Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Now the Gunny might end up being reported to AttackWatch for this, wait, HE ALREADY self-reported, oh, about 50 times, but here is the Community Organizer-in-Chief's series of gaffes, that the media studiously ignored.

But they'll tell us that he's the smartest man on the face of the Earth.

Obama, proving the Peter Principle right every time he speaks or acts.


  1. I reported myself on two sites and the Constitution on one

  2. It's called "Obama Math", and it explains a lot about our current economic problems.

    Wow! This guy has really aged. I had no idea that all that golf and vacations could take that kind of toll. Must be the Iranian caviar.

  3. "But they'll tell us that he's the smartest man on the face of the Earth."


    Kinda like they told us Hillary was the smartest woman in the world.

    Sorry he actually disproves the Peter Principle.
    The Peter Principle proposes a person rises to his first level of incompetence and remains there.
    Obama has risen way far above his first level of incompetence...

  4. And the hits just keep on comin', folks!And the hits just keep on comin', folks!

  5. Of course none of their "own" ever get called out on their gaffes, no matter how stupid they are. The 57 states was one of my favorite ones. And he thought maybe he had missed a 58th? It's unbelievable how much the talking heads let these guys get away with as long as they have a D in front of their names.

  6. Proving the Peter Principle every time he speaks or acts, Gunny?

    O'Vomit goes way beyond just proving the Peter Principle. He is pushing the envelope at being a complete Dipsh*t Dumba*s. As for his speaking ability, one might go so far as to say he is mediocre.

  7. No wonder the BECS is keeping his transcripts hidden. Sonofabitch is dumber than a bag of sand.

  8. He should be co-hosting with Al "notso" Sharpton. Maybe they could take their act on the road?