Thursday, September 29, 2011


EXCERPT: "With homosexuals now able to serve openly in the military, the gay rights movement’s next battleground is to persuade the Obama administration to end the armed forces’ ban on "transgenders," a group that includes transsexuals and cross-dressers. "Our position is that the military should re-examine the policy, the medical regulations, so as to allow open service for transgender people," said Vincent Paolo Villano, spokesman for the 6,000-member Center for Transgender Equality. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), which pushed to end the military’s gay ban, is urging President Obama to sign an executive order prohibiting discrimination based on "gender identity."
WHAT in the name of Crom, Lir, and Manannan can you say about such stupidity? The Gunny SAID that this was their next step because "incrementalism" is EXACTLY what these vermin are all about. These morons actually want transsexuals and crossdressers IN THE MILITARY! How can you address the absolute lunancy of such an idea? Our enemies must be laughing their asses off over this.

If the military allows this to happen, if the Joint Chiefs of Staff bend over and take this up the tailpipe, if all of the senior officers in the US Military TAKE THIS SH*T instead of resigning EN MASSE, then we're screwed. Once again, these idiots want to put the most diseased members (mentally and physically) of society in with the most healthy (mentally and physically) of our society, in a grand social experiment. The problems that this crap would usher in, is mind-numbing and only a stupid liberal could understand it.

The Gunny knows one thing is certain and that is, if the military knuckles under to this bullsh*t, four generations of his family serving America will end.



  1. They are trying to tear down all the pillars of our society so we can all be one oozing sickeningly sweet mass of goo. Then who will defend the country against the highly trained Chinese forces or North Korean forces who have no interest in political correctness. We are going down unless we can kick the liberal creeps out asap. I think the Military leadership needs to take a stand or its over.