Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Obama is an absolute failure and what makes it even funnier is WHO are they gonna get to replace the Serial Narcissist (like he would step down anyway)? Hitlery Klintoon? One of the hags who started the war in Libya, which was only going to last a few days, and now drags on, with NATO getting their asses kicked? Nader? Hanoi John Fonda Kerry? Maybe they can draft Ron Paul who yapped that he'd put the Mad Dwarf Kucinich in his cabinet; he's nutty enough to fit in with the DemoNuts. 

Obama = President Zero

The Gunny prefers President Vacation.

GO RICK GO! Keep GUTPUNCHING the Leftist enemies of the Republic where it hurts...
THEIR ignorant useless teleprompter-reading messiah.


  1. talk about a left hook to the face!! awesome video and one that puts steel on target.

  2. THIS is what the REST of the goddamn GOP NEEDS to frigging learn.We DO NOT want to pussy-foot around with these cocksuckers,nor get along with them.We want them EXPOSED for all the idiotic crap they've done,or are trying to do,and DEFEAT their sorry asses resoundingly. Put the onus SQUARELY on the damned BECS shoulders. Good shit.

  3. when I played it during break time tonight, my co-worker immediately had me forward it to him...which I did using the ALZ address instead of the embedded video address.

    Hard hitting, factual, using his own words against him, then giving some inspiration for the future. Well done sayeth the son of an old ad exec who used my feedback often.

  4. A lot of the same folks who voted for Zero because he was a negro also voted in the primaries for Hillary because she was a woman.
    Just because they have been shown to be a bunch of fools once doesn't faze them.
    If Hillary runs again they will vote for her again.

    For the same damn reason.

  5. It's a pretty good political statement. But like all Perry's other political statements he doesn't say anything about illegal immigration.
    The debate is tonight and if it isn't brought up this time....

  6. Towerclimber,

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. I agree.

  7. Craw,

    Thanks for forwarding it. I WILL NOT vote for Romney for any reason whatsoever for he is BARELY better than McLame.

  8. Buck,

    Indeed. Libs will ALWAYS vote for libs NO MATTER what.

    If it comes down to Romney or Perry, I'm sticking with Perry, even if he does not address illegals. I heard NOTHING from McLame that I had anything in common with but Perry is hitting about 80% so far. If he does address illegals, that would put him at 100% with me.

    Romney is just a POS RINO.

  9. Gunny, in your reply to Buck you said, "Libs will ALWAYS vote for libs NO MATTER what."

    I agree, with one exception: If the Libs are too demoralized to vote at all. And that is what we have to do. Keep the Libs so demoralized that they don't vote at all.

    If the Democrats force O'Vomit to step down, great! Then 25% of the Democrat base (i.e., the Blacks) perhaps will not vote at all.

    If O'Vomit runs for a 2nd term, great! The Democrats lose the moderates and some of their own Liberals who are not brain dead.

    We as Conservatives must keep up "pounding" the internet with data concerning the most corrupt administration in US history. We MUST keep the Liberals and the Democrats too demoralized to do anything but cry in their beer.

    (As for Perry, I am like you Gunny. I want to see him address illegal immigration. So far, I like what I see.)

  10. Gray Ghost,

    I post everything I can about this corrupt regime simply because much of it will disappear down the Libstream Media's memory hole.

    And when Perry is elected POTUS, I will be holding THEM accountable as well! We HAVE to distance ourselves from the Left through honesty, morality, and ethics.

  11. Gunny, is this Great stuff or what? The beautiful thing is these are facts (not that it matters to liberals) and the O's own words. This type of adds should be a constant for the rest of the campaign. Perry has a few flaws bit being from the Great State of Texas I can tell you that the good far outweighs the bad. He would be much better for this country than the O or any other critter with a D behind their name!!! We need to hit hard, fast, and often....God Bless the United States of America

  12. TexMan,

    I could not agree more. Yes, he IS flawed but the BIG picture of Perry is what I am looking at. Can we get him into the Oval Office and then work the system to get what we want, i.e., illegals OUT of America? Possibly. With a GOP majority in the House and Senate, Perry could seriously help this nation get back to where we need to be.

    I LOVE his stance on state's rights.

  13. Gunny,

    Of course Perry is flawed, but tactically, we have to take Hill 187 to have fire superiority when we try to take Hill 421. In other words, we need to set up the board before we move in to checkmate. I'm willing to wait on the illegal issue if we can do anything about this shitty economy. Lord knows Obama ain't fixing shit.

  14. Gunny, absolutely I believe with control of the House and the Senate, with Perry in the WH we indeed be able to work the system to address our priorities. A return to conservative, constitutional values...freedom, liberty, and personal accountability and responsibility...deportation of illegals, securing our the boundaries of the federal gov.(getting them the hell out of our buisness) and returning control to the "people" through the election of folks that will use the Condition as the guiding document and supreme law of the land, not as a liner for the bottom of some bird cage, as all progs seem to do (Godless heathens). Sorry for the rant...a long way to go to say that Perry and Republican control of the House and Senate could be a Great start in an effort to put our country back on the "right" track. Also, I imagine a fairly quick turn around of the economy under these circumstances. Enough for now and again sorry for the rant... God Bless the United States of America