Friday, May 6, 2011


to fully out the scandalous treachery of the Obama Regime. Consider the old lies coming back to bite both the Dear Reader and Gaffes Biden in their butts.

Headline on Drudge: UNEMPLOYMENT BACK UP TO 9.0% (That is assuming that the regime is giving us the REAL numbers.)

Enter Gaffes: "FLASHBACK: Biden declares: 'We're going to be creating between 250,000 and 500,000 jobs a month'."

Headlines on Drudge:

1.  Gas eats 9% of household budgets.
2.  Nat'l average: $3.99.
3.  Average gas price sets record in Indiana -- $4.25 a gallon.

Enter Barry: "FLASHBACK 2008: 'Here in Indiana, gas costs about $3.60 a gallon'. and "You shouldn't accept any excuses for why it [lowering gas prices] can't be done"

But getting back to the Gunny's duty, yesterday we explored the lies and bullsh*t that has emanated from Obama's yap and the other crapulence of this regime but today, here is a review of the Dear Reader of the Teleprompter and Wielder of the Intrepid Nine Iron's various scandals that if this POTUS was a Republican, Chrissy Matthews would be crapping cinderblocks while Joyless Behag barked at the moon (along with the other moronic liberal bobbleheads).


1.  Obama partying with Rashid Khalidi, PLO terrorist. ABC destroys the tape.
2.  Obama and Rezko and Blago.
3.  Obama involved with Giannoulias family/Broadway Bank shutdown and FDIC report NOT issued before the Nov 2 elections. (Obama and Alexi Giannoulias are longtime buddies)
4.  Obama violating Tenth Amendment, i.e., Arizona Immigration Lawsuit by Racist Holder.

5.  Obama chooses tax cheat Geithner to head Treasury. (Fox in Henhouse Alert!)
6.  Obama ensures AIG bonuses and money to Goldman/Sachs.
7.  Obama lobbied for $700 billion TARP bank bailout (money going to FOREIGN banks).
8.  Obama bought Government Motors and screws bondholders.
9.  Obama buys GM stock high and sells low, screws US taxpayers.
10.  Obama extorts 20B from BP for slush fund while slowing cleanup.
11.  Obama allows Fed to avoid Constitutional rules for fiscal policy.
12.  Obama rules by Executive Order, criticized Bush 43 for it, said he'd never do it.
13.  ObamaKare violates 10th Amendment at the very least.
14.  Obama puts Eric Holder in at DOJ. Holder (racist), refuses to prosecute black criminals.
15.  Obama puts in Kagan at SCOTUS who favors limiting free speech.
16.  Obama faggotizes the US Military when DADT was working fine.
17.  Obama refuses to defend DOMA.
18.  Obama tries to put a criminal, Bill Richardson, in at the Commerce Department.
19.  Obama used WH website to ask Americans to inform on other Americans.
20.  Obama allows Goldman Sachs to run his Administration.
21.  Obama reappoints a financial idiot, Ben Bernanke, as Fed Chairman.
22.  Obama allows Bernanke to block Fed audit.
23.  Obama puts in Commie radicals Van Jones and Anita Dunn in Admin.
24.  Obama fires IG for finding out about Fannie and Freddie fraud.
25.  Obama does nothing when the TSA publishes its security manual online.
26.  Obama allows AIG to write off $25B in debt and bills the US taxpayers for it.
27.  Obama's Admin fights AGAINST ICE raids and deportations of illegals.
28.  Obama does nothing about Mayor Bloomberg's illegal gun strawman buys.
29.  Obama's Admin involved with selling guns to Mexican drug cartels that are used to kill Americans along southern border.
(This is probably the SHORT LIST!)
And last but not least, Obama's illegal alien auntie STILL living on the dole while Obama is a millionaire (according to his tax return). How's THAT for "in your face?"
Unfortunately for America, we have a Lapdog Media that has their lips super-glued to Barry's ass and his every fart to them is as the fragrance of a rose! As for his ObamaBots, the kool-aid is being given to them intravenously, in order to retain their zombie-like thinking skills.
Darrell Issa has a lot of work ahead of him and it MAY take President Allen West to untangle it all. (LtCol West, we're not taking NO for an answer. You WILL run for President in 2011. The Gunny says so!)


  1. Damn Gunny, I know this is likely the short list of his fuckery, but you've done a great job assembling this shit in one convenient place for us. I'd love Allen West to be my POTUS, but you really should take a look at Herman Cain who actually will be running in all likelihood.

  2. Zilla/MJ,

    Thanks for the kudos, you're doing a yeoman's effort on your blog!

    I saw Herman Cain on last night's debate and HE KICKED ASS. He would have my vote in a NY second. Santorum looked good as well. Pawlenty looked like a typical p&ssy RINO!

    Our team looked good last night as they TORE into Barry on his economy and his weak foreign policy! THAT is the right direction for us to go.

    Cain/Santorum/Rubio/Bachmann to name a few.

  3. a Gunny Sargent can command a Lt. Colonel??? How's that work in the military hierarchy?


  4. Yo uknow the Liberals call tha this list of achievement. Just shows you the difference between having morals and having none.

  5. Excellent blog Gunny. Gunny did you know Herman Cain is a former regional Fed chairman? Might want to be careful with him?

  6. Yep,quite an accomplishment. From 5.7% in 2007,to 9+% today.More people coming back in to the workforce looking for jobs that simply AIN'T there. Mission accomplished. Liked Cain as well. Time to broom Pawlenty. And,as predictable,the damned gop braintrust is stuck on Romney. We get Romney,it's 4 more years of this bunch of dickwads. Good post.

  7. The Interface,

    We run the show, and let them THINK they do! haha.

  8. Anon,

    I did not know that but once Sec Treas Ron Paul audits the Fed and then closes it, and Issa puts Bernanke and crew on trial, it'll all be good!

  9. clyde,

    Pawlenty and Romney sum up the GOP.

    Time for the rise of the American Conservative Party.

    Let's keep pushing the RINOs to the side. If the GOP puts up a RINO, then they're idiots. Obama in a second term, w/o fear of reelection, will destroy everything he gets his hands on.

  10. The Interface:
    Navy Chiefs RUN the Navy;
    Marine Gunnery Sgts RUN the Corps
    Officers are there to give the Chaplain someone to dine with.
    Got it?

  11. Gunny,

    What do us Corporals do? I always thought we ran the Corps.