Thursday, September 22, 2011


The corruption of liberals never ceases to amaze the Gunny, eventhough it has been going on since Woodrow Wilson.

FDR was one corrupt sonofabitch. He stacked the SCOTUS in order to get his New “raw” Deal passed, much of which was later declared unconstitutional (except his ponzi scam of Social Security). FDR lied to the American people time and time again and his administration had more communists in it than flies on a bull’s ass. In fact, the debacle of the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, etc, can all be laid at FDR’s feet thanks to the Democrats and their lack of military spending all through FDR’s reign of Hell.

The corrupt and stupid Congcritter from PA, who blabbed about US subs in the Pacific and is credited by Admiral Lockwood with getting a few US subs sunk and sailors killed, who also indulged in war profiteering, one Andrew May, was tried and jailed and then pardoned by Truman. Truman allowed the commies to run his administration for him (McCarthy was right) and the corrupt UN was hatched under this administration, thanks to Dean Acheson and in fact, the Korean War started because of Dean Acheson’s ignorant speechifying. This is the regime that lost us China and a few other allies to the commies.

JFK? One corrupt bastard. RFK as Atty Gen? Almost as bad as Eric Holder as Atty Gen. Drugs. Broads. Affairs. Bay of Pigs. Cheated in election 1960.

LBJ? From his false Bronze Star to his Big Adventure in Vietnam, this was one corrupt SOB. He cheated to get into the Senate (Alice Texas voted for him 100% AND in alphabetical order) He corrupted women on a scale that BJ Bubba could only imagine (and envy). A filthy nasty pig of a Democrat.

KGB Karter? Corrupt, naïve, and stupid perfectly sums up this moron.

BJ Bubba Klintoon? Impeached. Sandy Berger. Lewinsky’s.

Obama and the Nutty Pelosi/Dingy Reid Bloc?

William Jefferson, Clarence Norman Jr., Former Democrat Gov. Donald Siegelman, Frank Balance, Rezko, Chuck Chvala, Brett Pfeffer, Raymond Reggie, Solis, Ghietner, Dashhole, Ted Kennedy, Rangel, Sibelius, SellaPardon Holder, etc. etc.

But now, we find out that SOROS is involved with LightSquared. In 2009, the Soros Fund Management invested in LightSquared. In April 2010, the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition filed a petition with the Obama controlled FCC and then met with an FCC commissioner on the issue. Oddly enough, FOUR groups in that bloc (Free Press, Media Access Project, the New America Foundation, and Public Knowledge) all got SIX FIGURE “gifts” from The Open Society Institute, owned by Soros, in 2009. Pay for play baby. The Democrat (and Chicago) Way.

Obama appoints clowns like Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar, who then takes his cue from Obama, who gets HIS cues from Soros, who owns the DNC lock, stock, and barrel.

The Democrats, from the POTUS to the lowest level, have been corrupt for many decades and like a festering boil on the ass of America, they have come to a head with Obama and his master Soros, imposing the Chicago Way on Americans.

Let us not forget that Soros is a convicted criminal and is it the policy of the United States to allow convicted criminals, who emigrated here, to remain here? Should the US Gov’t not revoke his citizenship and deport the bum back to wherever the SOB came from? Is it the policy of the United States to allow someone who emigrated here and obtained US citizenship to call for violent revolution, an overthrow of the US Government, all for a one world government?

"The main obstacle to a just and stable world power is the United States." Soros.

Is it not time to deport this bastard and start cleaning out the filth within the US Government, from Obama on down? Is it not time to start holding politicians STRICTLY accountable to the things they do and screw up? They tax and spend and screw up, line their pockets (mostly Democrats), and then walk away with a fat pension? Why are we not seizing their assets when they are tried and convicted of fraud, tax evasion, tax cheating, embezzlement, sex crimes, etc, etc., and jailing the SOBs? Why are we allowing friends of Obama to call for violent revolution and the FBI does nothing? Why are the American people not stomping the guts out of these corrupt vermin and demanding a transparent government that abides by the Constitution? Why are allowing Obama to fill his administration with corrupt bums while the Congress and Senate do nothing?

The corruption of the Left runs as deep in the Dems as the hatred of the US does in Obama.


  1. For the last 100 years, the world has been involved (in one way or another) with the attempts by the Far Left to enslave the rest of us. When we win in 2012, you are correct, there must be criminal investigations into just about every elected politician for the last 70 years. There must also be criminal investigations into much of the news media.

    Justice demands that if a court of law finds any one investigated guilty, then there must be sentences of jail time, the seizing of the guilty party's assests, and possibly the death penalty for crimes of treason. (I would place Soros in the latter category; i.e., death for treason.)

  2. I like how you nailed them all Gunny. I thought for the longest time that I was pretty much alone looking at John and Bobbie as the assholes they were.
    osamabinbastard turned right around and invested a huge chunk of money into lightsquared soon after the fcc deal. The sob was in on the scam all along just like he was with solyndra.

  3. Gray Ghost,

    I agree with your post 110%!

    We MUST go back to the days when traitors where introduced to the hangman's noose or Ol Sparky.

    Those who would sell us out do not deserve to live their lives here, or anywhere else.

  4. R E,

    Liberals going back to Wilson have been as corrupt as the day is long and have worked AGAINST the best interests of the US since they were Copperheads in the Civil War.

  5. You forgot about Clinton directing Loral Corp to sell missile guidance technology to the Chinks.

    The there's the Kenyan who refuses to sell F-16s to Taiwan because it might upset our enemy, his friends, China.

  6. Another world-class post.Damn good comments too. Something in R.E's comment set me to thinking about something. Hoffa Sr. ABSOLUTELY HATED the Kennedys.Why Hoffa the Younger throws his hat in with the fukkin' dhimmis is beyond me. Agree with the Gray Ghost as well.

  7. Clyde,

    Hoffa Sr. hated the Kennedy's cause of the criminal competition. The Kennedy's wanted the whole pie - so did Hoffa.

    Hoffa Jr. realizes that neither the Dead Kennedy's or his missing daddy got the whole pie, so he thinks teaming up with liberal scum will enable them to share the whole bag of corruption. If the people let them by re-electing Obama, in 2016 we'll see Hoffa and the Dims fighting each other. Personally I prefer to fight them both right now.

  8. Soros is wanted by at least two countries for screwing up their economy.
    Why the hell can't we him to one of those countries?
    The sonofabitch is a jew who helped the nazis confiscate jewish property.
    How the hell he ever got American citizenship?
    Under what administration?
    Another rug some dirt is swept under.

  9. TGP,you win the prize. Spot-on.

  10. Found this blog through a link at Breitbart - Excellent! Glad to come here and read - so refreshing to see such honesty! Krys

  11. Craw,

    Good point! BJ Bubba was a damn criminal in more ways than one.

  12. clyde,

    follow the money ALWAYS with these libs.

  13. Buck,

    I think Soros came in when the State Dept had more commies in it than now and since he helped the Soviets, they checked that block!

  14. Krys,

    Thanks you for the kudos. I try to stay factual and credible and always back up my stories with credible links.

    Feel free to spread the word about the Anti Liberal Zone.

  15. For sure I will spread the word - we need more blogs and media out there to spread the truth and at least give people more information than the pap that comes out of the government media. Krys