Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It appears that The Food Stamp King decided not to say anything bad about Hoffa's pathetic call to his union goons to "march" against us. Apparently, "acting stupidly" did not apply here.


Even the idiot that runs the Jackass Party National Politboro, Debbie "Dingbat" Schultz (no relation to SS Feldwebel Schultz) refused to say anything about it.


Can you imagine if someone on the Right called for this kind of violence what the Left would do? They'd whine like the little girls they are, piss dribbling down their legs, crying to Sir Golfsalot about the evil Right.

But then again, the Food Stamp King has his own problems.

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4.  Redford disappointed: 'I'm beginning to wonder just where the man stands'...

Well THANK GOD that Redford is on board, we are delivered! Never fear Barry, the money from Redford will still come in along with his vote.

But seriously, can you imagine someone on our side, at the national level, calling for nationwide violence against the Left? Holder would have the Gestapo out in force, ATF would be breaking down the doors of legitimate Americans, taking their firearms, DHS would be rounding Americans up while STILL ignoring the waves of human locust coming over the border. Oh yeah, the Left would go full blown Nazi because after all, they have the mentality for it.

Too bad that, say, there isn't a team of guys running around, abducting various liberal politicians, in a "snatch and grab," tarring and feathering them in remote locations, and then depositing them like the filth they are on the city streets. Obama might say that they were "acting stupidity," but the rest of us could easily get behind such a movement. Not that the Gunny is endorsing this kind of vigilante behavior but when you're oppressed...

Careful what ya wish for libs, ya might be getting more than you bargained for.


  1. I condone it that would be friggin awesome to hear about, hell I'd even take time off from both jobs to have a little fun myself.( Plenty of remote locations here in Ga)

    " I will gladly go to war with my government to save my country"

  2. A lot effing more of us than them. BRING. IT. ON. Assholes seem to forget a LOT of us know "tactics" as well.

  3. Gunny,
    Good post. I can't imagine our side making these statements. For the most part our side acts like the adults that we are whereas the left are nothing more than adolescents.

    It's an argument that we cannot win because the left does not have the same value system.

    I submit that there isn't enough tar & feathers to do a complete job.

    The libnuts are planning a "National Day of Protest" scheduled on September 17th in several cities around the country. Then again on October 7th in DC.

    Regular Americans won't put up with this crap if things turn violent. We are a tolerant people but enough is enough.

  4. Gunny,
    I remember how they positively excoriated Sarah Paling for using crosshairs on a map. They said it cause the shootings in Arizona, and on and on. These liberals are such a sleezy bunch, that it's mind boggling.
    What in the world will we do if they cheat their way back in??? That thought scares me, I mean really scares me!!!

  5. Yeah, it really is funny. Just when you think you've seen an insurmountable peak of hypocrisy, the left will surprise you every single time.

  6. NAR,

    They keep pushing, they might get PUSHED back harder than they want!

  7. Hardnox,

    The Left are nothing but spoiled little children and they continue to act like it day in and day out.

  8. Nanna,

    I think it will be VERY HARD for them to cheat this coming election. They will be watched like hawks and I am thinking that states are going to mandate voter ID with a picture. Alaska already does.

  9. BrianR,

    It is amazing how predictable these clowns are. Their abject stupidity is enough to make ya puke.

  10. Redford.... Redford....
    Wasn't he the loudmouth jackass who said if Bush got elected he was moving to Canada or something?

    Why can't actors just stick to stuff they know like toeing a chalk line and mouthing words someone else wrote down?
    Oh, yeah.
    Freedom of speech.
    which gives one the
    Freedom to Make a Jackass of Oneself.

  11. Hardnox,

    If we run out of tar and feathers, there's molasses and crushed oyster shells. Or maple syrup and graham crackers, and around here, fireants. Come get some you liberal scum. We'll accommodate all of you.

  12. Just keep in mind fellas,

    "It's only wrong when
    WE do it!"

    At least thats how they see it and, thats how the media reports it.

    But, they're welcome to keep on pushing because the pushback will surprise the shit out of them.