if Barry can get some help for when he is OFF the teleprompter. The smartest man in the known universe immediately ends up filling the air with: ers, ahs, ums, and things like "redistribute the wealth..." and dead space, while his super genius catches up to the rest of us.

You simply cannot make this sh*t up.

One thing Obama can't get help on? That actions speak louder than words. High gas prices. Inflation. Unemployment. High food prices. Weak foreign policy. Devalued dollar. GE pays no taxes. Union bailouts. And a record that simply SUCKS.

1.  January 2009: Total Americans working is 60.7% of the possible working population of 234M. May 2011: Total Americans working is 58.5%. In other words, LESS Americans are working after 28 months of Obamanomics.

2.  January 2009 the total national debt was $10.6 Trillion. May 2011, it is $14.3 Trillion. We are on the verge of losing our AAA rating AND the dollar is losing value yet again. (Drudge)

3.  January 2009, the GDP per capita basis was $48,300.00. Just two years after Barry was immaculated, it is $47,400.00. Our GDP drops 1.9%, Germany's rises 2.0%, and China's rises 19.4%. Thanks Barry.

4.  Commodity Price Index was 102.0 in January 2009. May 2011, it is 198.95. (UP 95%)

5.  In 28 months, the dollar has devalued so much: 11% vs Japanese Yen, 26% vs Canadian dollar, 27% vs Swiss Franc, and 40% vs Australian dollar. In fact, the IMF and the world wants to dump the US Dollar for the Chinese Yuan. Well done Barry. Dollar at a three year LOW.

6.  Fuel prices are skyrocketing and this is being reflected in transportation costs and rising air fares.



  1. The one thing he is good at, he asks for help on....figures,... he does everything backwards!!

  2. Nanna,

    Yeah, he's getting ready for life AFTER he boot him in 2012 for taking over for Jimmy Karter at the UN, Cuba, NorK, Venezuela, etc.

  3. Just fabulous! hawhawhaw!

  4. JoeDaddy,

    Yep, life IS stranger than fiction.

  5. you gotta remember Hillary was once touted as, "The smartest woman in the world."
    We all know how that turned out.
    Dumber than a box of rocks.
    So now Zero is "the smartest man in the world?"
    gasp, pant