Sunday, May 8, 2011


Take a look at the picture of the US posted in this essay. That is how the vote went on 5 May 2011, basically to drill for our own oil by forcing the regime to let the oil companies get busy. So gas is at $4.00 a gallon plus, over six bucks a gallon in Hawaii (how ironic that they’re all libs AND they foisted the Liar-in-Chief on us) so they can simply suck on it. One wonders how the Left Coast and the liberal idiots in the NE can continue to be so blatantly ignorant (those Conservatives there should look for an exit strategy or better yet, they're an army behind the enemy’s lines).

The coming civil war will not be along the clean libs of some states versus the other states as in 1860, not a geographical split but rather, a philosophical/ideological. Indeed, we have within our midst the fifth columnist called Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Greenies, whatever and they are thoroughly mixed among us. This fight is going to be worse than the one in 1860 because the hatred is deep and the fissure, after 60 years of Liberal class/envy warfare, is deeper still. Liberals will attack this essay simply because they’ll think it is inflammatory yet they ignore vermin like Trumka, Stern, and Lerner, among others, who call for a violent revolution and the overthrow of the US Government. In fact, Obama’s buddy William Ayer and his wife, Bernadine Dorhn, professional students who indoctrinate college kids in Chicago, actually bombed buildings in the US, killed and maimed Americans, and then they said that they did not enough. If a madman says he/she is going to kill you, you might want to listen and prepare.

Consider the following points.

The hatred of the Left for America, the Right, the Tea Party, and any who stand in their way is building beneath the ground like a sealed pressure cooker on a burner, getting ready to blow up. Look at the way they verbally attacked Ronaldus Magnus, without letup or respect for him, and did even worse during his funeral. The same for Ford’s funeral, and the entire Bush 43 presidency! Their hate speech, death threats, and violent actions directed at Ann Coulter, Beck, Rush, Hannity, Palin, Joe the Plumber, now LtCol Allen West, and anyone else they deem a threat is far worse than what was said during the buildup to the 1860 War Between the States. Moreover, they cannot deny that they want us all reeducated or dead, because William Ayers and the other Weatherman asshats discussed MURDERING 25 MILLION Americans who "failed" reeducation! We on the Right think of our main enemy as foreigners like Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terrorists yet we have a domestic enemy right here in America, living among us.

Indeed, the creation of the Tea Party Movement in 2009 was a serious surprise to the Left because it took off like a bush fire blown by the Santa Anas and even King Barry the Weak was surprised by it. How does the Gunny know? Because he claimed to ignore us and then laughed at us, all prior to November 2010 that is. It was a signal that we’re fed up with the bullsh*t, we’re awake, and the time for compromise, BY US and ALWAYS BY US, is long over. The Democrat Party still clings to power in the Senate, with the Fraud-in-Chief as their top cover, and yet, there has been bloodshed as union thugs from the SEIU, AFL-CIO, and ACORN bite off fingers of old men and beat up lone black conservatives. They even tried to incite violence with Nutsy Baloney and her big gavel during a HUGE Tea Party rally, but we refused her invite, so far. The Tea Party is going to sweep the bums out in 2012 and when Barry gets canned in 2013, the violence against us will erupt, there can be no doubt. Why? Because they are as undisciplined immature spoiled children who will throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way. The Lapdog Media will be right there to incite them.

Why will it happen? The same reason that the first civil war occurred for, and that is, usurped powers that the federal government does not have over states, as per the Tenth Amendment. Like the budget deficit and over spending, the problem from 1860, a tyrannical Federal Government, was merely kicked down the road. Take for example how the North viewed the South in 1860. As racist backwards hayseeds. How do the elites view not only the South now but all of us in flyover country? Obama summed it up for us well, "bitter clingers, who cling to the religion and guns with antipathy for others." In other words, racist backwards hayseeds. What bull dung. The very term, "flyover country," is insulting as hell to the states that grow the food, who refine the gas, and who manufacture the items that the friggin elites use! The Left demands that we love the cultures of other, love their forced diversity and affirmative action quotas, yet they refuse to respect their fellow Americans and call us gun nuts, trailer trash, rubes, war- mongers, rednecks, etc, because we simply want to live our lives as our forefathers did, in peace, in the greatest nation in the world, and we are pissed at what we see being done to it in the name of the ProgStats (Progressive/Statists).

Count on liberals making this about race because that is all they know to whine about but the crux of the issue is again, about our constitutional rights and that the government telling us what rights we can and cannot have. The Left cannot grasp that we dislike him not because of his skin color but because he is an anti-American red diaper baby and we know it. How many liberals have whined about the Constitution in the last few years? How many liberals have bitched and moaned about Americans demanding that they follow the Constitution!? Obama mewled about it restricting the government! DUH! Nutsy Baloney uttered her: "are you serious" line of dung. For a Constitutional scholar, Obama sure is lost in the sauce on what the Constitution is all about. The Left will whine about it all being about race yet the Tea Party enthusiastically supported LtCol Allen West for Congressman and God willing, POTUS one day. Did the Gunny mention that LtCol West happens to be black? The people are now standing up to the government and working to take back their constitutional rights, and the Left doesn’t like it. They eagerly bend over for TSA gropes while we fight about the usurpation of our 4th Amendment Rights and demand what we know is right!

When the tyrannical government finally forces the issue, as they did in 1860, and Texas or Alaska or another liberty-loving state decides to secede, a war will break out. The Left cannot fathom that the people are just as tired of the Liberals as they are the RINOs but that the Liar-in-Chief has taken it all to a new level, i.e., 15 trillion in debt, ObamaKare, etc. There are war clouds gathering on the horizon and we all know it. We do not seek it, we do not want it, but we won’t quail from it. The Left will seize at any reason to control us, to rule us, and Americans have it in their DNA to resist. It is who we are! Small wonder that weapons and ammunition are flying off of the shelves at record numbers and that Obama has been the NRA gun salesman since 2008! Americans are sick and damn tired of being taxed for every stupid idea that the politicians come up with, we’re damn tired of shelling out money to foreign government who then piss down our backs and tell us it is raining, i.e., Paki and OBL. We’re tired of supporting the immoral vermin in San Fransicko, the lazy and stupid across the land, Peggy the Moocher and her mortgage, and we’re foredone with working hard for people who sneer at us for being Christians and Jews, and who sell out our values. BTW, the news station most listened to in the White House? Not Fox, not CBS, ABC, or PMSNBC, but rather, Al Jazeera. Says quite a lot about this regime.

The Constitution is a contract between the states and the Federal government and that contract has been broken by the Federal government. The first shot was fired on April 15, 2009 as over 750 anti-tax rallies erupted nationwide and the Tea Party arose from within the people, a true grassroots movement. (The first shot MAY have been when Barry bowed to King Faud.) What did the Left do? Sneered and ridiculed it all, using "tea bagging" as a sexual slur. The protests were ignored, laughed at, or misinterpreted by the liberal bobbleheads. The second shot came on July 4, 2009 as the Tea Party took to the National Mall and the third shot was fired at the House and the Senate in November 2010 as legions of liberals and their RINO enablers were swept out of both houses like so much garbage. Now Obama and his regime tried to subvert the Second Amendment with their gun sales to the Mexican drug cartels, merely in order to have a reason to attack the most important Amendment. They stonewall, Issa investigates, and the people seethe with a growing anger as we’re hit by high gas prices, high food prices, looming inflation, a flood of illegals from an open border Obama allows, high taxes with little or no representation, a failing economy caused by idiots like Bernanke, and a declining nation overseen by the pseudo American in the White House.

"We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Slimy CommieCrat Chuck U Schumer's Bill to NULLIFY the SENATE and allow King Barry to appoint scumbags like Sunstein, Van Jones, Dunn, Jarrett, Power, Rice, etc, to Cabinet posts WITHOUT SENATE CONFIRMATION! (Hat tip: Hardnox)
(Heritage Org's take on the bill)



  1. Your essay sums up the mood succinctly. Even former zero supporters are talking about these subjects and the abysmal record of this administration.

    2012 will be the swan song for the left but as you stated they will erupt in violence when they realize that their dreams will get flushed.

    Hopefully cool heads will prevail. If the left wants a real fight they will indeed get one. The thugs in this country had better be careful for what they wish for.

  2. "Now Obama and his regime tried to subvert the Second Amendment with their gun sales to the Mexican Drug cartel merely in order to have a reason to attack the second most important Amendment."

    I believe the Second Amendment is the #1 most important.

    Without the Second Amendment we would have no guarantee of the First Amendment. Or any other amendment.
    Which is why the Marxists wish to destroy the Second.

  3. Hardnox,

    I have long felt that the Left was going to go down in a Hitleresque Gotterdammerung because the 60's dregs KNOW that the jig is up AND they're hold on power is slipping. They have nothing to lose and THAT is the scary part.

    Scum like Nutsy, Reid, Frank, Waxman, and the rest of the hoodlums are in their 60's/70's and have one foot on a banana peel and the other in Hell.

  4. Buck,

    My typo on that one as I could not agree more. My fingers were typing ahead of the brain!

    My belief is that the Founders ut the Second Amendment where it is simply because THAT ensures that we HAVE freedom of speech.

    Good catch.

  5. Gunny, I fear you are entirely correct concerning a 2nd American Revolution. Emotions on both sides of the debate are becoming more and more extreme. In particular, the Left is becoming more and more angry as they lose power.

    However, were I to predict where it will start I would have to say that violence will start in a large city. Most likely the violence will be started by union thugs and carried out against TEA Partiers. If the 2012 elections go as I believe they will (and the Left loses control of the US Senate and the White House), then the violence will start soon after the elections.

  6. Okay, here's the text of the actual bill:

    It's not as bad as the linked article paints it. It's a bunch of lower-level appointments; undersecretaries, commissioners, like that.

    I do agree with your overall thesis; I've said for many years that we're engaged in a cultural civil war in this country, so far pretty bloodless, that's every bit as profound as the one that took place in the 19th Century.

  7. Gray Ghost,

    I agree and it'll probably be Filthadelphia! They're already doing violent flash mobs. Or may LA with all of the illegal aliens in it.

    Man, I am GLAD I do not live near a big city.

  8. BrianR,

    Read it but I simply no longer trust the Gov't to do the right thing. Nutsy and crew perverted the commerce clause to foist ObamaKare on us and this would be the camel's ass in the door. I can see them whining more and more about being behind, overworked, just let the president do it, etc.

    They have lost my trust and deservedly so.

  9. Well, the problem for them, of course, is that the Constitution itself requires the "advice and consent" of the Senate for higher-level appointments, but goes on to state:

    "... but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone..."

    Art. 2, Sec. 2.

    So they're perfectly withing their right to pass this law. Now, bear in mind, it's being proposed in the Dem-controlled Senate, and in ordert to be enacted would also have to pass the House, which is controlled by the GOP. I'd think it has little chance there.

    I don't really see much of an issue or problem with this bill, frankly.

  10. predicting a new civil this is even a new low for this site. You now rank right up there with those neo nazi groups who are preparing for the upcoming race wars. This site is absolutely laughable...

  11. BrianR,

    I see your point (a good level-headed one) but with me, it is a trust issue with this government and I simply don't trust them to do the right thing anymore. This allows ANY president to fill the government with incompetent idiots at lower levels, who would be doing the dirty deeds while figureheads who were appointed and confirmed by the Senate cover for them.

    IMO, NO ONE should be working in the government who has not be thoroughly vetted. Obama is the perfect case-in-point.

  12. But that's completely impractical. Under that thesis, every mail carrier would have to be appointed by the Prez and approved by the Senate.

    There's going to be a cutoff point at SOME level.

    IMO, this law doesn't violate the spirit or the letter of the Constitution, and simply names a few dozen jobs as being within the purview of the President alone. Look at the jobs listed in the bill. They're pretty harmless.

  13. Lamebook (great handle for you BTW),

    Were you going to refute anything I wrote or just do the typical libtain drive-by?

    The New Black Panther Party are said to be preparing for a race war but that's okay with you right? The SEIU, AFL-CIO, and ACORNholes, along with various college clowns are calling for a violent revolution but that's okay too, in your lib world, right?

  14. BrianR,

    As I stated, I do not trust the government any longer to do the right thing or to use this further down the road to impose their will on us. After all, social security started small and look where we are now.

    In any event, I'd rather the Senate spend their days confirming (or denying) appointees than passing BS and screwing us over! haha.

    BTW, I categorically OPPOSE ANYTHING that comes from Schumer. He is pure filth.

  15. I don't think that the first violence will be union against Tea Party. It will probably be a staged event by the left against the left...a new Reichstag Fire.

  16. Craw,

    I don't rule that out, Obama can easily find enough leftist morons to volunteer!

  17. Gunny,

    The dumbest thing the libs could do is start a fight. We'd whip them worse than Reagan whipped Mondale.

  18. Crawfish & Gunny,

    I concur with Craw's take on it. If the TP was attacked the left will not like the response. Instead they will pick a weak sister to start the contest and then of course blame the evil right.

    ... and Gunny you are indeed correct as there are plenty of them that are ready and willing but clueless as to why.

    One bright spot - I have noticed over these last two years that the general mood of this country regarding zero has gone from anticipation/euphoria to flat out distrust. Joe-Six-Pack ain't buying into the bullshit any longer. People from young to old that supported zero are done with him. Naturally his core will never abandon him, lemmings that they are, but they are not enough to get him re-elected.

  19. TGP,

    I concur but remember, these idiots have had it their way since the 40's and they ain't giving up w/o a fight. In my earlier blog essays, we've discussed the Libs pulling a Reichstag and they try to with every event, i.e., the Giffords shooting.

  20. Hardnox,

    The whole distrust of the government is my basis for opposing S 679. They cannot be trusted NOT to use it to screw us.

    I pray that you are right. I read somewhere that American voted for Obama in 2008 to show we're not racists and that we'll voted AGAINST him in 2012 to show that we're not idiots.

    I HOPE for that CHANGE!

  21. Gunny:
    Probably goes like this:

    "Here's our First Amendment. Basically freedom of speech.
    And if you don't like it,
    Here's our Second Amendment."