Friday, September 9, 2011


Where the HELL is the OUTRAGE from the Left and WHERE the HELL are the investigations by, say, the douchewads at 60 Minutes?

The Gunny knows, as we all know, that the Left is corrupt and treasonous beyond redemption so the above question is rhetorical in nature.

Read the following headlines:

1. Investigation expands into Obama-backed 'green' company.

2. Obama [Max Headroom the Second] sat in on Solyndra meetings.

3. Another gov't-linked gun found at border guard's murder scene.

4. Also tied to a 2nd violent crime.,0,109137.story

Imagine that, Max Headroom the Second actually sat in Solyndra's meetings and thus, knew FULL WELL that this whole endeavour WAS A SCAM! They were making these panels AT A LOSS and Ol' Max STILL threw money at this crapulence. The Gunny wonders if those raiding the houses of the execs are gathering evidence to prosecute or merely gathering the evidence to pull a Hitlery Klintoon at White Water? The Gunny no longer has any confidence in the FBI or really anything or anyone involved at the DOJ, especially with Eric "sellapardon" Holder running the show. Where are the agents who should be blowing the whistle on this regime? Why are they not coming forward or even helping to get those in the know, to come forward? Silence is consent.

We'll find out how corrupt this regime truly was about 25 years after Max Headroom the Second gets the boot in January 2013. Truly a sad time for justice in America and trust in our government.


  1. Why... I'll tell you why. No senior agent at any alphabet agency will put their career on the line with this crooked bunch. No GOP pol will back them up either.

    Silence is consent?... no they are just scared and don't want to flush their pension. Is it right? No, of course not but that's they way it is and the way it is designed by these Chi-town crooks.

    Operation gun runner is a perfect example. The whistle blowers got fired. The ones that knew anything got promoted.

    To fix this the GOP leaders need to stand up and say that they will protect sources.... not gonna happen.

  2. We knew goddamn well this shit was a scam. ANY libturd says they aren't into money,and the acquisition of same,they're frigging lying. Son of a bitch ought to be campaigning for PAROLE,not re-election.

  3. Gunny,

    This whole Solyndra thing reminds me of an organized crime operation.

    It appears that the entire operaton was a shell company that's only focus was to absorb and launder as much taxpayer money in the shortest time possible and distribute it to democrat lobby groups.

    The FBI "raided" the offices? My guess is that they went in to remove as much evidence linking this shady outfit to Obama as possible and wash it.
    The only thing missing from this crime novel is the book keeper falling from a window.

  4. The damage done to this nation by the Dim-o-RATS is beyond the pale. The sorry excuse we have for a "news" media just adds to the kool-aid laced FOG that is bellowing out of leftist beuocrats. What the American people did in the mid-term elections MUST continue to clean house in 2012!!! (thank God for the courage of the Tea Partyin 1773 tea was dumped--today Patriotic Americans are dumping kool-aid.

  5. "Where are the agents who should be blowing the whistle on this regime?"

    Well, probably they are at the gun range wearing their ski masks and black jump suits practicing sniper shots for when their boss Holder gives the go ahead to confiscate guns.


  6. Hardnox,

    They can make an anonymous call to a Congressman or Senator along with a nice pckage of evidence.

    I hear where you are coming from but I always said what I felt was right in the Corps and I still retired as a Gunny! Hell, I was out of control AS A GUNNY pointing out bullsh*t that was wrong. Sometimes ya gotta make a stand for what is right.

  7. clyde,

    Now you're just teasing me. Parole indeed!

  8. Sepp,

    The entire DNC is a money laundering scam.

  9. Buck,

    You are right on the money and THAT is a damn shame.

  10. Gunny-America is waking up--again! The liberal kool-aid laced FOG is no match for the blazing flame of truth coming from blogs that are NOT afraid to tell it like it is.The differance willl be 2012.

  11. Gallant 4 Liberty,

    Great post and very true. Liberalism CANNOT last in world where we can freely pass information. It can only last (for a time) in a closed information loop like in the 60's and 70's, when the liberals had all of the network news locked in.

    Liberalism can only last as a dictatorship, which is the bottom line of Obama's fundamental change for America!

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