Sunday, May 15, 2011


EXCERPT: "TUCSON, Arizona (Reuters) - A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics. A group of lawyers from the Democratic stronghold of Tucson and surrounding Pima County have launched a petition drive seeking support for a November 2012 ballot question on whether the 48th state should be divided in two."

This is a rewrite due to the previous essay being lost for some reason or another that required blogspot to undergo "maintenance."
Once upon a time, a liberal guru, well-known to liberals in San Fransicko, who hob-nobbed with the liberal elites of the city (Milk, Brown, etc), who rallied his zombies not only to collect money for liberal candidates in the city, but who also VOTED for the Dems early and often. (And they wonder why San Fransicko is as screwed up as it is…) This lib guru decided to break away and create a liberal paradise, and they named it Jonestown. It had a spectacular ending, with all of the libs drinking the kool-aid, and the US taxpayers paying for the clean up! One last shaft of the taxpayers from the grave, so to speak.

So why not let the libs secede? They can have their own state, call it Libland, or the State of Denial, State of Confusion, State of Apathy, elect Oliver Stoner or Michael Mooreon as their benevolent dictator, and model it like Stoner’s and Mooreon’s first love, Cuba. Think of the possibilities for the liberals! They can literally experiment with one socialist idea after another and when one fails, WHO CARES!? Just think up another harebrained idea, tax the people to pay for it, exempt the elites from it, and bingo, game on. When it fails, just tell the people to move on, and of course, being liberal lemmings, they will. This new fantastic socialist state would make nasty old capitalism a thing of the past because all companies would run by union bosses and all workers would be happy little union drones. The companies would run for free since the corporate income tax would be 100%, which would be “redistributed” along typical liberal lines, with 70% going to the 50% who don’t pay any taxes at all and whose big contribution to their society is turning good food into sh*t. The union dues will be 25% of the total tax and 90% of that will be directed to support Democrat candidates, even in Libland; the union bosses will skim 4% as per the norm, and the workers will enjoy their share, 1%. Happy happy joy joy.

They can ban cars and force everyone to walk or ride a bicycle. Indeed, they would not need electricity since they’re absolutely against coal-fired power plants and nuclear plants, and that means the Chevy Dolt will be a huge failure in Libland, because the power, that comes from the charger (made by GE), that enables this piece of sh*t to drive a whopping 40 miles (20 in cold weather), comes from, horror or horrors, a coal-fired or nuclear power plant! GASP! So the libs are on foot, or maybe horseback, with no electricity, not using any oil or natural gas, because it is evil and pollutes Gaia, and basically, living La Vida Loca! Oh, and speaking of enviro-kooks, they can annoit Owl Gore as the Minister of the Environment, who would then ban A/C because it is evil and adds tons to the whole carbon footprint thingy, except, of course, for the elites like Owl and his homeys. Even better, they can go CFL to their heart’s content, sucking down phenol vapors when they’re on and inhaling mercury particles when they break. Yeah, down with the nasty old incandescent light bulb that worked without an issue and up with a toxic hazard, all for the sake of Gaia.

Libland could be the repository for all of the illegal aliens, anti-Americans, anarchists, Muslims, parasites sucking down welfare bennies, losers, drug addicts, leftist homosexuals, domestic terrorists like Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dorhn (among others). Hell, we can get rid of Alec Baldwin (who said he'd leave if Bush was elected and then reelected), Babs Streisand, Rosie, and a host of other Hollywood morons. They can annoit Tax Cheat Ghietner and he can help them tax and spend their way to prosperity while the proles roam their state, looking for free medical services, free money, free services, free clinics for their VD/STD issues, etc. Getting rid of liberals and the monumental idiots like Sean Penn, Sarandon and her jagoff tool of a husband, and the rest of the bag of nuts in La-La Land ALONE is worth giving them their own state. Indeed, many of us (the Gunny included) would spend our leave/vacation time, helping them pack their trash.

The argument for them is quite clear on secession. One, it is unfair to keep these poor people out of the US simply because they want to work. No matter than their country sucks, that it is corrupt to the gills, and that the illegals are bringing every disease known to mankind into our country, it simply isn’t fair. Two, liberals need their cars washed and their lawns mowed and keeping the illegals out forces them to do the work, and that sucks dude. Three, humans should be free to roam the Earth at will and live in ANY country they so choose. Indeed, the very idea of open borders is working so well in the EU right now. Really, if people just showed up at one’s house and moved in, it is hateful to protest and if they’re minorities, it is racist.

A HUGE BOON to the Leftists would be the flood of parasitic shysters into Libland wherein they could sue one another into bankruptcy, over and over, and it could be a big game, since everyone would own everything in Libland. Egad! Owl Gore could outlaw flatulence, and when some Lib rips a fart, and another lib smells or hears it, they could point and howl like the zombies in "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," until a shysters comes a running! The scale of litigation for them is limitless. On the other hand, this is a win-win for us since it will rid us of the ACLU vermin, who constantly attack the very fabric of our nation, ignore attacks on our gun rights, allow terrorists to get "rights" that they do not deserve, and work tirelessly to subvert this country in the best traditions of their commie creators. 

Wow, think of the money they would save by not having to have a military, since the entire world knows that liberals are the friends of everyone, well, except returning white GI’s from Iraq, white military retirees, and anyone who questions the regime. No more having to spit on GI's, no more having to waste their valuable Oprag watching time by protesting at their local US Marine Corps recruiting station! Even better, libs would no longer have to volunteer as human shields for the first dirtbag to thumb their nose at the US and be used as useful idiots and propaganda tools. What a fantastic opportunity for them to never again have protest anyone else serving in the US Military in order to cover for their own cowardice.

On the flip side, this would immediately help the other 51 or 58 states (depending on if you live in Realville or Obamaville) since we could build a 20 foot high cyclone fence, topped with triple strand concertina wire, with land mines, gun towers, and a clear field of fire to prevent libs from infiltrating back into our nation. Also, this could be the new reality show rage across America, call it “Live from the Zoo, it’s Libland!” and we could run it like PPV, with the proceeds going to run the nation, thus lowering our taxes even more, with no two shows every the same. Indeed, imagine the gains we could make in mental illnesses by studying the libs in their natural habitat. Them running around, unsupervised, taxing and spending to their heart’s content, suing one another like apes going after bananas, could provide more than a few advances in the study of the human mind, or what passes for it in liberals.

No more libs contaminating the body politic. Shredding the very fabric of the nation as liberal teachers turn out barely functional idiots like in DC, where 50% of the population is functionally illiterate or in Wisconsin, where 66% of the 8th graders can’t freaking read. Backstabbing the US Military at every turn and trying every stupid social experiment on them that they can think of, searching for equal outcomes but getting only equal misery for one and all. America would enjoy more freedom, more strength, more security and Americans would not have to worry about a government that incessantly attacks their rights, their lives, their property, or their businesses. Overnight, there would be less crime, less taxes, and a dramatic increase in courtesy, honesty, integrity, patriotism, justice, and our economy would be chugging along like a freight train.

America could easily return to the greatness that it once was, under a Constitutional Republic that vested full authority to the States, not the Federal government, as our Founder’s intended. The District of Columbia would return to being a federal zone where business is conducted, not where people live, so no more pandering to that horde with various gimme-gimmes and other freebies. The SCOTUS would go back to actually interpreting the Constitution in the eyes of the Founders instead of drifting more and more into an activist kangaroo court ruled by leftists and drooling idiots. The States would pass the laws that their citizens would live by, thus keeping alive the Founder’s intent of states being the great experiment of America. No more rule by faceless bureaucrats a few thousand miles away, as King George and his minions once ruled us but instead, a limited government BOUND by the Constitution and the “negative liberties” that Obama railed against. A nation where freedom and liberty is enjoyed by all, within the bounds of the US Constitution.

Can YOU imagine a United States of America with NO liberals or progressives or other leftist vermin in it? The Gunny sure as hell can. Libs, let us fund this last move for you into your new Utopia. The Gunny even started to lay down some guidelines for your new nation:

1. NO firearms allowed in Libland. All residents join Sarah Brady’s organization.
2. NO toilet paper is to be used. Gaia dislikes it.
3. NO motorized vehicles.
4. NO Conservative ideas.
5. NO hoarding of any item. (see #6)
6. NO private property.
7. NO military service or vets allowed in Libland.
8. NO prisons. (Feel the love)
9. NO police. (share and share alike, that’s Communism)
10. NO non-green items. Solar energy is the bomb baby! Wind power and solar power, nothing else will suffice.

So libs, GO FOR IT! Grab that brass ring and don't deny yourselves the right to secede from Jesusland and form your own nation! Who CARES if your nation looks like Detroit or Oakland or South Chicago in a few years, it’ll all be YOURS! Hey Van Jones would make a great Czar for you new nation and you can take Farrakhan and the NOI thugs and NBPP thugs as well. No charge.


  1. I say let em go!
    It would be funny to watch their little utopia implode when they actually find out that their agenda can only work when the productive members are robbed by the state.
    They'll have to build an East German style wall to keep the producers from escaping to "free" Arizona or, New Mexico.

  2. Good idea. But FIRST build the fence. Install gun towers. Give the libs Tuscon as well as the other counties bordering with Mexico.
    That way the fence, towers etc are already in effect so no one can complain. The new state (call it the State of Confusion?) would be able to absorb all those illegals and funnel them across a Southern corridor right into California. Then the Remainder of Arizona could redistrict so as to give McCain to the State of Confusion, leaving AZ to go get J.D. Hayworth after all.

  3. Let them have at it. You KNOW the drug gangs near that section of the border would LOVE to take over the area. And,libs hating guns as they do,it should be easy pickings.

  4. You got it Gunny. Let them go and never let them come back to America. In a couple of days more or less this would be the sitiation down in the bin bamster bastard lands.......

  5. Gunny,

    Who do I make the check out to? I want to help!

  6. Are these the same people that raised holy hell when Rick Perry of Texas mentioned secession in response to a reporter's question.

    Texas once had the right to withdraw from the union as a condition of the treaty that admitted the Republic of Texas to the USA (or subdivide into 5 states)

    The lib's mention of secession shows their hypocrisy.

  7. Sepp,

    Exactly right. However, it would be US who would build the East German style wall to kep THEM from infiltrating back!

  8. Buck,

    Good point. Because once they're in, THEY'RE IN! And getting rid of Juan McShamnesty like that? Perfect. My loathing for that sh*theel is only surpassed by my loathing for Sir Golfsalot.

  9. clyde,

    The libs would make great slaves. No thinking involved, just do what they're told to do, just like normal for them.

  10. R E,

    Indeed. I have NO DOUBT that in a few short weeks, it would be Haiti II. Libs really ARE that stupid.

  11. TGP,

    HAHA! Yeah, I would volunteer my time to HELP THEM PACK!

  12. Pack Rat,

    Libs and hypocrisy go together like hotcakes and syrup.

  13. This really is funny, because it CLEARLY illustrates -- like nothing else can -- the level of the libs' constitutional imbecility.

    The Constitution expressly forbids what they're proposing:

    "... but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State;..."

    Art. 4, Sec. 3

    It's saying, in very plain language, that no part of an existing state can "secede" and form its own state.

    I know that to libs that pesky ole Constitution is this annoying stumbling block to all their great plans. But there it is.

    Oh, well...


  14. PS.

    On re-reading your post, I think you think they want to secede from the whole country. I think they just want to form their own state, which was the basis of my prior comment.

    But if they want to secede from the country itself, I believe that question was ALSO answered, from 1861 - 1865.

    No can do.

  15. Brian,

    No, I know that they want to take a piece of Arizona and call it Baja Arizona but I knew, as you pointed on, the Constitution forbids it. Thus, they need their OWN country! haha.

    I think the libs should pool their money, buy a chunk of Mexico, and go for it.

  16. Good idea!

    They can probably get it real cheap right about now. A couple of pesos and acre.

  17. If the libs formed their own country,we would STILL have to support their asses. I'd sign off on it with this caveat: "You have seceded from the State of Arizona,along with the United States of America. You therefore are entitled to NO support of ANY type".

  18. You all owe most of the technolgy in your homes to "Libs" who actually had the intellect and creativity to better the world. Idiots like Gunny G are great leaders for the uneducated ignorant bigoted majority of the country. The problem is even morons like you want someone with brains in the white house, hence, A WHOLE BUNCH OF YOU GUYS VOTED FOR HIM. That's ok though, hypocrisy is another fundamental part of your thinking.

    "Americans would not have to worry about a government that incessantly attacks their rights, their lives, their property, or their businesses."

    Your hero GW Bush is teh reason these attacks are considered legal today. If you are concerned about civil liberties, take some time to read the patriot act my friend. It was W and his goons that wrote that piece of right wing garbage.

  19. Anon/Quantum Bullcrap,

    Nice strawman arguments! haha. You'd miss us because we invented everything known to man!

    Yeah, and high taxes too, idiot.

    BTW, I average avout 25K hits per month, not bad for an ignorant bigot and the number grows every day.

  20. Henry Ford was a liberal?
    Guess I missed that.
    But I'll be glad to give you that one since Ford was an almost rabid anti-jew...

  21. Huh?

    "Liberals" invented everything?

    The last time I heard such a claim, it was made by the Soviets.

    Oh!... My bad!... I forgot, it's the same thing!

  22. Gabrielle,

    Wow, project much? Typical libtard, can't refute the facts so you resort to insults. Immature and vapid are bywords of nyou libs.

  23. What about the Fact that all urban areas (which are overwhelmingly liberal) support the road and utility infrastructure of rural areas (which are overwhelmingly conservative). Liberals already carry conservatives, financially. Simple reality is that liberals are the hardworking, money making people. A lot more trailer park Rick Perry votin people collect welfare than liberal, inner city people. Just talking about objective, verifiable facts. Basically, without liberals, there would be no economy, unless you turn the clock back to 1965. Good luck with that.

  24. Anon,

    You mean the inner cities that are billions in the hole?

    And as far as libs carrying Conservatives financially, THAT IS A HOOT? Most of you idiots are on welfare or sucking down unemployment!