Tuesday, September 13, 2011


"all that fuss for a flag?" This is what Moochelle Obummer appears to be saying and of course, the Kenyan Usurper nods his nasty head in approval. Watch it and see for yourself.

What a disgusting pair these two vermin are and the sooner they are booted out of the White House, the better.

Yeah Moochelle, all of that fuss IS for folding a flag that means MUCH to those of us who have served this nation and who love this nation BEFORE you and the asshat tried to do your "fundamental change" to the USA.

Folks, this SHOULD piss you off that the two clowns who are supposed to SET THE EXAMPLE for the rest of the nation care so little for the symbol of our nation. Comrade Odork is a destroyer with a deep seated hatred for America. What more can you expect from someone raised in a hatred of America household, reeking of liberalism ,communism, and radicalism? All topped with twenty years in Wright's Church of Hate Whitey and the USA? Odork held his hands over his nasty little crotch during the National Anthem so the disrespect for our nation and the traditions therein is a given. The Left HATES this nation and always has. Quite clearly, Moochelle the Moocher would rather be pissing our tax dollars away on another vacation, with 40 or 50 of her freeloading liberal friends than paying tribute to the fallen at Ground Zero.

Maybe Odork would be more in tune with hearing the Kenyan national song and Moochelle with hearing the Internationale played.

2012 cannot come fast enough, that is, if we even HAVE an election.

The New Yorker had it right in July 2008.

(hat tip Captain F, USMC)


  1. My answer to Big Butt (i.e., the First Wookie) would be, "Damn straight, b*tch, all that fuss for the flag. And the reason for all that fuss is that the flag represents all of us. From Medal of Honor receipients to those average citizens who get the job done, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE."

    The elections in 2012 cannot come fast enough for this Mississippian.

  2. o ball less and that pile of elephant dung completely dishonored the fallen of 911. he should stayed home and played with his putter,at least that would have been honorable.

  3. Gray Ghost,

    I have raised the flag on 5 out of 7 continents and STILL love seeing Old Glory going up She belongs.

    Countless Americans have shed blood under the flag and for these two diaper stains to disrespect it is disgusting. I would spit on the both of them if I could.

  4. Dong_ha68,

    Leatherneck, I could not agree more. Piss on the both of them AND all of their followers.

  5. Moosechelle to DingleBarry; "This awwwl be ovah soon Boo,ya know what I sayin...?"Moosechelle to DingleBarry; "This awwwl be ovah soon Boo,ya know what I sayin...?"

  6. I had to play it several times and still didn't get all she said but I did get "...folding the flag."
    The ignorant...scratch that...Stupid bitch lives in the White House, is First Lady and she doesn't know the solemn ceremony of folding the flag?
    For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of the First Lady.
    And I thought Eleanor Roosevelt was bad....

  7. Buck,

    These two scumbags are as anti-American as it comes.

    You'll LOVE what hits the ALZ tonight around midnight.

  8. I hate the Wookie more right now than before I saw that disgusting display of patriotism - for Venezulua.

    What a bitch.

  9. Gunny,

    "all that fuss over a flag". Are your shitting me!!!!!!!!

    Good God, when do we finally get rid of the American imposters? January 2013 can't come fast enough.
    Btw, thanks assholes for voting this asshat in office... happy now?

  10. "All that fuss for a flag"? FUCKIN A,IDIOTESS.
    Study some damned HISTORY,biotch.Just when you think these two cannot be dumber.Along with the absolutely PUTRID staffs full of imbeciles.

  11. Gunny,

    In late February, '91, against orders, over 40 American flags appeared in Alpha Company, 1/8 as Colin "the Cowardly JCS" Powell called endex on Saddam Hussein. Nearly all of us had one in our asspacks to raise over Baghdad. To this day I am disgusted with affirmative action General Powell over not going to Baghdad in '91.

    Obama has to be impeached.