Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here is the problem with liberals, they are like women. More than that, they are like your wife, you know, the one who says what is her’s is her’s and what is your’s is her’s! They have absolutely no concept of "that which I earn is mine and no one else’s!" For example, if one decides to donate to a charity, that is their choice to do so, not the Obama regime, who, by the example of Solyndra, can’t even pick a winner if they were collectively digging in their noses!

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical." – Thomas Jefferson

"There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him." -- Robert Anson Heinlein

The idiocy of the Red Diaper Baby’s mewling about taxing the rich is that it does not work. One, they do not tax wealth, they tax "income," hence the name, "income tax." Let us use Nutty Pelosi for an example here. She is worth more than a few million and thus, is "rich" by definition, no? How much is sheltered in trusts, etc? Let us say a bunch of it and at the end of the day, she ends up paying taxes on her Congressional salary alone. Fair? Nope. Legal? Yep. Moreover, since they are already RICH, they do not have to produce more income if they do not want to and WHY SHOULD THEY if they are going to get slammed in taxes? They will simply do what they are doing now, and lying low, disposing of their monies in a way where they get hit with the least amount of taxation. THAT is what stupid liberals cannot understand and never will!

All Obama is going to do is do as he has done in the past, with his taxation and regulation, is slow down the economy even more, hamper any existing businesses, and prevent any new businesses from starting up, and why should they? BJ Bubba Clinton slapped a luxury tax on yachts and what happened? They moved their businesses OUT of the US to more business friendly climates and Americans were out of work. Obama yaps about taxing corporations and the rich yet lets his homey Jeffy Immelt run away with 5 BILLION in profits with General Electric tax-free AND move a factory to China. How's that 1% GDP growth and 9-16% unemployment working for ya America?

Ronaldus Magnus clearly summed up the problem with government interference: "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

That is this administration summed up perfectly. Obama wants to tax the hell out of us while Cass Sunstein regulates the hell out of us, and the unions and Obama's Solyndra buddies get subsidized.

There can no longer be any doubt that Obama is not only a Keynesian fanatic but also the most economically ignorant POTUS ever. The simple grasp of junior high school economics eludes him like the love of the US eludes the average liberal, complete and totally! How stupid can someone be in order to not be able to grasp that when you make something more expensive, more highly taxed, that the consumption of it slows down more and more. So Obama attacks the rich more and more (while taking donations from them) yet there is no way that anyone can point to being given a job by a poor person or a bum. Indeed, WHO donates the most to charities? The Rich. WHO donates to libraries and hospitals for new wings in the name of Daddy, Mommy, etc? THE RICH! The RICH improve the quality of life for Americans AND give us an example to follow if WE want to be rich, i.e., hard work, innovate, save, have a plan, start a business, etc.

You DO NOT help the country by going after "the evil rich." It did not work in the FORMER Soviet Union, it ain’t working in China, and it hasn’t worked ANYWHERE ELSE it has been tried. Unless shared misery of the masses with the few elites benefitting for it all is your plan. If Warren Buffett thinks he ain’t paying enough in taxes, WRITE A DAMN CHECK to the Treasury. Ol’ Turbo Tax Timmy would love that but STFU and leave the rest of us alone!

What liberals are too stupid to see, considering their love of unions (and the dues that flow into the DNC) is that there are economies in other nations, i.e., Dubai, China, Switzerland, etc, who would welcome the "rich" moving their wealth and businesses into their countries. What we SHOULD be doing is working to undercut THOSE countries and bring those businesses BACK into the economically stable and militarily strong (and thus peaceful) United States of America with Americans working those jobs. But NOOOOOOO, stupid liberals want to raise taxes to the levels of previous administrations (50-90%) and then usher in the same old weak and ineffective economies that we suffered with then, i.e., LBJ, KGB Karter, etc. Stupid IS as stupid DOES!

Pay your fair share? How about the 50% of Americans who PAY NO INCOME TAXES and yet get a refund through Earned Income Credit. That’s fair? No, that is the illegal looting of Other People’s Money for redistribution to the lazy and stupid. How about getting illegal aliens like Obama's Aunt and Uncle to pay THEIR fair share? How many decades has Obama's Uncle been flying under the radar, getting paid under the table, and now milking the system? How fair is THAT?

Obama wants everyone to pay their fair share? Then Obama, REFORM the tax code, make it simple to understand and fair across the board, DUMP the income tax and usher in, say, a sale’s tax or flat tax or frigging fair tax and get EVERYONE paying their fair share or STFU and resign you ignorant Red Diaper Affirmative Action Baby.


  1. You nailed it Gunny, the fair tax would eliminate the irs and corporate tax right off the bat and bring manufacturing and growth back to America el quicko. You had to see the Drudge video posted today I would think because I know you just love this guy.


    'SWIPE! SWIPE!'... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o64Fz-KW1Dk

  2. Gunny some times I think Obozo is purposefully trying to destroy our economy to complete his fundamental transformation he promised us before the election.
    Perhaps he is part of the one world government crowd what better a way to start the fire towards submission than destroying the dollar the rest will follow.
    What are his real political intentions?

  3. I watched some of those videos earlier there are about a dozen various so-called artists.
    It was more than appalling to watch these folks (I use that term loosely) knowingly make fun of ripping off the rest of us.
    Welfare, food stamps, section eight housing, and popping out kids for more money were the themes.
    The food stamp president and his constituents.

  4. R E,

    I saw that video and almost puked. What the hell are these idiots gonna do when the money stops?

  5. kitman3,

    Alinsky, Fox/Piven, and Marxism are all he knows.

    Community organizers are nothing but rabble rousers.

    I'm on travel and I walked into a NON-UNION store to shop, right past the pickers and FELT GREAT ABOUT IT!

  6. Reading this AFTER being at Mt.Rushmore is sickening.To look up at those GREAT men,and to contemplate what THEY endured for this nation and then see what liberals have done to it is disgusting.

  7. That video made me reach for my 1911. This is what we all bust our butts for. Now we are collectively in a ditch and the parasites want more. It is way past time for real adults to be in charge.

    The professional pols have spent their entire careers handing out free cheese to garner votes at our expense. Now we are at the end of the line.

    When the free cheese stops then it will hit the fan.

  8. A-hem ... as a wife person I am not 100% thrilled with the opening paragraph here, though I do appreciate the intended set-up for the post.

    That said, I echo Kitman 3's comments of yesterday at 3:00 PM, "Gunny some times I think Obozo is purposefully trying to destroy our economy to complete his fundamental transformation he promised us before the election. ..." The only difference between
    Kitman 3 and myself is that I have become convinced this is the overarching strategy (or is it a tactic ... drat, can't sometimes differentiate those two).

    As always, a pointed and well thought out post, GunnyG.

  9. And another thing................

    We have all heard Zero was a professor who taught Constitutional law.
    Then it comes out he was just a lecturer.
    Which comes to mind.
    Just how in blazing hell could he have lectured on something he obviously knows so very little about?

  10. Buck,

    If his lectures at Hahvahd were anything like his lectures to Congress, he must have been fired. Can't we fire him?