Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Y'all ever see "dumbass on display?" You know, the soon-to-be Darwin Awardee playing mumblepeg with a machete or another idiot doing something stupid with a two-stepper (poisonous snake) that you just have to stand back and say, "watch this sh*t."

Well, Obama put "dumbass on display" when he posed with a bunch of other One World Marxists from the UN's Open Government Partnership...

Nothing like waving to the crowd like some dumbass clown.
Maybe someone yelled out,

"Who thought Solyndra was a good investment!?"

The Gunny is surprised that PMSNBC has not managed to lose this photo of their messiah putting his, "dumbass on display."


Obama is lost without a teleprompter or David Axleroid
to wipe his ass for him.


  1. How about, "who thinks I deserve a second term?"

  2. or how about, "who thinks that I am not a schmuck?"

  3. A real asshats gallery there,Guns.Hang that picture out behind the barn to scare off the damned rats.

  4. Yeah. Class act class picture. I'll bet the guy standing behind Zero's hand is happy to take the picture home, frame it and hang it in his office so everyone can "see" him standing beside the dumbest "leader" in the world.

  5. No its so their happy BECAUSE no one can see him beside this clusterfuck of a person. Hey Gunny tell your nieces and nephews to go do something else....

    Ok buff time for you to get em out tha room I just reported to ATACKWATCHHHHHHH that I heard the best part of him ran down his Kenyan )or whatever the hell the b!#%h was) mothers leg

  6. nifty new blog to follow! Right on the money with that after action review of Obama. He's so screwed up that he'd trade the car for gas money.

  7. Gawd, that 2nd pic has Moochelle looking more like an ape than any other I've seen. Expression: check. Posture: check. Fashion sense: check.

  8. Is it just me Gunny, or is our "Fearless Leader" like one of those idiots we all knew in high school who liked to hold up their fingers (in imitation of Bugs Bunny ears) behind the head of the person next to them?

    Most of the time, these same idiots got their butts whipped on a weekly basis. Perhaps that is what is wrong with O'Vomit?

    BTW, if I were the person whose face is blocked by O'Vomit, I would probably be glad. It would mean that most of the world would not recognise me as the person to O'Vomit's right.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    At this point I would say that nearly everyone is to the right of Obama.