Friday, September 23, 2011


You really have to laugh at President Plagiarizer. He bleated, "Peace is more than just the absence of war," at the corruptocrats at the UN and that is a line lifted directly from a Ronaldus Magnus speech. Barry, let the Gunny tell you here and now that you would not be fit to pick the toe jam out from Ronaldus Magnus’ feet much less equal him in speechifying OR statesmanship but the Gunny digresses.

Just a day ago, President Plagiarizer bleated out another teleprompter-led speech in Cincinnati, about a bridge in Kentucky, that is actually NOT slated for repairs but why should the Liar-in-Chief let facts get in the way of a good whining session?

Obummer: "It is time to build an economy that creates good, middle-class jobs in this country. It’s time to build an economy that honors the values of hard work and responsibility. It’s time to build an economy that lasts."

So the last three years were what? Payback your union homies time? Time to pass thousands of regulations that slow down the economy like molasses in winter? Raise the unemployment rate to about 15% (if the truth be known)? Put us 14 TRILLION dollars in debt? Time to route 535 MILLION to your homies in Solyndra, who are now taking the Fifth Amendment as Rahmbutt and Axleroid put a Hitlery Klintoon, "I can’t recall?"

Obummer: "Awhile back, Senator McConnell said that his top priority for the next two years is to defeat the President. Not jobs. Not the economy. Just politics – from now until the election. Well I’ve got news for him, and every other Member of Congress who feels that way: the next election is 14 months away. And the American people don’t have the luxury of waiting that long. A lot of folks are living week to week; paycheck to paycheck; even day to day. They need action, and they need it now."

So the 99 weekers need more unemployment because you have jacked up the economy so bad that people can’t find jobs and then, why should they, when YOU continue to subsidize them laying about the house collecting unemployment! They need action yet when YOU had a Democrat controlled Congress and Senate, you could not even pass a BUDGET let alone any truly meaningful legislation to help America.

Obummer: "So I’m asking all of you to lift your voice – not just you here in Cincinnati, but anyone watching, listening, or following online – to call, e-mail, tweet, fax, visit, and tell your congressperson that the time for gridlock and games is over. The time for action is now.

Tell them that if you want to create jobs – pass this bill.

If you want construction workers rebuilding bridges like this one – pass this jobs bill.

If you want to put teachers back in these classrooms – pass this jobs bill.

If you want tax cuts for middle-class families and small business owners – pass this jobs bill.

If you want to help our veterans share in the opportunity they defend – pass this jobs bill."

The only way to respond to Obummer’s bleating here is, "(cough) BULLSH*T! (cough)." His jobs bill is so full of crap that it would HINDER America not HELP but then again, Obama has the "Brown Touch" not the Midas Touch as everything he touches turns to sh*t. In fact, as a public service announcement, concerning Barry's record, i.e., bankrupt and failed companies and politicians he has spoken for, people might want to start taking ANOTHER route and not that bridge, if they can.

This idiot calls for IMMEDIATE action yet the facts of the matter are that the bridge is not even scheduled to start construction for at least four years and it would not be completed until 2022! So once again, we have the Liar-in-Chief yapping like a little poodle off of a teleprompter, as full of sh*t as a Tijuana burrito!

What makes this idiot’s continue yammering about "pass this bill," is that the bill is STUCK in Dingy Reid’s DEMOCRAT majority Senate! The problem for Obummer is that Dingy Reid KNOWS that many of his fellow Democrats are opposed to spending MORE of Other People’s Money on crap that will fail like the last stimulus plan on jobs that, as Obummer put it, "weren’t quite shovel ready." Obummer tried to pick a spot that would embarrass Boehner and McConnell but the lies backfired in his face. Indeed, the liars in the White House, doing anything they can to prop up their douche bag messiah stated that the bridge required "urgently needed repairs," but in reality, the bridge is designed to last for another 20-30 years! Moreover, the plan is to build a new bridge, right next to the old bridge, keeping the old bridge in use!

One thing that Obummer failed to note was that the bridge DID NOT get any money from Porkulous because it wasn't what the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION called a "shovel ready" project! DAMN those pesky facts.

Here is the crux of the issue. Obummer flies out in AF One, creating a big scene wherein HE is the center of attention, in another waste of OUR time and OUR taxpayer dollars to yammer at union idiots and urge these goonions to call their Congcritters to pass a useless bill that is stalled in a Democrat majority Senate! The whole scene in Ohio was nothing but a wimpy ass plea to pass a bullsh*t bill, that WILL NOT stimulate the economy but WILL serve to route OUR MONEY to unions, so that they can pay dues, that will be routed to the DNC through their union bosses, and end up in Obama’s campaign funds. Obama is as clueless about economies as he is about the exceptionalism of America. You don’t grow the economy by taking money from the taxpayers, routing it to a union goon to dig a ditch and then route more money to another union goon to fill it in. THAT is Democrat ignorance.


  1. Everything is a photo-op with this asswipe and another campaign stop, er official visit, on our dime.

    The libtards that still acclaim him to be the smartest man in the room must not have noticed that it is when zero is in the room alone.

    That man is embarrasing.


  3. Gunny,
    Nothing does my heart any better than you throwing their lies and promises back in their faces.
    Love it ...Love it!!!!!!

  4. Nanna,

    Thanks. I LOVE hanging the libs by their own petards.

    In fact, I wrapped up a lib yesterday with facts and he had nothing to reply to.

  5. RUGS lie better than this asswagon. And libs have the NERVE to proclaim THEY are the smartest among us.HORSE. FRICKING. SHIT.

  6. Yeah. He even plagiarized some of Rush Limbaugh's writings.
    Rush read back something he had written back in the '90's and Zero had used it in the last week or so as his own.