Friday, September 9, 2011


KUDOS to the Republicans who tittered, smirked, guffawed, laughed, chortled, and outright howled as Obama, now known as Max Headroom II in blackface, gave a pathetic speech laced with "pass the bill right now," bleats like it was an explosive bowel movement in Obummer's, oops, Max Headroom the Second's colon!

Obama, damn, Max Headroom the Second sure has the head fake down while reading from the second-stringer for TOTUS (who quit to go to LA as a writer), read from the right teleprompter, wait three seconds, turn head to the left, read from the left teleprompter, wait three seconds, turn head to the right, repeat until teleprompter stops scrolling.

What a total and complete asshat and even the leftists on the Left Coast ain't buying this schlep's dreck. No plan, no clue, no idea WTF to do, just keep giving stupid speeches.

Add a little tan, big jug ears, and a wart on his face and you got
MAX HEADROOM the Second giving a SPEECH!

Oh, and Lefties, even a left-wing rag calls Max Headroom the Second's job plan a bust.


  1. Max Headroom II. HJC. Oh,to have been Boehner for the night. I'd have given him the finger,then WALKED the f@*k out,AFTER telling him his stupid ass "plan" was DOA.For the love of Jesus,this asshat know ANYTHING else other than SPEND MORE GODDAMN MONEY WE AIN'T GOT???

  2. I noticed Lindsay Grahamesty was the first one to rise and enthusiastically applaud Zero's comments.

  3. Gunny I always liked Max Headroom - I would say he is more Alfred E Newman in black face he such a maroon!!!

  4. Clyde,

    Congressman Gunny G would have stood up DURING the speech, called it 100% pure bullshit, and walked out.

  5. Buck,

    Lindsey Grahamnesty is a piece of compromising asskissing butt's up squealing Obama fart sniffing shit.

    I would not piss on him if he was on fire.

  6. Kitman3,

    Obama is definately Newman as a potus but as a speechifier, he is Max Headroom the II!