Saturday, September 17, 2011


ninnyhammer, more concerned with social justice than national defense but then the Gunny is being redundant.

The liberals whine about 9/11 being Bush 43's fault, oh boo-hoo-hoo, overlooking the numerous acts of terrorism AGAINST the USA on BJ Bubba Clinton's watch. But in taking the fight to the enemy and sending those nabbed alive to Gitmo (now renamed Club Gitmo under this regime's rule) to get a little face time with a towel and some fizzy water, maybe a little "alone" time, or jamming with some Motorhead at a high volume (heh heh heh) in their cell, we were safe for 8 years.

But enter the p*ssy manchild the liberals selected to be their messiah and our enemies smelled out a weakling.

1. Binghamton, NY, May 09, Taliban claims responsibility for shooting massacre.

2. Bronx, NY, May 09, Four arrested in a plot to bomb synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down airplanes.

3. Little Rock, Ark, June 09, Shooting at military recruiting center by Muslim.

4. NY and Colorado, Sept 09, Three men were arrested and charged on terrorism charges. The three men are Najibullah Zazi, 24; his father Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53; and Ahmad Wais Afzali, 37. Zazi had connections to high levels of al Qaeda.

5. Dallas, Texas, Sept 09, A 19-year-old Jordanian man, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested on charges he intended to bomb a downtown Dallas skyscraper. Smadi placed what he believed to be a car bomb outside the 60-story Fountain Place office tower, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas.

6. Fort Hood, Texas, Nov 09, Former Obama religious advisor Major Hasan murdered 13 service men and women and wounded over 40 others in Fort Hood shooting. He still has not gone to trial. Hasan has been linked to al-Qaeda.

7. Detroit, Michigan, Dec 09, Northwest 253 passengers thwart Detroit terror attack.

8. May 1, 2010, New York City, New York’s Times Square was evacuated after the discovery of a car bomb. Bloomberg tried to blame it on the Tea Party/Right-wing but it turns out to be a Muslim.

9. November 2010, attack by the Christmas tree bomber. Mohamed Osman Mohamud is accused of plotting to bomb a Portland, Ore., Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

10. Frankfort, Germany, March 2011, Islamist terrorists attacked a civilian airport killing two US Airman.

And since 9/11, how has the religion of peace fared? Why, just 17,751 documented terror attacks since then.

With Democrats in charge, America has EVERYTHING to fear, from without as well as within.


  1. Strength and power is all the 6th century minds respect. NOT love and flowers. The libs can't figure that out.
    And they can't figure out it's harder to re-establish respect.
    Now we probably will have to turn some asshat shithole country into a glass parking lot before the dumbasses sit up and take notice.

  2. Most especially from within as long as foghornobastardobamster still breathes, totus air that is now boy.
    hasan will never go to court as long as "I cant prosecute my people holder" works for the osamaone who also said of Rev. Wright, 'I am fortified by him, he is like family to me. I could no more disown Rev. Wright than I could the black community.
    Like clintinione nothing will be done to retaliate against these vermin opening the door for more of the same until the mussys get another big hit on us courtesy of the new black panther mussys in office.

  3. The guy is unbelievable. The American Nero, with a teleprompter instead of a fiddle.

  4. 10. Was actually at the civilian airport not a military base. Just an FYI