Monday, September 12, 2011


where does it end?

The Gunny got an email this weekend from a buddy commenting on the scale of attacks against the regime. Other folks have asked the Gunny why, and where does he find the time to do it, and to what end will it serve. Even the Gunny's relatives have said on more than one occasion to dial it back a bit.

Never happen. The Gunny will rage against this regime and the criminals in it, whether here, on a soapbox on a street corner, or in a FEMA gulag!

Our government is corrupt. Our nation is bankrupt not just monetary wise but morally and ethically, led by thieves, cowards, criminals, hucksters, jackanapes, and outright traitors. Thus, those of us who cherish the great nation we have must struggle to oust the vermin who populate our government and who work to undermine the nation at every turn. Our struggle is a small portion of the battle not only for America but in reality, for our civilization as we know it for there are those, like Mayor Bloomberg, Grahamnesty, McLame, etc, who would sell us out not just to the ProgStats but to the Islamofascists as well. Hell, Mayor Bloomberg, among others, has his lips super-glued to the asses of the Islamofascists. They no doubt despise and hate us, calling us terrorists, hobbits, criminals, etc., but the Gunny and others will continue to hit back wherever we can. Americans don’t roll over and quit and as Senator Blutarsky stated, "did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

The bottom line, the Gunny will quit fighting corruption, injustice, attacks on the Constitution and our Republic when he draws his last breath. THAT is OUR DUTY as a free people in a free country.

So far, we have not one but TWO gunrunning scandals that Holder and Obama are working feverishly to cover up. One is Operation Castaway and the other is Operation Fast and Furious. This is the biggest scandal since Watergate and at least when Nixon lied, no one died and we have to ask ourselves again, WHY haven’t the principals in this deal, Obama, Holder, Hitlery Clinton, and the rest of them been asked, under oath, "What do you know about this and when did you know it?"

The problem is that the guilty parties lie every day and have been doing so for quite some time. Obama is a liar. Holder is a liar. Hitlery is a LONGTIME liar. Obama has pissed on the SCOTUS (who hides from his illegality as POTUS like little girls) and he continues to piss on the Congress, who seek to play nice with him. Evidently, they haven’t yet figured out why the Founders separated the three branches and gave them equal power under the Constitution. Obama, like BJ Bubba Clinton, will not resign over this, he will have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House and NOW is as good a time as any. BrianR has stated that Issa is likely waiting until 2012 to bring this all out in the open and maybe so but the Gunny is not one to wait around to see justice administered!

One point that isn’t really being made is that these ATF agents are all over the US and are likely pulling this crap in other places! Both of these operations were a manufactured event that Obama sought to use to as a "Reichstag" moment in order to destroy the Second Amendment. It was an overt attempt to bypass and undermine the US Constitution, which we all know that Obama hates. THAT IS TREASON. These operations are too large not to involve the White House especially since they were supposed to generate lots of crime and lots of bodies, so that the sheep would scream for gun control, and of course, the Sarah Brady schooled White House would eagerly step in. Why else is Holder and the rest of them ignoring Congress, the Senate, and the American people? Liberals are liars as a matter of fact and they will perjure themselves to the wall on this.

For example, Holder Attorney General Eric Holder testified in March 2011, in front of Congress, that he [Holder] had only learned of Operation Fast and Furious, "a few weeks ago." Oddly enough, in April 2009, Ol’ Holder gave a real nice speech in Mexico, as a joint Mexico-U.S. L.E. conference where he discussed the operation and how it would help the Mexican government fight the Mexican drug cartels.

Sounds like perjury to the Gunny but then again, he didn’t go to Harvard Law School like Barry did.

The crux of the issue is that it was only the death of Agent Brian Terry that scared the whistleblowers to tell all. What Holder, Obama, and the rest of them intended for these operations was to have the guns involved in brutal crimes and then the cops would fine them, the Liberal Lapdog Media would report it all, aghast at the violence, Sarah Brady, Mayor Bloomberg, and all of the other fascists would open up their suckholes and call for more gun control. They were not tracking guns, they were giving them to the criminals in order to create crimes, to give Obama an excuse to crack down and subvert the Constitution. It was "Operation Create a Crisis" so that a "good crisis would not go to waste."

However, two good things came out these massive scandals so far (no Obummer ain't been impeached ...yet)

1. A nice children's book...


2. A new movie from the Leftist Limo Libs in La-La Land.

Manny, Moe, and Jackoff
Proof they knew this in 2009


  1. Gunny- don't dial it back, dial it up. Hang the lot of them.


  2. Gunny, You won't be alone on that street corner, soapbox or Fema gulag...

  3. dong_ha68,

    Thanks brother. One day, may they all get the tar and feather spa treatment they deserve.

  4. Anon,

    Thanks for the support. We only LOSE when we GIVE IN!

  5. The term of enlistment expired, but the oath doesn't.

  6. Go Gunny...Great keep the "torch" lit for all of us. Never give up..."the truth shall set you free"

  7. The Craw,

    The Oath DOES expire, oddly enough at the same time I draw my last breath!

    "I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed." Theoden

    If we do not fight, WE are to blame for putting the next generations into slavery.

  8. Texman,

    Thanks for the support and the kudos. You can count on me gut punching this regime, and anyone connected with it, enabling it, or collaborating with it, into submission like a miscreant recruit!

  9. Gunny- beg to differ, but the oath is eternal, unlike money you take it with you. God Bless you Brother I got your 6


  10. dong_ha68,

    Good point. I was talking about MY service to that oath here on earth. That it expires when I'm dead. After that, I'm on God's duty roster! haha

  11. World-class post.Count me in as well,my brother from another mother. As to your relatives telling you to "dial it back",do as I do. When they give me shit about this stuff,I simply ask THEM, "what the fuck kind of country do YOU want YOUR children and grandchildren to live in? One that is free,or one that is not. I think the question SHOULD answer itself" .Usually shuts them right up.

  12. Great essay with great comments.

    We can NEVER "dial it back"!

    Did the Founding Fathers "dial it back"?

    "Hey, King G... chill for a bit, dude! Let's rap! You just take it down a notch, and we will, too, know what I mean, jellybean? A little of that there civility, 'kay?"



    Like Craw said, my oath to the Constitution didn't come with a "use by" date. It's still in force.

    On top of THAT, why the hell did we fight for our country? So we could pander to a bunch of wienies who never put on a uni or heard a shot fired their way? Like Holder and Bat Ears?


    F*** 'em and the horses they rode into town on.

  13. If good ole Roberto kkk byrd were alive today and holding to the demo party tenets would not bigstinkinhusseinosamaobastard and eric the red holder be hanging from the highest tree in DC and full of holes to boot?
    Just asking seeing as how neither one are American but are proven enemies of our home.

    Go ahead on Gunny. We must be rid of the illegal kenyan.

  14. Gunny,
    Well done brother. As you know, my motto is "never give up, never surrender".

    Only when we collectively stopped looking, while we were working, the liberal vermin snuck in and screwed-up most everything that we and our ancestors had worked for.

    We are slowly fixing it. One by one fellow Americans are waking up and our ranks are growing, all the while the libvermin are screaming.

    As their screams get louder we will know that we are taking back our country.

    Keep it up. I'll walk beside you anyday.

  15. BrianR,

    Thanks for the kudos. I agree, we cannot stop fighting against the loss of our freedom or we'll be to blame!

  16. Hardnox,

    Thanks amigo. We have come a long way in a short time and after we kick ass in 2012, it'll be another big leap in the right direction.

  17. Ramp it up! Keep up the assault on the Marxist thugs, full throttle!
    (JoeDaddy in NC)

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one on the planet that sees the intent and the criminality of this b.s.

  19. There's been another gun scandal uncovered in Indiana. They're calling it Gangwalker. Guns were sold to known gang members. Also, some heavier stuff you can't get from a gun store (anti-aircraft guns, grenades, launchers) has been sold to the Zetas (? not sure of the name) by the State Department.

    Gunny, please look into this mess.

  20. I've been screaming about the alphabet "law enforcement" agencies for a long, long time and most folks just didn't listen or want to know.
    They thought they were just like the actors on tv.
    At last.
    I feel vindicated.