Friday, September 2, 2011


Just the other day Fox News reported that the former US Attorney for Arizona, one Dennis K. Burke, got physically sick during his interrogation into his link with Operation Fast and Furious. He got sick because of FEAR! So far, we've seen scumbags get promoted and reschuffled and the rats at the top run for cover, saying that they had no idea, blah, blah, blah. We'll simply ignore Ratface Holder's speech on Operation Fast and Furious back in 2009.

In doing a little research, the Gunny found out that one Dennis K. Burke served as a Senior Advisor to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

He also served as Chief of Staff to Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano from 2003 to 2008.

Why Ol' Dennis even worked for BJ Bubba Clintoon as a Senior Policy Analyst for the White House Domestic Policy Council!

There is NO WAY IN HELL that this scandal, far far worse than Watergate could ever have been, does not go ALL of the way to the top, yet the Liberal Lapdog Media continues to ignore it for the most part. Would the media act this way if this had happened on a Republican President's watch? Hell no.

Dennis kept Janet Incompetano informed and she informed Ol' Sellapardon Holder, and he informed the Red Diaper Baby.

So much for backdoor gun control, huh libs? Liberals are Criminals, pure and simple.

"We are just five days from fundamentally transforming America..." Obungler. Too bad many Americans refused to listen to what the petty tyrant was saying BEFORE they voted for him.


  1. My conspiracy theory side tells me that selling guns to criminals was intended to create a wave of murders and, violent crime.
    So, Mr "guns laws under the radar" could set the stage for his "I told you so" moment and add deeper restrictions on gun ownership.

    I doubt it was all just a big coincidence that when the murders in the border towns were peaking early this year, O'drama and Imcompetano did a photo op near the border while stating how our gun laws are the problem.

    Kind of like a window repairman who hands out rocks to kids...he has an agenda.

  2. Amazing that WE who did not listen to this half wit are the "stupid" ones,eh? A brief comment about the NASCAR flap. This event at the White Crib was scheduled for the Wednesday following the Richmond race. That is when the Chase field will be set. Obama's incompetent staff rescheduled their appearance out of blue,these guys are scheduled for a LOT of stuff on Wednesdays,usually sponsor-related.Believe them when they say they have a scheduling conflict.What kills me is the Chase ends in November.WHY is the BECS "honoring" them when THIS Chase is about to begin? Seems to me the BEST time for such nonsense is like the week AFTER the event. These assholes can't even do photo-ops right.

  3. If Burke got physically ill during questioning also means he effing knew what he was doing was wrong. They all know. They so desperately want guns taken away from the American citizen they will say/do anything.
    The cowards they are, when they are confronted they become, "..physically ill."
    If we had some GOP in DC with gonads I'll bet you'd really enjoy the finger pointing game they'd all play trying to get out of the scandal as more facts could be uncovered..

  4. I remember early on into this horrible regime, Captain WTF was talking up how guns involved in Mexican crimes were coming from the USA! Then NYC's mayor Doomburg also parroted the meme and I do believe the corruptocrat president of Mexico also did as well, perhaps at that speech he gave in front of congress where he trash talked America and the libs treasonously cheered him on, led by Ninny Piglosy.
    I shared your post over at that page I run at facebook, BTW. Great job uncovering this filthy evil mess!

  5. Sepp,

    I agree. There is nothing illegal that this regime will not do to achieve their end because to them, the ends justifies the means!

  6. clyde,

    BECS seems to think that EVERYONE is at his beck and call. Hell, I wouldn't meet with the scumbag either. I only meet with people I respect.

  7. Buck,

    I would LOVE to see public trials of all connected with this scandal and punishment meted out. I KNOW that Obama is in this up to his donkey ears.

  8. As for the NASCAR thing, I think it actually put one serious dent in that planet crushing ego of his. Judging by the snarky, grade school pettiness of the comments that shot out of that collection of sub 60 IQ scores, I think it really stung the crap out of him. That those drivers didn't drop everything to rush right out and bathe in the all healing light of the anointed one was just something he could not understand.

    Of course, I can see where he would be shocked. Having never experienced an honest day's work at any point in his life, the thought that they might actually have obligations that they cannot just up and drop at a moment's notice never crossed his mind. Having always been handed everything he's ever needed or wanted, he also wouldn't understand that making your own money and way through life is more important to some people than spending hours waiting to be used as a prop in some narcissist's never ending campaign.

    As for this quagmire called Fast and Furious that was attempted behind our backs unsuccessfully, I hope everyone sticks to their guns, and prosecute every single egotistical prick that had a hand in it. It's absolutely amazing that they could do something on this large a scale and that they would not only get away with it, but they could somehow guilt us into surrendering our 2nd Amendment. But with his ego, his raging b*n*r for Euro style Socialism, and his complete disconnection with reality, I guess he thought it was worth the risk and the cost in lives.

    Of course, he lacks the brain power to understand that the gun culture in this country is not something we take lightly. It something handed down from one generation to the next, along with the responsibilities it carries, and has become such a part of us that it's practically an inherited trait. As such, he'll find that trying to sever us from that tradition will result in a whole different scenario than the fallacy he has carefully created in his own mind. This isn't London, Paris, Berlin, or any other Euro zone. America isn't going to roll over and lay it's weapons at his feet. We proved that many times over since 1776 when someone decided they could subjugate and pacify us. I don't know why this mental midget seems to think he can succeed where every other attempt failed, but I think he'll find out right quick that it's a fight he'll wish he never started.

  9. GVii,

    I could not agree more on your comment re: the gun culture in America. I taught my kids to use weapons and to respect them and to never surrender that right or any other of their God-given rights to a government.

  10. Zilla/MJ,

    Thanks for the kudos but a lot of folks been working overtime to uncover this pile of crap. I'm just making sure that my little piece of the world gets the word and if I can hammer in a few nails in the coffin of this regime, so much the better.

  11. Zilla/MJ,

    Thanks for the kudos but a lot of folks been working overtime to uncover this pile of crap. I'm just making sure that my little piece of the world gets the word and if I can hammer in a few nails in the coffin of this regime, so much the better.

  12. The liberal press doesn't do outrage when it's socialists at the helm!

    They spent a year on Iran-Contra. God knows how long on Abu Ghraib. Watergate? Forgetaboutit! But when a dem occupies the WH BJ's aren't sex and selling guns to drug cartels, guns that wind up killing Americans, is no big deal.

    Just another dose of hope and change!(That's kind of like the clap only different)

  13. Hey,Sgt.Relic,how the hell are ya??

  14. Hi, clyde! I'm doing great and am currently engaged in pitching my tent here at Blogger.

    I haven't official announced the move but I'm thinking about doing a bus tour first! LOL!

  15. The Mexican government is doing their own investigation. Suppose they do their own 'extraordinary rendition' and Ol' Eric wakes up in a Mexican interrogation room. I understand that their enhanced interrogation techniques are quite different from ours. Any bets on whether or not he'd rat out Zero?

  16. Sgt Relic,

    MAKE THE MOVE brother. I am GLAD that TH screwed my blog up and Crawfish pointed me in this direction.

    You just gotta watch out for Clyde's F-BOMBS in a rant! haha

  17. Dave,

    I WISH! I once had to pickup a prisoner who did two years in a Mex jail. He was NOT a happy camper. If found guilty, extradite Obama, Holder, and Incompetano to Mexico.

  18. Gee,Guns,ya think it might be the f%@cking Tourette's? bwahahahahahahahahahaha You read about Hoffa Jr.'s tirade in Detruit today? Telling the BECS that WE are HIS army? WTF??? This asshole seems to forget there are WAY many more of us than THEM. Coming from a former member of HIS OWN F@&$ing local. Stupid prick will be finding daddy soon.

  19. >>”"We are just five days from fundamentally transforming America..." Obungler. Too bad many Americans refused to listen to what the petty tyrant was saying BEFORE they voted for him. “

    Worse yet, many DID listen and they thought, “Transform America? Cool!”