Thursday, September 1, 2011


You know, when a liberal is running the show, the hits just KEEP on coming. The red diaper baby in the White House has been promising a jobs package for over a YEAR, then a month, then a vacation, and now THIS is it?

EXCERPT: "WASHINGTON (AP) — A national infrastructure bank that would entice private investors into road and rail projects could be a major part of the jobs package that President Barack Obama hopes will finally bring relief to the unemployed. The White House hasn't divulged the contents of the package that Obama is to unveil in an address to a joint session of Congress next Thursday. But the president has pushed the idea of an infrastructure bank in recent speeches and has praised Senate and House bills that create such a government-sponsored lending institution."


"Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who's sponsoring an infrastructure bank bill, argued that "we have projects all across America that are ready to go tomorrow." He said the bank "could have money flowing in the next year easily."


"Michael Likosky, senior fellow at the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge and author of "Obama's Bank: Financing a Durable New Deal," says he is working with transportation agencies in California and New York that "are waiting for the federal government to say they are going to support these projects."

How can one respond to such stupidity? An infrastructure bank? You mean like a mortgage financing institute like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Are liberals REALLY THIS STUPID? The Tenth Amendment goes RIGHT out of the window here as well as common sense and if Hanoi John Fonda Kerry is involved in it, you KNOW it is bad for America, RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Treasonous son of a bitch.

Fannie and Freddie have wasted BILLIONS and are STILL in the red, but of course, since they are cash cows for the liberals, the banking queen, Bonnie Fwank, Ol' Lispy, fought against reforming them AND lied about their solvency but oh well, business as usual for a member of Crime Incorporated. 

There is a story out there that people are "sick and tired" of Washington and THAT is coming out of the most corrupt and criminal White House in our history. Yeah Obama, we're sick and tired of YOU and your liberal MORONS screwing us over in taxes, piling stupid regulations on us that prevent us from opening businesses, using rogue agencies like the EPA to keep US from drilling and mining, using Gestapo-like thugs in the ATF to arrest innocent Americans going about their legitimate business, using the DOJ like they were the SD in Nazi Germany, and on and on. Oh, and the endless vacations and golf trips, so good. 

If this bullsh*t passes, it'll create a scam that will funnel money to Democrat donors and other cronies, which again, is business as usual for Crime Inc., aka the Democrat party. 



PMSNBC says opposition against Obama's speech is a racist.
(See what the Gunny means?)


  1. Same shit,different day. Bunch of hay-eating one trick ponies,the lot of them.TRIPLE down on crap that DOES NOT work. HJC. I thought this was a JOBS speech,NOT a goddamn campaign stump speech for Christ's sake. Liberals are the smartest. At WHAT??? pray tell.

  2. clyde,

    I LOVE IT that Boehner told Obama to change the day and the idiot picks the 8th of Sept, the NFL opener! haha

  3. "This Just In!" Well heck fire, GunnyG, it IS RACIST. It's a RACIST to see who can get this Resident out of the White House!

  4. Desparate times call for Desparate Measures and the Libs are the best at it.

    More weeks of Unemployment Insurance because as we all know this helps the economy because unemployed people can buy food, clothes, IPads, Cadillac Escalade all the things they need. Never mind that the Unemployment Insurance is paid by the employers, the people that - OOOPS.. hire people.

    The Tea Party's Mission Statement is to see Black People hanging from trees. Yes, that is all we talk about at the Tea Party Meetings I go to right after "Chat about Guns, Beer and Religion".

    And we try the 762nd time to have the government prop up the job market by rebuilding schools and infrastructure. Will these be "Shovel Ready Jobs" or just "Shoveling More Shit."

    I can see 2012 from here folks.

  5. Mes AL,

    haha. You know, Rush (like him or not) said a couple of months ago that the Libs would play the race card over and over because it is the ONLY card they have!

  6. And I just heard the CEO of Gibson guitar, and he said that the Obama administration told him if he moved his labor to Madigasgar(sp), then his problems would go away. As I understood it, thry put that in writing.
    How is that for a knife in the back of an American company with American workers?? Yep he is concerned about jobs alright!! Just not jobs for Americans!!

  7. Golly, isn't calling liberals "idiots" sort of redundant?

  8. Senator John Kerry (who once served in Viet Nam) is a fraud and a liar and a gigolo and a traitor.
    He and Kennedy tell us a lot about the state.
    The same folks who elected Kerry and Kennedy to Congress also elected Romney Governor. Most likely for a reason.

  9. Of course that's his plan. It's a really easy way to boomerang the taxpayer's money back to him, and launder it at the same time. Makes perfect sense to him. Spend it on infrastructure. The vast majority of the funds will go to pay the state road workers whose unions will siphon off their cut before anyone else can lay on it. Union bosses feed it right back to his warchest. Not only does it result in a super fast turnaround, but the money is clean as a whistle, and he'll lock down a nice chunk of votes as a side bonus. And remember the Democrat logic that a job saved is also a job created, so he's lived up to his promise in his own mind, and the minds of his zombie sheeple.

    As far as he can tell, there's absolutely no downside to it. Let's just hope it irritates enough of the fence sitters to motivate them into showing him that there is a downside to his self serving ways. We're going to need all the people we can get, because I have no doubt that the amount of fraud that the liberals will attempt to keep him in there will be nothing short of epic. They have way too much to lose, and it's pretty obvious he is absolutely incapable of getting reelected legitimately.

  10. >>“Are liberals REALLY THIS STUPID?”

    Yes and no. The leaders are evil. The followers are stupid.