Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Good God, Obama is a walking clown show. BTW, that long pause he took was because he had to think up another lie. Maybe he should have took TOTUS along. If the GOP had a sack, THIS would be one GREAT commercial for 2012. Moron is his middle name.

Hey Jesse Lee (Obama's new Internet Gestapo), how ya gonna spin this?


  1. But alas you are absolutely correct. The GOP does not have a sack. They dont need one because they have nothing for it to encase.
    This clown gives the RNC a goldmine for a commercial every effing day and they sit around hoping the media will be nice to them.

  2. WHAT the HELL did this fool learn at HAHVAHD??
    Proof positive to NEVER AGAIN give on-the-job training for a potus. HJC.

  3. This fool has hired so many "czars" he should have hired a "protocol czar". I know past presidents have been coached on the protocol of host countries.
    I'm surprised the queen even acknowledged his presence in her country after the shabby way he has treated both her and her government.
    When we get a real POTUS do you think he might ask for the Churchill bust back???