Thursday, September 22, 2011


Get this, a stupid commie hag is going to run against RINO Scott Brown in Taxachusetts. One might think this pig will get blown out but then again, they keep foisting Bonnie Fwank the Banking Queen, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, and Dead Ted DRUNKennedy on the nation for decades.

One question remains to be answered however:

"WHY do liberal women ALWAYS resemble the south end of a north bound skunk?

The citizens of Taxachusetts are getting the government they deserve (Deval Patrick for one) but PLEASE stop foisting your dogsh*t idiots on the rest of us. PLEASE!


  1. She's at LEAST as cute as Hitlery. I'd say you're being awful hard on skunks, too.

  2. Maybe they turn to Marxist inspired politics as (a) a diversion from their homeliness;
    (b) in order to pal with other homely women; or
    (c) because all the good looking women are conservatives.
    well....most conservative women are comely lasses.

  3. I do not much care WHAT she looks like,it is her IDEAS that smell like the business end of said skunk. That being said,I wouldn't f&@k her with YOUR d1(k.BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Yes Gunny...why so hard on skunks?

  5. I'd hit it...

    in the face with the butt of my rifle.

  6. Gunny, saw that video of her screeching and spewing (nails on a chalk board) her disdain for success and personal property. A complete and total communist Hag!! They have never been so publicly open with their Hate of success and the core values of our country. Surely even the people of Mass. will not put this communist Hag in the U.S. Senate. This literally makes me want to hurl. Words can not begin to describe my disgust for all of these asshats who lie, cheat, and steel not to mention fanning the flames of class and race warfare in their effort to take this country down and enslave us all (shared misery and poverty). We will not go their way, Ever...stock up and be prepared...we Will save and restore this Great Country!! Oh, by the by, you know this Hag must break a lot of mirrors ... God Bless America

  7. Never underestimate the stupidity of the people of Massacusetts, particularly Boston.

    That said, zero has hurt that state as well. The special election of Scott Brown was a slap at zero. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets slapped again.

    Remember, Bawney Fwank just barely made it last time.

    Warren just may be the best advertisement for Brown.

  8. Let's look at part of Elizabeth Warren's comments: "You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory."


    Because that is exactly what Ms. Warren is saying (via a freudian slip). She wants the government to become "a marauding band". She wants the government to come your factory and seize everything they can get their hands on.

    Piss on her. The time is coming when we are going to have to draw a "line in the sand", say no more, and start shooting. I just pray that the government holds it down until November of 2012. Because this could get bloody in a hurry.

  9. In her tirade, she fails to note that the "rich" are also paying for the roads, teachers, and police through THEIR taxes.

  10. Buck,

    HAHA! I have a liberal aunt who is butt-ass ugly. It must be the ugliness of liberalism oozing out over time.

  11. TexMan,

    Having a commie in the White House has encouraged them to no end. Good post.

  12. Hardnox,

    I NEVER underestimate to stupidity of people in Blue States! Their states suck yet they vote the idiots in again and again.

  13. Gray Ghost,

    I am convinced that if we lose in 2012, it'll be a shooting war soon after.

  14. Pack Rat,

    Libs NEVER let FACTS get in the way of a good slogan!

  15. These Lib chicks are done for once they are placed in the academic Marxo-grinder. They never produce an original thought or a useful product..but the feministas tell them that they are the greatest thing since Jane Fonda.

  16. Gunny
    For the life of me I cannot figure out the ONE comely lass on the left i.e. Kirsten something or other on Fox... Powers, I think.
    The anomaly.

  17. She's another product of our wonderful Liberal Universities. Stupid because she believed everything the commies there taught her and is now an advocate of the same. Sheep following the friggin red commie sheperd. Ugly because she's constantly eating muff from another ugly bitch.