Thursday, September 8, 2011


The Gunny can smell the desperation of the Left as they now see the results of 4 YEARS of a Democrat-controlled Congress/Senate, combined with two years of Sir Golfsalot’s misrule in DC, coming unglued, with the full knowledge that the GOP OWNS the Congress, WILL own the Senate, and WILL win the White House in 2012. ObamaKare, Cass Sunstein’s massive amount of illegal regulations signed into law (bypassing Congress), by Sir Golfsalot’s equally massive Executive Orders, and all of the petty crap that this regime has foisted on America WILL BE dismantled and done away with, thus priming the pump for America’s economy to take off…in the RIGHT direction this time!

Moreover, the Left KNOWS that the angst against them has raised in direct proportion to Obama’s falling approval ratings and the political disinterest against them for the next 20 years WILL BE against them. For example, Sir Golfsalot yammers about the same thing over and over and over in his speeches that no one listens to anymore, other than the asskissers in the Liberal Lapdog Media, hoping that a miracle will happen and jobs arise from the dead, like Democrat voters on election day, but as they say in New York City, FUGEDABOUTIT! The Democrat’s projected (as usual) when they tried to label the GOP as the Party of No but the American voters are on to them this time, realizing that the Democrats OWNED Congress and the Senate for FOUR YEARS and did nothing but screw up the nation! This is why they are currently trying to create as much chaos into the national scene as to cloak all of their ideological failures, from January 2007 to January 2011!

Here is the crux of the issue. One, the Left installed two of the dumbest SOBs ever as leaders of the Congress and the Senate, one Nutty Pelosi and one Dingy Reid aka Elmer Fudd. They goose-stepped their agenda forward like the good little Nanny State Marxists they are, heedless that a majority of Americans (anyone NOT a liberal moron) DO NOT like to be shoved and DO NOT like to be told how to live their lives. This put them into a flameout and a flat spin as Americans FINALLY realized that the Democrats really ARE the domestic terrorists, bombing the economy like William Ayers (Obama’s buddy) bombed the Pentagon! They dropped Marxism on America and that not only ran the Federal government in unconstitutional waters and up on the reef of illegality but it added 4 TRILLION dollars to the debt AND ignored the American people’s dislike of ObummerKare! The fact that Sir Golfsalot is an idiotic apologist, narcissist, and hard left ideologue merely sealed the deal.

We the People retaliated by cleaning house on November 2nd, 2010, literally from top to bottom and even under the rug, booting out Democrats who were dug in tighter than a pubic louse!

Here is the crux of the issue, part two. The Democrat Party’s agenda, their overt corruption, their fascist actions (Operation fast and Furious), and their Keynesian (EPIC FAIL) beliefs are not, and never have been, in with Americans, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or our history! The Left believes that the government can do whatever it wants to, i.e., "The federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country," Pete "nutbag" Stark, and Pete is not the only liberal saying crap like that and it serves to piss us off even more. Note to Libs, WE ARE A REPUBLIC. Thus, the government is LIMITED by the Constitution and the specific enumeration of powers contained in that document. When the Dems forced Obummerkare down our throats that was their death knell. One does not piss down the backs of 75% of the population and tell them its raining, without a massive backlash. Thanks for joining the few of us that have been fighting the Left for decades y’all, better late than never huh?

Now a normal person, when they get an asskicking, usually does a little bit of introspection to find out if they deserved it and why but not the Left, nope. They are literally doubling-down on their failed ideology, firm in the belief that THEY ARE RIGHT and the rest of the nation is wrong. Case-in-point: Libs lose BIG in Wisconsin union-wise so that do they do in Washington state? Why, have unions seize a port and hold guards hostage (and Holder’s DOJ does nothing about it, as usual). Yeah, THAT will win America’s support for unions. Better yet, not only do they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar with Operation Fast and Furious (backdoor gun control) but when a leftist nut shoots a Congresswoman in Tucson, they not only try to blame the Right but the leftist Sheriff tries to cover it all up with excuse after excuse! (He sounded like a Sir Golfsalot speech!)

The Left plays the only card in their deck, the race card, and they’ve done it so often that Americans are FINALLY fighting back and telling them to shove it and affirmative action (the result of THAT is Sir Golfsalot) up where the sun don’t shine even as the TEA Party clamors for LtCol Allen West to run! THAT really has to hurt huh Lefties? The funny thing is that the racism and the violence comes from the Left and always has, and Americans are on to that as well! We have seen the SEIU beat up a black Conservative and unions using children as props in Wisconsin for the Teacher’s Union, yet 66% of Wisconsin’s 8th graders can barely read or write! So the Left backpedals, changes the subject, tosses out red herrings, cries hate and racism, and employs violence (covered up by a complicit Liberal Lapdog Media), all to try to hold onto their power, to no avail. The facts clearly show that Democrats are against the best interests of America and Americans and if one researches our history, they always HAVE BEEN but now the Silent Majority is awake and no longer silent.

In conclusion, the Democrats have pissed on the Constitution so long that they actually believe that they can do whatever they want to i.e., Maxine Waters and the nationalization of the oil companies and that they alone can decide the winners and losers through the redistribution of Other People’s money through excessive and irrational taxation almost without any representation! This then is the desperation of the Left as they KNOW that their last days are upon them. They will join the Bull Moose Party of Progressives in the sh*tcan where they belong and the survivors will go underground, like Leftists are wont to do, until they can reinvent themselves in the future and Americans go back to sleep. But until they can reemerge from under the rocks, America WILL be put back on the RIGHT track, our Republic WILL be restored, and the Federal Government reduced and the 10th Amendment embraced again. Indeed, as Europe descends into violence and unrest, a stable America will reap the benefit as money and jobs move BACK here with adult leadership back in the White House. DO NOT BET AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

The Gunny, along with many others (BrianR for one) said that electing a hard left clown like Obama vice a soft lefty like McLame, would bring about the downfall of the Left and here we are, almost three years later, with the Dems in a freefall into a Hell of their own making, blaming everyone but themselves, ignoring the facts, ignoring the will of the people, and basically doing an psychotic Olbermann rant 24/7. As the fade away into obscurity, let us wish them a Bon Voyage. A. M. F.

1.  Fed court tosses out 2 challenges to Obamacare. The PERFECT example of the above essay is that the panel consisted of THREE Democrat appointed judges and TWO OF THOSE were appointed guessed it. Sir Golfsalot.

Democrat rule by activist judges. When do we get the tar and feathers ready? 


  1. I'll pop a cork when liberalism hits the ash heap of history, like communism, fascism, etc.

  2. But communism and fascism aren't on that ash heap yet. They are alive and well...under new names of course.

  3. Excellent observations Gunny!!
    Kudos we much,:-)

  4. Craw,

    Exactly right and that is how the Left always does it. From commie to progressive to liberal to progressive to democrat...

    But the point here is that we're awake and aware and unlikely to go back to sleep again.

  5. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos and as Al Sharpton says, "resist we much!"

  6. They are akin to a person addicted to gambling.
    They will spend every last cent in the treasury believing, "..just a little more and we will succeed..."
    Kinda the same thing.

  7. Great post Gunny. I would like every liberal to be shipped off to Siberia. See how they like that one!

  8. They are idiots one and all. That old saying about fish goes give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish and the Fed will step in take all of your fish, close the lake, fine you for catching an endangered fish, fine you for teaching fishing without a permit, and then give you back half of one fish at twice the price of the original fish.
    They will however give your neighbor three fish for everyone in the house that doesn't work, give them a job swatting mosquitoes for the fishermen, and say it is all in the name of fairness.
    Lefties are a bunch of dumbmasses that think they know everything. Damn I thought only my wife knew everything.

    " I will gladly go to war with my government to save my country"

    Hell I love fishing but think I'll call it quits for this year.