Thursday, September 15, 2011


EXCERPT: US President Barack Obama told fired up supporters Wednesday that if they loved him, they must help pass his jobs bill, injecting more urgency into his push for key legislation. Obama hit another key 2012 electoral swing state, North Carolina, to hike pressure on Republicans over his $447 billion American Jobs Act which is designed to jolt the economy and ease 9.1 percent unemployment. One supporter from the raucous crowd shouted to Obama that they loved him, and in a standard response from his 2008 campaign he replied "I love you back" then added a new twist. "If you love me, you got to help me pass this bill," Obama said, repeating the line to more cheers. "Give me a win. Give me a break."
What a steaming pile of camel dung Obama is. He is whining to a crowd of Obomobots to pass his pathetic bill, which really ISN'T a bill but rather, a set of talking points, probably handed to him by Soros, and Odork read it off of the teleprompters the other night.

"If you love me, you got to help me pass this bill."

Pathetic. What the hell can you say about an idiot who is so far out of his league that it is not longer funny, well, most of the time anyway? Watching Obummer lurch (no reference to Hanoi John Fonda Kerry) from one stupid crisis to another and now, he's busy pandering the American Jews claiming that he really IS a staunch ally of Israel!

This leads to the question of, do Democrats think we're stupid? That we can't read? That we cannot assimilate facts and come to a good conclusion? Just because THEIR voter base is comprised of willfully ignorant and abject morons who stumble into the polls yanking the lever of the Dummycrat does not mean that we are like that. Watching the Democrats get their ass kicked in elections and now losing one out of two groups on their plantation is frigging awesome.

Obummer bows to King Faud and berates the US before a crowd in Cairo. He encourages riots in Egypt to ditch Mubarak and is "surprised" when the Muslim Brotherhood turns out to be infiltrated by al-qaeda. Duh. He lets Iran go nuclear without much trouble and then his three stooges start a war in Libya, against a nation that is not a threat to the USA, and again, they're stunned that the rebels are infiltrated by al-qaeda. Shazam! He treats Bibi Nethanyahu like sh*t, goes on vacation, and Bibi gives a speech before Congress not seen since the days of Ronaldus Magnus. But little boy Barry thought golf was more important.

And when District 9 dumps the libtards, who had held that seat for 90 YEARS, Team Obummer goes into full pander mode like WE DON'T REMEMBER THE PAST 3 YEARS!

Fellow Patriots, liberals are ignorant. No, they go beyond ignorant into full-blown asshats. It must be true then, the premise that history begins anew each day for the Left. We on the Right are damn fine Americans. Obonehead starts a "snitch site" designed to get Americans to report on other Americans, blogs, ads, etc. Do we do like the Eurotrash did in the 30's and 40's and quiver like little girls in fear? HELL NO! We laugh at it. We ridicule it. We self-report and laugh like hell! We stand up FOR WHAT IS RIGHT and dammit it makes the Gunny PROUD to be not just a Conservative but a CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN standing in the face of tyranny and LAUGHING about it! And we did it not once but TWICE now!

So let the little pissant cry over his commie-endorsed jobs plan. Let him pander to the Jews in America who FINALLY might have realized that the Democrats have been pissing on them for DECADES! When the blacks on the Liberal plantation FINALLY realize it as well, liberalism will find it's rightful place in the crapper, along with the other sh*t.


"Man, I wish this would hurry up so I can get in a quick nine holes!"


  1. Nice name for the it Gunny. This guy can be called everything and everyone except American, Legal, Christian, Honest, Decent, Leader, a Man or even POTUS. All to the shame of our country.

  2. Gunny,


    If NY-9 is a bellwhether of things to come zero is in real trouble. It looks like the jews are tired of being thrown under the bus. Next the Blacks had better get tired of their abuse by the dims.

  3. That pic and captain really capture this guy. I'm still laughing, GunnyG!

  4. ..."Jews in America that might finally have realized..."


    How about a round of applause for New York 9?

  5. R E,

    I agree. Obama is a HUGE embarassment to this nation but WE are exempt, we did not vote for the bum.

  6. Hardnox,

    Until blacks free themselves from race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, and others, they'll be stuck on the lib plantation.

    I THANK my g-fathers, a union baker, who saw the Dems for what they were and broke with them a long time ago freeing US from their plantation!

  7. Buck,

    Yep, they stuck it right into Obama's rump!

  8. Mrs AL,

    I truly believe he has serious mental issues.

  9. WHAT the HELL is up with the prick wearing a yamulka? Asshole think he's Super Jew now? CHRIST,what an asshat. Turn THAT in,dickweeds.