Thursday, September 8, 2011


Perry did a great job for the most part in the debate and the Gunny LOVED it when he went off on the libclown over Perry's book that calls Social Security exactly what it is, a PONZI SCAM!

But better yet, Bolton unloads both barrels on the Obama Regime's foreign policy.

EXCERPT: "Like Obama’s presidency generally, his national-security flaws combine ideology, naïveté, weakness, lack of leadership, intellectual laziness, and a near-religious faith in negotiation for its own sake."


EXCERPT: "So what emerges from a president who is basically uninterested in foreign affairs, who doesn’t see our manifold threats and challenges as worthy of presidential time and energy, who repeatedly stresses devotion to negotiations that are divorced from their substantive outcome, and who believes that multilateral fora rather than American resolve and power can address foreign problems? The now-indisputable answer is a failing, collapsing U.S. foreign policy."


EXCERPT: "Obama has acted as though the gravest threat there to American interests and international peace and security is Israeli housing construction in the suburbs of Jerusalem."

KA-BOOM! Bolton drops the hammer on Obummer's pointy head. Perry takes it to the libtard lapdog media! The Gunny loves it. They are writing the playbook on how to deal with the liberal idiots in our nation.

Perry/Bolton 2012? So far the Gunny is down with it.



  1. I'm from Texas and I'm still not sold on Perry.

    I want to hear him declare his stand on illegal immigrants and border security before I go overboard.

    So far he hasn't impressed me on either case.

  2. Buck,

    I hear you on that but he's the closest so far to addressing what needs to be said. Calling Social Security a Ponzi Scam AND having a plan to address the issue? The guy executes Mexican criminals on Texas Death Row in the face of the UN, Oblowme, and the Mexican Gov't. He takes the fight TO the Left!

    I'm liking him more and more!

  3. Hell,I'd take Bolton at the top. Perry is OK,but I'm with Buck.

  4. Clyde,

    Agreed but if you look at it from a total picture standpoint, he's the best so far and that simply because Santorum ain't getting the play he should.

    There are no perfect candidates but Perry's overall record is pretty good PLUS the Bush RINOs DO NOT LIKE HIM!

  5. Gunny,

    I've been preaching the Perry/Bolton ticket since before Perry put his hat in the ring. I'm on board with you.

    Can't you see all those petty dictators around the world cowering with Bolton as VP? Particularly working for a guy whose policy is "you kill one of us, we kill you back."

  6. Gunny,

    I'm with you. After last night's debate I found myself interested in Rick Perry. Your scenario would be good.

  7. Gunny,
    like the new wallpaper. I happen to be reading Sledgehammer's book right now.

  8. The more I see and learn about Perry the more I like him. He seems to have the nads to say the truth like it or not.

    The screams from the left and the establishment GOP pushes me to support him. The enemy always will tell you who they fear the most.

    If he comes out against Illegals then he has my support. After almost 3 decades in public service he is bound to have some warts.

  9. Gunny:
    Don't go for that old hackneyed, "..he's the best so far.." bullshit.
    That was the argument for voting for McCain.
    Hell, ANYBODY not in jail would come in as, "the best so far" when put up against Zero.

  10. Now that's an interesting ticket to contemplate, GunnyG. I have always liked Bolton. You may not agree, but he reminds me a bit of Jeanne Kirkpatrick.

    I will have to thunk on this a little more.

  11. I'm with the other guys. Perry doesn't have a good record on illegal aliens. None of the candidates, including Perry, ruled out amnesty when that Telemundo jackass was bleating his questions, though Bachmann has said there'll be no amnesty on her watch.

    As to Bolton: he's not even running for anything. Where does anyone get the idea he's going to be anywhere on the GOP ticket?

    Hell, I'd love to see Rubio on the ticket, but that's meaningless since he's already ruled it out. But here's my dream ticket: Rubio/Jindal. But it doesn't mean anything since it's not gonna happen.

  12. Buck,

    I hear you. I'm not buying into ANYTHING yet but I AM looking at it like Ronaldus Magnus would, in that he said if he got get 70% of what he wanted, he'd go for it.

    Perry ain't perfect and I WISH someone would step forward and full-on attack the illegals but it ain't gonna happen, yet.

    Can I get behind a guy who full on attacks the Left and a sacred cash cow like Social Security? I'm leaning that way.

  13. Brian,

    Rubio rocks as does Jindal but they ain't in it.

    No, Bolton ain't said it but I would like to see someone tap him as VEEP. Always liked Bolton and his straight shooting.

  14. Craw,

    Check out Bill Sloan's book on Peleiu. Chilling.

  15. Well, I think the odds are very much against it. People don't get "tapped" for that office who don't have any elective political experience.

    The VP slot is used by the top candidate to shore up areas where he might be weak; think McCain/Palin.

    JFK tapped LBJ to shore up his support in the south. Reagan tapped Bush as a sop to the country-clubbers. I have no idea why Bush 1 tapped Quayle. Clinton tapped Gore to appease the NE lefties. Bush tapped Cheney to counter against the perception that he was an intellectual lightweight.

    Obama tapped Biden because Obama doesn't have the sense God gave horseflies.

    But what would Bolton bring to the table? He's barely a blip on anyone's radar.

  16. Gunny and friends,

    We are working through a process and it worries me. McCain was number 12 of 12 on my dance card when the process started over 4 years ago. Even though he had statistically won by the time of the Virginia primary I still voted for Huckabee. McCain wasn't the party's choice - he was the last man standing.

    I don't want that to happen again. My nightmare scenario is that too many conservatives stay in for too long keeping that vote split and letting Romney drive right up the middle to steal this thing.

    Like Gunny points out none of us are going to agree with any candidate all of the time. As Buck points out, you can't vote for someone who isn't in the race.

    I looked at the eight people on that stage during that debate and I can't for the life of me figure out why half of them are still playing the game. But there was only one that I trusted, believed in, and thought could win - Rick Perry.

    I don't hold it against anyone who is still on the fence - but we can't afford to screw around too much longer.

  17. Gunny,

    I like Bolton, but probably more a SecState.


    Bolton would KILL Gaffs Biden in a debate.