Friday, September 16, 2011


It appears that the second-worst president in our time just endorsed Mitt Romney.

EXCERPT: "Former President Jimmy Carter wants to see Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination and run against President Obama next November. "I hope he wins," Carter said of the former Massachusetts governor in a Thursday night interview with MSNBC. "I'm not taking a position, but I would be very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination."

The Gunny would NEVER have voted for Romney in the first place but THIS SHOULD BE the KISS OF DEATH for this New England RINO and his Obamalike RomneyKare!

KGB Karter is a scumbag and a traitor to America and the Gunny will rejoice when this festering boil on the ass of America joins Ted DRUNKennedy in Hell. From his betrayal of the Shah, to the 52 hostages who enjoyed 444 days of Iranian hospitality, to his continued damning of America, and his anti-semitism, KGB Karter is 100% pure liberal dross.

Indeed, KGB Karter actually tried to get the KGB to HELP HIM against Ronaldus Magnus in election 1980.

The Gunny is not only going to piss on KGB Karter's grave (after a 3 day drunk celebrating the scumbag's demise) but he is going to dump a load of horse crap on it as well, if they bury him anywhere but Arlington. Indeed, if they bury this shitbird amongst the heroes in Arlington, the dead will turn their backs on him.

So THANK YOU KGB Karter for putting the last nail in Romney's coffin. He and the rest of the elitist RINOs can pound sand as we Conservatives are taking OUR PARTY back!

and is WAY past the "best-buy" date by 50 years.


  1. Gunny,
    As you say, this is the kiss of death for Romney, and it sure makes me happy! Romney is so unpredictable, he isn't grounded at all in anything, much less Conservatism.
    He holds up his finger to see which way the wind is blowing, left or right. No set beliefs that he will settle on, and stand up for.

  2. That is a big OOOOPS! for the former Gov of Taxachusetts

  3. Carter endorsed Idi Amin,and Robert Mugabe as well. There you go,Mitt.GREAT company there. Be SURE to thank Jimmuh the Dhimmuh for TANKING your run. Good for him,BETTER for US.

  4. Let us not forget that Jimmy was responsible for those pilots and crew getting killed trying to save those hostages because Carter wanted a campaign bump.

  5. Great stuff, Guns.

    I agree 100%. Let's BOTH go on a 3-day bender and piss on this pustule's grave.

  6. Methinks Romneys a rino anyway so if he got gone it wouldn't hurt my feelings none atall.

  7. The title of your article is correct Gunny! Romney is toast. After being endorsed by the Peanut Farmer, he might as well just shut down his campaign and save his money.

  8. Hardnox:
    It all goes back to this:
    The Marines guarding the embassy were issued no ammunition.
    They were further ordered NOT to defend.
    An embassy is full of representatives of the country. Embassies go back to ancient times when heads of state would send family members to foreign rulers to act as good faith hostages.
    An attack on an embassy IS AN ACT OF WAR!
    Not immediately retaliating gave the arabs the idea the USA was weak and nothing we have done since then has given them a different idea.

  9. Buck,

    Also, if you read "Milestones" by Qutb (available online for free), and EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS to know your enemy, KGB Karter handed over the first requirement of Islamofascism and that is, there own state to sponsor terrorism from.

  10. Brian,

    Here is the deal. Wherever they bury this son of a bitch, let's grab a couple of hotel rooms nearby, lay in a bunch of booze and beer, drink, get sober, drink, get sober, repeat, and upon departing for home, pay Jimmy the Dhimmi a visit.

    I hope I have the beer shits then.

    More than likely, we'll find a line waiting to piss on his grave!

  11. I hope it is the kiss of death for Willard. He would be Obama's second term. What a schmuck.