Friday, September 2, 2011


A reminder to Libs:


So the Red Diaper Baby had a BULLETPROOF Trifecta of liberalism for a WHOPPING TWO YEARS! TWO YEARS to do WHATEVER he wanted to, from January 2009 to January 2011.

So liberals, YOU OWN THIS MESS!

More HOPEY/CHANGEY served up in a dog bowl...

1.  JOBS: ZERO...

2.  THE "First time since 1945!"

3.  UNEMPLOYMENT 9.1%... [Real number 16-20%]

4.  Lapdog media AP sniffs Obama's jock: "AP Oops: Report could show signs of modest growth...

5.  Obama: No comment [on zero jobs], off to presidential retreat...

6.  ONE YEAR AGO: 'There are better days ahead'... (Obama)

7.  Dow plunges 2%!

8.  Illegal Aliens got billions-from-irs-in-tax-credits-audit-finds. (The Gunny blogged this MONTHS ago, as they use Earned Income Credit to scam us).

9.  PANIC: Obama halts $90 billion smog regulation (Election year gambit)
BTW, The Gunny called it. The Red Diaper Baby heading off to the Presidential retreat! HAHA! As the running cadence goes, "listen to the sound of the tiny, tiny feet, sounds like Democrats in a full retreat!"

We really should be pointing out fingers at Obumbles and laughing our asses off. The only transparency that this moron has is HIMSELF! He cancels the rogue agency's (EPA) attempt to impose a Cass Sunstein regulation that would hurt Americans because it is an election year. Rest assured folks, if this traitor gets reelected, THIS WILL HAPPEN! Our taxes will go up. And Obama's vacation schedule will go through the roof! haha.

Lastly on the Hopey/Changey agenda...

10.  Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes

11.  REPORT: WH received emails about Fast and Furious...

Can we PLEASE, FINALLY!, IMPEACH Comrade Oblowme, Eric "racist bastard" Holder, Janet Incompetano, and then just work our way down?


  1. This asshole definitely has the Crapper Touch,no question.

  2. Gunny,

    I'm with you on impeachment, but it won't work. Remember Bawdy Bill Clinton the pathological liar? Though he was guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, the Traitor Party (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) failed to convict Clinton in the Senate.

    We would get the same result now - the House could pass the articles of impeachment but there is no way the Senate could deliver a 2/3 majority vote to convict. The Traitor Party doesn't have that kind of honor - plus it would indite all Democrats in Obama's crimes as co-conspirators.

  3. CS is right.

    We're going to be stuck with every America-killing idea this clown craps out.

    Here's a prediction for you Gunny, when he's certain he won't be winning in November, look for him to try and ram through every moonbat idea he can think of before he leaves with the silverware.

  4. Would the POTUS not be subject to a Writ of Mandamus ordering him to do his sworn duties?
    What about Holder or any/all of the political hacks?
    These asshole jerks TOOK AN OATH to uphold the constitution and laws of the USA.
    That they don't seems grounds for a mandamus to me.

  5. Buck,

    I think that the only appropriate remedy is impeachment as Gunny states - what the Founding Fathers never could have foreseen was a party completely lacking in principle and honor. So though the Constitution has a remedy - Democrats could and undoubtedly would block conviction.

    Of course if Obama was impeached and then convicted - that would mean that Joe Biden would advance to the Oval office - would that really be better?

    I'm not a legal expert by any stretch - but the only court that could support a Writ of Mandamus against the President is the Supreme Court and look how long it is taking to get a ruling on Obamacare with more than half of the States in two different legal cases pushing for it.

    I'm afraid that we are just going to have to tough this one out.