Monday, September 26, 2011


Truman ran against a "do-nothing" Republican Congress and won reelection. Why? Because there was no Internet to expose his lies and no websites that allow us to count things like votes in the House and Senate. Too bad for the Kenyan Usurper, there IS Owl Gore's Internet and websites that track House and Senate bills and votes.

Obama has been whining like the little bitch he is, about how those mean old Republicans are standing in the way of the Little Tyrant and his massive amount of hard work to get America back on track. That is, if we ignore his massive amount of vacations and almost 100 golf trips since he was elected. Once again, we see that bipartisanship to the Democrats means that the GOP rolls over for things they are against simply because a liberal proposes it. Like spoiled toddlers, they whine, "give us what we want…" boo-hoo.

Point of Fact: As of 26 September 2011, the Republican-majority Congress has been in session for 127 days.

Point of Fact: As of the same date, the Democrat-controlled Senate has been in session for 122 days.

But oddly enough, that lazy "do-nothing" Republican majority House that Obama constantly whines about has actually outperformed the Democrat majority Senate by a score of 711 votes to 137, as of 15 September 2011. So once again, Obama is lying to the American people, not that that is anything new. Let’s do a little math here. 711 divided by 137 = 5.19 times more action. Wow. So much for a "do-nothing" GOP Congress.

You see, this is how the liberal does things. They lie and lie and expect the people to believe it like they used to, back when liars like Kronkite and Dan Blather and Tom Brokejaw lied over network news on a nightly basis. Indeed, the GOP House is working on things like repealing the onerous and costly 1099-reporting requirement in ObummerKare while Dingy Harry and Dems in the Senate were busy with Cowboy poetry and bicycle paths. Yeah, now THAT is really urgent business. Even better is that a Republican Congressman introduced a comprehensive jobs bill while Ol Dingy virtually ignored Obama’s gathering of Soros’ talking points. Moreover, the GOP has introduced stupid things that might help America like, oh, the Keystone XL pipeline that will transport oil from Canada to Texas refineries. It would only create about 20,000 jobs but who is counting huh?

Point of Fact: The GOP introduced the American Energy Act that will provide energy independence for America; more jobs FOR Americans, and a cleaner environment through tax incentives, which makes sense. And it even provides for drilling on ANWR, the Outer Continental Shelf, and oil shale in the Western United States, all of which the Democrats, especially under Obummer, have restricted. Oh, and since the US has not built any new nuclear power plants since Jimmy Carter (thanks to Democrats and enviro-nazis) the GOP is setting a national goal of 100 new nuclear reactors over the next twenty years, in that legislation!

How did Obummer put it? "Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket." Hell, it was Obummer who stated that he was gonna bankrupt the coal industry and by Jove, he sure is doing it! He’s killing jobs while the Republicans are working to create not just jobs but a stronger and more energy independent America. Crybaby Obama and his "pass this bill now" bullsh*t went totally unnoticed by Dingy Reid who replied, "we’ve got to get rid of some issues first," and then he is flummoxed with the bill, and not sure, "exactly what I’m going to do yet with the president’s jobs bill." Guess what? It's stuck in Park in the Senate.

Oh, and speaking of do-nothing, Nutty Pelosi’s House and Dingy Reid did not pass a budget since 2009 but they sure managed to spend a bunch of our money. In May 2011, Dingy Reid’s Senate rejected Obummer’s budget 97 NAY and 0 FOR! Oops, DAMN those pesky facts. BTW, isn’t it written in the U.S. Congressional Budget Act that the Senate must pass an annual budget resolution? Ah, but what are laws to Democrats? Just stupid things to be ignored, bypassed, and violated. Kinda like Obama's view of the Constitution huh? WHO is threatening to shutdown the gov't time and again? Oh yeah, Dingy Reid.

Which Dummycrat stated that the evil Ol’ GOP filibustered a "historic" amount in 2009? Oopsey, another lie. There were NO filibusters in 2009. Wait, it was OBAMA who started that lie and the Liberal Lapdog Media, who has their lips super-glued to his ass, which ran with it, fact-checking, be damned. Quite simply, Obama is a liar and moreover, a pathological liar. What a great father figure for his kids and with the Libs, it’s ALWAYS about the childrennnnnn. Obama’s Marxist agenda failed because it lacked DEMOCRAT support, but to the Obots, who leave a trail of drool wherever they go, it’s the fault of the GOP. Let’s review the facts on this one. The Democrats controlled ALL THREE BRANCHES but could not pass ANY meaningful legislation (Stimulus was supposed to LOWER unemployment, not raise it) but did manage to spend like a drunken Senator from Taxachusetts and cram ObummerKare down our throats.

Americans need to fully face the fact that Obama is a serial liar and a corrupt Chicago piece of crap who, if there was justice in America, would be standing in a docket with a list of charges against him as long as his arm. Unfortunately for America, Democrats and especially Obummer, have counted to the abject stupidity, laziness, and ignorance of the Obots to suck up the constant stream of bullsh*t that spews out of Obummer’s oral sphincter, the Left, and from the Liberal Lapdog Media! This is a failed President who whines and accuses his opponents of what he and his ilk are guilty of in spades, who revels in corruption like a maggot on a corpse. This is a failed President who has taken more holidays, more golf trips, more road trips (in 3 million dollar buses made in Canada), more bullsh*t flights on Air Force One than any other President in our history and yet can find the time to lecture America to get behind him!

Joe Wilson, Like Senator McCarthy, has been proved right again.

UPDATE: Dingy Reid pulls an Obama, goes on vacation and IGNORES Obama's Jobs Bill. So much for DO-NOTHING Republicans huh?


  1. I saw the same story and included it in my draft for Wednesday. Somehow I knew it was gonna get Gunny'd.

  2. Gunny, right on again. I have been saying the same thing since the campaign of '08. I have never witnessed this degree of dishonesty, from a president, or anyone else in my life. Of course we know that the progs never have the truth on their side. When people understand the truth, as represented by the facts, all of the progs arguments and strawmen fall apart. Every time I hear that man speak, nails on a chalk board, the lies seem to roll out so smoothly and with such great volume that it can only be classified as pathological behavior. He speaks one day and the markets, because they understand the dishonesty, go down. He speaks, see lies, the next day and the hate, vitriolic language, and public violence, from the left go up as the lies are used as a tool to whip up the in-hinged base of followers. Dishonest speech and dishonest behavior have and will always be an effective strategy to divide the informed and educated from the uninformed and entitlement minded blind followers. However, there are many other sources of information today, as you have mentioned, and "the truth shall set you free", as we all know...and now we must focus on getting the truth out to the people...early and often...God Bless the United States of America...

  3. Look. The government can not "create" jobs.
    I'm sick and tired of hearing every prostituting politician from both sides of the aisle talk about creating jobs.
    The only contribution the government can make to get folks back to work is

    to create an atmosphere friendly to business and industry.

    That done the real job creators, small business, big business, oil wildcatters and investors will start to roll again.
    And America will go back to work.

  4. McCarthy was right...and these dumbed down useful idiots out here really believe what they hear. If we show them the light, we are haters or worse...drives me nuts sometimes.

  5. Guuny - demoRats are always projecting on republicans exactly their own mouthing and actions lying is all part of the deflection and repeat as necessary until public believes the distortions and lies.
    Projecting their own behavior coupled with their total desperation has increased the demagoguery, lies, and stepped up class warfare.
    They have been in denial since the "shellacking" but are now starting to face reality as their "progressive era goes down in flames in a mere two and half years.
    progressivism = totalitarianism
    the "ONE" is DONE

  6. Yup.

    You hit on the really key element: information accessibility. The internet and talk radio. Which is why the left hates them. WAAAAAY too much of that there freedom and information stuff runnin' around out theah.

    "And the truth shall make you free". From the Bible.

    That's exactly what we're seeing. As you note, gone are the days when a few lefty talking heads and fishwraps monopolized information flow. Now EVERYBODY can be a commentator, as we prove with our blogs.

    Talk radio, dominated by conservatives. A venue where leftism fails miserably, as Air America proved. The lefty rags going bankrupt everywhere, while Fox News and conservative rags make handsome profits.

    Information accessibility has made conservatives aware that not only are they NOT alone, but they're actually in the majority in this country. And they're acting on that knowledge, to the chagrin and woe of the socialists.

  7. Craw,

    I would have missed it had not a buddy send it to me! That guy ripped Barry WAY WORSE than I did! haha

  8. TexMan,

    I can remember my father calling LBJ a liar and Obama makes Nixon look saintly. There is no longer any real justice in America as this clown and his compadres run amok lying, cheating, and stealing.

  9. Buck,

    Indeed. The ONLY way they create jobs is to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

  10. Scott,

    It drives us nuts because as sane people, we try to understand their insanity.

  11. Kitman3,

    Our mission is to ENSURE that liberalism/progressivism is DESTROYED! Otherwise, like a virus, it will go underground only to infect us somewhere else.

  12. BrianR,

    Great comment. The ascendancy of Conservatism is KILLING the left and I laid it out to a coworker the other day who, after I crushed his leftist views, went silent.

    I DID say that when he was ready to come to the Light, I would help him.

  13. Soebarkah may not be a natural born citizen but he surely be a natural born liar!

  14. Gunny,

    Good post, nothing to add other than lying is the only thing that zero is good at. He proves it everyday.

  15. Mr. Gunster: As a newbie to your site I must first express my gratitude for your courage in posting the truth.

    Last night attended an event at which David Horowitz spoke of the evil tactics of the left and the stupidity of wimpy, mainstream Republicans for failing to expose their lies and their intent to destroy the nation.

    Thanks for showing us the way. You give us great hope with your example.

  16. Guns and BrianR-

    Great slogan by Ford back in the day...interstingly, when Ford made an ad touting they took no bailout, the WH went whining and they pulled it. I would have said Eff-Fuc*ing YOU, sir!!
    Glenn Beck has been saying all along that the truth has no right he is and how wrong the left for thinking we would continue down the path of SOS...stuck on stupid.

  17. AZVick,

    Thanks for the kudos. I am agsint the Libs AS WELL as the squishy RINOs!

  18. Nee,

    I WISH that people and companies would take a stand and HANG TOUGH! Tired of the weasels taking it back, blah, blah.

  19. Point of fact: You said a long time ago that if ole purples was a moving this yellow dog was a lieing. Have you noticd lateley most photos show ole purples pooched and pouting pissed off and hating on America for renouncing the longleggedmacdaddy fool. I for one have never recognized his citizenship or office as anything other than totus. I see everything he has signed, appointed and spent as illegal and having no status or standing.