Monday, May 23, 2011



Tax cheats among recipients of stimulus money (Obamanomics)


"116 dead, nearly 500 twister deaths this year..."

"1,500 rescuers work through pouring rain..."

"Threats of more to come..."

"Looting in Minneapolis..."

Where is our Dear Reader of the Teleprompter and Wielder of the Intrepid Nine Iron?

Off in Ireland now claiming to be Irish. Barry, the Gunny hopes you kissed the Blarney Stone because the workers piss on it at night. But he had the time to meet with another Muslim asskisser, the President of Ireland. Nice. How much did that cost us, especially considering that Obama has BANKRUPTED the country?

Can you imagine the sh*tstorm the Left would have raised if it was Bush 43 jetting off to a European tour right in the middle of floods in the Mississippi, tornadoes, and domestic issues out the Ying-Yang? The Left would have went berserk, spitting on their monitors, as they pounded their keyboards and screeching invectives at Bush like chattering apes. They're STILL whining about Katrina and yet refuse to take not just the beam out of their eye but the whole frigging Tongass National Forest, in anything concerning Sir Golfsalot. The silence of the Left says a helluva lot about the fifth columnists.

But the Lapdog Media and the whiny crybabies on the Left yet ignore ANOTHER typical Obama vacation while Americans here at home are suffering with high gas prices, high food prices, coming stagflation, our potus helping our enemies and hindering our foes, a staggering economy, lies and scandals from the White House, tornadoes, floods, high energy prices, etc, etc. Well, at least Sir Golfsalot will be able to get in some serious golf, while he is vacationing on our dime. Thank Marx and Lenin for that huh?

But THANK GOD that Obama's visiting his Irish roots! Maybe he can visit his Russian roots next since one of his uncles liberated Auschwitz, while serving with the Red Army, since THEY are the ones who liberated Auschwitz. (Sometimes the truth gets pass the screeners huh Barry) Then he can fly to Boston and visit his Kenyan roots, via Aunt Zeituni, an illegal alien living on the backs of Americans, while Barry lives in the White House and is worth an estimated 1.6-12M bucks. Haven't you earned ENOUGH already Barry? Or hell, jump on AF 1, since he ain't paying the freight, and visit his brother George, living on a buck a day, well, fifty-five cents after Bernake and Gheitner have killed the dollar, in a mud shack in Kenya.

Barry's eighth cousin is excited to meet Obama so hey bud, do America a solid and KEEP HIM THERE! We'll hold special elections and get a real leader in the White House, not a raggedy-ass doll posing as one.

Chrissy Matthews' lips find Obama jock...again. Hey Chrissy, WIPE YOUR CHIN OFF!
Why the Lapdog Media LOVES OBAMA (Remember three words with the libs and you'll NEVER be wrong. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.)


  1. Okay.
    As to this clown.
    You were in the Corps.
    You saw the slackers and dope-offs.
    WTF did you expect?

  2. Well,if the area devatated by the tornadoes isn't solid blue,it don't count. No more complicated than that. He simply does NOT give a shit.

  3. Totaly agree. The sorry excuse we have for media have their heads so far into the sand that they stuck bedrock--even then they can't see what is there!If people want to see what wil happen under Obummercare just look at the government responces to the tornadoes. Great post Guns---and Crawfish if you are reading this I have tried to comment-repeatedly-on your blog but it won't let me!!

  4. I wonder if the Lib-bapdog media will ever realise that Big Brother has his sights on THEM also? All they need to see is right before their eyes---OH YEAH--you cannot see with your eyes CLOSED!!keep up the fire GUNNY!


    "Tax cheats among recipients of stimulus money".

    Hell, tax cheats run the Treasury, too. Geitner, anybody?

    That really says it all.

  6. Gunny,
    I have been fighting with Google trying to get posted. They won't let me. Trying again.(as you can tell if it works this time.)
    I said b4 Could we expect anything else from the big O? He has been using his office to take vacations all over the world, and we the great unwashed foot the bill.
    He phoned from Ireland to say he will drop by Joplin, Mo for a photo op Sunday.
    Keep it up Gunny, don't relent. Maybe he will sic his new internet Czar onto you. If so, I know that you would be the one left standing.

  7. Buck,

    Obama could not qualify as a sh*tbird.

  8. clyde,

    Exactly right. The great uniter is in reality, the great divider.

  9. 8th Man,

    Thanks for the kudos and you can rest assured that the fire won't let up on Obama, his minions, AND the gutless GOP! All are traitors.

  10. Crossbow,

    The Lapdog media operates on the great quote from Churchill: "Appeasers fee the crocodile hoping that it will eat them last."

  11. Nanna,

    I hope the folks of Joplin turn their backs on the diaper stain.

    As for his internet czar, they will never shut me up. If I have to do posters and glue them to walls, like the Marquis did in the Resistance, so be it.

    If I have to pay for a domain to post my blog, again, so be it.

    I PRAY they try to shut me down. Marines do not quit, ever and there is no more stubborn SOBs on the planet than the Irish and Slovak and I'm both!