Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay Republicans, here is yet ANOTHER BOLD COLOR to use against Obama and his cabal of greenie leftist's pale pastels, that is, if you all can find your balls to do so.

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON -- The House passed legislation Thursday to require the Obama administration to move ahead this year with lease sales -- three in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Virginia -- that were canceled by the administration after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The vote was 266-149, with 33 Democrats - including Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans - voting "yes" and 2 Republicans voting "no."

The administration opposed the bill which it said would "hastily open areas of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic using outdated (National Environmental Policy Act) analysis that was conducted before the Deepwater Horizon oil spill." "The Administration has strengthened NEPA analysis in light of lessons learned from the spill," the Office of Management and Budget said in a statement Thursday, noting that the Department of Interior already "intends to hold all three Gulf of Mexico lease sales referenced in the bill by mid-2012."
Ronaldus Magnus the Pathfinder SHOWED US THE WAY! Good God, he literally wrote the playbook for beating Democrats yet the gutless/spineless/nutless GOP prefers to play patty cake with the Liberals as the Liberals keep giving them a battery acid enema! On Friday, May 6, 2011, the House passed a bill that would force the Obama administration to sell offshore drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore on the Virginia coast.

You'll never guess what happened.

The price of oil fell 8.6% in one day! IN ONE DAY! BTW, that is the largest price drop in over two years! The same thing happened when Bush 43 removed the ban on drilling when gas prices were skyrocketing, yet Obama immediately put that ban BACK in place and here we are.

This is how stupid liberals are.

"They say, 'it's supply and demand,'" said Rep Peter DeFazio, D-Ore.. "It's not supply and demand. It's market manipulation. It's price gouging. It's profiteering. It's speculation. Do something about it."

Really? Then this bill should have done NOTHING to drop oil prices so dramatically right Mr. Dumbass DeFazio? Because it's all speculation, as you and your messiah pule about.

Even dumber is Obama's recent whine: "The truth is, there’s no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away." (April 23, 2011) Just ANOTHER Obama LIE because H.R. 1230, The Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act, passed by a Republican Congress, just dropped oil prices, which WILL lead to lower gas prices. But keep spiking the football moron. More importantly, Obama is threatening a VETO! Please Imam Obama, throw that rabbit into the briar patch! But are the Republicans touting this on national TV? NOPE. Are the Republicans trying to hang the oil ban/high prices around Barry's neck? NOPE. Dear GOP, there is an old saying that goes, "Strike while the iron is hot."

This is the way to victory folks. Pass legislation that goes directly against the Obama/Marxist agenda and that HELPS America, and then play pin that sh*t on Barry's ass all of the way to the election. The GOP could be running commercials RIGHT NOW that ask the voters out there that if they want lower gas prices and lower energy prices, then vote Republican. If the want a stronger economy, more jobs, and an energy independent America, vote Republican. And then DO IT! No army ever won being on the defensive so it is time for the GOP to find their balls, push a CONSERVATIVE candidate forward, and kick some lib ass...for once.

Here are three steps for the GOP, courtesy of Gunny G

1.  Crush your enemies...
2.  See them driven before you...
3.  Hear the lamantations of their women... (or gay lover i.e., Bonnie Fwank)

Also, more oil companies, more drilling, more refineries, not only gives us a stronger America and a stronger economy, it gives us competition that ensures lowers prices through the free market.

Oh, BTW, TWO scumbag Republicans voted AGAINST this bill. One was Walter Jones, NC-3 and the other was Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL-18. The Gunny wonders if the GOP will back them next election or punish them by endorsing a CONSERVATIVE opponent.

(What part of this does the GOP not understand?)

(enough said)

PS: Hawaii paying $6 a gallon for gas. GOOD! How's those libs working for ya Hawaii?


  1. Jones is my representative and he's a weenie RINO. I'd love to run against him, but due to Obama's recovery I'm working four times harder than ever for about a third the money. I don't think I could afford to run, but winning would sure solve some financial problems.

  2. TGP,

    I'd love to see you run against the RINO.

    Here are some tips.

    1. Use to research his funding. (All public knowledge).

    2. Write or personally contact his contributors and example your platform and the differences between you and Jones.

    3. Get with newspapers/TV to see if you can nab any public service time.

    4. Use to examine Jones' platforms and how he voted on them and use them against him.

    5. Find your local Tea Party rep and move up the chain telling them you want to run against a RINO. They'll help finance your campaign.

  3. Gunny, I so agree with you. I am dumbfounded at these republicans, That stupid Mike Huckabee aka Huckleberry had the gaul to say Reagan couldn't be elected today, that the far right wouldnt elect himI watched the debate the other night and they kept saying how they courageously attacked Obama. Not like they should have.! Of course it was specific questions..but I was underwhelmed with Cain, and totally turned off by Johnson of New Mexico. Santorum was the best, but still no fire. We need Allen West!!

  4. Gunny,this vote wasn't the only reason the oil price tanked. The whole commodity market tanked as well,led by oil and gold. Concerns about slowing economies around the world,as well as the UE picture here,had just as much if not more to do with the slide. But,that being said,announcements such as this vote CAN be a HUGE help in bringing down the price the speculators are willing to put up.More supply and less demand WILL drive the price down. And yes,the idiotic gop will more than likely continue to support these rinos. About all I expect from them anymore.

  5. Nanna,

    The GOP is a ship going around in a circle while the DNC is a sinking ship. A pox on them both.

  6. clyde,

    Good post. I just read on CNBC fast money site that Goldman is predicting oil will go back up after the correction. Obama has sure as hell wrecked this economy. Housing prices still headed down and inflation is on the way.

    But Bernanke SWEARS that QE3 will fix it all.

    Public trials of all of these criminals to begin Jan 2013. (I wish)

  7. Well said, Guns.

    As you know, I've said the same thing on many occasions.

    The lib response falls into two conflicting categories:

    1. We don't have enough oil to affect gas prices, because oil is a market-driven commodity on the international level.


    2. It would drive the price of oil too low, and those (wells, shale, whatever) wouldn't be profitable enough for the oil companies, so they won't do it.


    Make up your mind. Which is it? Coose your story and stick to it, for Pete's sake.

    Also, as to #2, this is invariably from the same brain-dead yoyos who will squawk about "obscene Big Oil profits" within a breath or two later.

    Clear proof that their agenda is about something other than lowering oil prices.

    Also clear proof you can't be a liberal and have more than three functioning brain cells.

  8. Nana, that's quite a statement from Huckleberry... a pro-amnesty faux-conservative. What would HE know? HE'S never run as a real conservative.

    That's what all the Establishment GOPers say when they try to make people look in the other direction, because they're RINOs.

    "Ooooooooooooooooooooh... we lost! It's all because of those fringe-nut right-wingers! They wouldn't even elect REAGAN today!"

    Bull.... s**t!

    No, dummy, you lost because you're a fake and a poseur who tried to cloak himself in the mantle of Reagan, and we're not as stupid as you think. We KNOW the difference, and we know the Real Deal, and you ain't it! REAGAN was the Real Deal; you're New Coke.

    Look at that jackass McAmnesty, trying to cloak himself with Reagan's mantle. It was pathetic, laughable, and obnoxious, all at the same time. That guy -- and Huckleberry -- wouldn't know Reaganism if it walked up and hit him in the face with a 2X4.

    And that's been the problem with the GOP for a looooooong while, and which is exactly why I quit the GOP and re-registered as an Independant.


  9. Guns:

    Bernanke. Bullpuckey Ben. Where'd he get his degree? A box of Cracker Jacks?

    Yet ANOTHER moron in the batter's box.


    I seem to be feeling a bit... feisty tonight.

  10. PS

    Going back to the gas price issue re supply-and-demand.

    Know what they pay for a gallon of gas at the pump in Saudi?

    About $0.61/gal.

    That's right. SIXTY-ONE CENTS A GALLON.

    That's what happens when you don't leave your goddamned oil in the ground for BS political reasons.

    Bahrain: $1.02.

    Egypt: $1.17.

    Libya: $0.64.

    Oman: $1.17.

    Turkmenistan: $0.83.

    And we have more oil than ANY of those countries.

  11. BrianR,

    You, my brother, are ON A ROLL!

    Your posts are spot on. I LMMFAO when Gingrich threw his hat in the ring early on.

  12. Gaaaawd. Gingrich, that dinosaur. The same moron who sat on that couch with Pelosi bleating about "climate change".

    What a cretin.