Monday, September 5, 2011


How many lies will Obama be allowed to yammer until Americans not longer tolerate it? Back in 1979, to a stunned American populace, KGB Karter turned Iran over to the Islamofascists as he betrayed a long-term US ally, the Shah. The first step in Qutb’s tome, "Milestones,"was achieved with the help of Jimmy the Dhimmi. So Hitlery Klintoon, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power (Ms Cass Sunstein) START a war in Libya, Obama bypasses Congress, violated the War Powers Act of 1973, lies about us having "boots on the ground," and then tries to spin a tale that the Libyan rebels are the best thing since sliced bread, they’ll be our buddies, etc. Of course we on the Right knew that Obama was full of crap and that Joe Wilson was right all along! Obama crows about spreaing Democracy in Egypt and Libya but in reality, he is creating hardcore Sharia states. Well done moron.

EXCERPT: "Jihadists among the Libyan rebels revealed plans last week on the Internet to subvert the post-Moammar Gadhafi government and create an Islamist state, according to U.S. intelligence agencies. U.S. officials said spy agencies are stepping up surveillance of Islamist-oriented elements among Libyan rebels. A government report circulated Tuesday said extremists were observed "strategizing" on Internet forums about how to set up an Islamist state in Libya after the regime of Col. Gadhafi is defeated. "Several forum participants have suggested that, following a transitional stage, the battle should turn against secularist rebels and members of the [rebels’] Transitional National Council," the unclassified report stated.

EXCERPT: "A defense official familiar with jihadist strategy said Islamists likely will emerge in power from the turmoil expected after the demise of the Gadhafi regime and the West will be partly to blame. "We’re helping pave the way for them" through NATO airstrikes and other support, he said. About 1,000 jihadists are operating covertly in Libya, Noman Benotman, a former Libyan al Qaeda member, told The Washington Times in March. According to a translation of the forum exchanges, Libyan Islamists view the fall of Tripoli to rebels as the initial phase of a battle to take over the country."

The Arab spring is turning into the Arab nightmare for everyone with a working brain although Obama's agenda to surround Israel with enemies is working well. Fairly simple to see his agenda because he hates Israel, as does Hitlery, Susan Rice, and of course, the raging anti-semite, Samantha Power (Ms Cass Sunstein). Maybe they'll be satisfied after a few nukes get popped and a few thousand people reach the temperature of the sun.

This is what happens when morons without a shred of experience or brains are put in charge and again confirm the validity of "The Peter Principle."


  1. if it walks like a duck if it quacks like a duck it is a duck.obama is a muslim i would bet the bank
    rebel with a cause

  2. Never thought Carter was this stupid. Seems to me he didn't lie as much,either. Agree with you that BiBi will be needing to use a few "hotdog warmers".

  3. Gunny,
    Great post!
    Wait until the dust settles, (if it ever does) and we see the horrors that will happen because of this president's trying to be a big shot.
    And I wonder if the blacks will hear about the rebels arresting the black Africans that were in the country working the crops. Thrown in prisons in the sun. Yep, great moment of glory for a little bitty man.

  4. Gunny,
    "a few thousand people reach the temperature of the sun"... At that point the asshats will once again claim "unintended/unforseen circumstances" for public consumption.

    Any of us that have been paying attention knew in advance that this whole Arab Spring bullshit was just that. This will not turn out well.

  5. The Anointed One was out here in Detroit spouting his usual nonsense to the zombified minions of the unions. Not that it's a big surprise, Hoffa was out firing them up, talking about going to war against the right and "taking out those sons a bitches" of the Tea Party. Even less surprising is that Mr. "New Tone" Obummer had no problem coming out to do his speech immediately after, without condemning anything that was said before.

    Love how that whole reduced rhetoric thing has never been a two way street. The hypocrisy is only magnified when you consider the fact that the unions continue to show that they have no problem with crossing the line from rhetoric to physical violence.

    And I have no doubt that this will be completely ignored in the lamestream, kinda like some of the sewage pouring from the mouths of the CBC robots.

  6. clyde,

    KGB Karter was and still is, an idiot.

  7. Nanna,

    Liberals never learn. It'll be a repeat of the killing fields combined with the UN sex slave trade in the Sudan.

  8. GVii,

    I saw all of that crap. I wish they'd stop talking about it and start getting busy with it. All they have is bullshit.

  9. You KNOW the islamists are going to end up in power.
    That is an area of 6th Century minds with 20th Century swords.
    Those backward people have nothing else.
    No cars.
    No electricity.
    No running water.
    And look at their women.
    No wonder they prefer little boys.
    Or donkeys.
    The only thing they have is their "religion" and they are so ignorant they will follow the orders from anyone they call imam or whatever.
    Remember whey the Iranian Kotallah (or whatever you call him) who overthrew the shah died. There were pizignorant arabs actually laying on his coffin because they wanted to be buried alive with him.
    THAT's the mentality you are facing.