Thursday, September 1, 2011


EXCERPT: "Ben Bierman, executive vice president of operations and engineering for Solyndra, donated $5,500 to Obama’s election campaign. Karen Alter, senior vice president of marketing, donated $23,000 in 2008. According to information collected by the Center for Responsive Politics, Solyndra board members have donated at least $27,400 to Democratic campaigns and affiliates. Since 1998, Solyndra board member James F. Gibbons has contributed $13,500 on his own. Board member Winston Fu has contributed $4,550 since 2008. Since 1991, board member Thomas Baruch has contributed $7,150. And board member Steven R. Mitchell donated $2,300 to Obama in 2007. Solyndra also spent $550,000 lobbying Congress in 2010. Between 2008 and 2011, the company spent more than $1 million lobbying bills including the “American Clean Energy Leadership Act of 2009″ and the “Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act."

WOW! The Gunny wonders what would happen if we had a Congress with a pair of balls and a spine to act? Maybe we need to go back to the Roman Empire days when corrupt scumbags like Obama and his myrmidons where either jailed or executed and their assets CONFISCATED to pay for their crimes. It is going to take a legion of forensic accountants and a few YEARS of investigation to get to the bottom of this regime's crimes.


  1. Imagine that. The principals involved donated to the BECS. Wish I could say I am surprised,but that would be a big fibberookie. You can bet your ass this wasn't the only one who went paws-up that gave the prick money.

  2. Ever notice that if Zero visits your factory/industry it is like the kiss of death?

  3. So he dumped money belonging to the taxpayers on a company that made a product which was completely nonviable in the real world market, all because it fit his agenda, and was also very likely a payback to someone who helped him financially during his presidential campaign? And it's also obvious he did it in an underhanded manner? Doesn't he realize how blatantly corrupt it makes him look?

    Probably not. Or he just doesn't care. After all, he did it before with the GM/Volt disaster. Threw a bunch of our money at them to save his donor block in the UAW, meddled in company affairs to get Wagner out and his puppet in. Screwed over the people who had been supporting the company for a very long time prior to his meddling. Then forced the company to bend to his agenda which resulted in a vehicle that nobody wants, and has a flat 0 for a profit margin.

    And he still can't figure out why we don't want a massive nanny state government, along with all the magical "free" things it can shower us with. The wind is blowing in his face, and he can't figure out why his shoes get wet when he pees. Instead of learning from his mistakes and simply turning around, he just whines about his wet feet right before he starts peeing again. He truly is a stupid man. I never liked him, but there was a time I found it hard to believe he was actually dumb. After all, he did get elected, and it takes some level of intelligence to run and succeed at a presidential campaign. WOW, was I mistaken. I realize his ego leads him to believe he's entitled to do as he pleases. But his unerring insistence to continually repeat the same ideas that only end in utter failure over and over and over again, has to be the product of an astonishingly stupid thought process.

    Even a 2 year old that smacks his thumb with a hammer will understand immediately that he needs to keep his hand out of the way in the future so he doesn't smash his thumb again.

    The 50 year old, college educated man in the White House, in the same situation as the 2 year old mentioned above would respond to the throbbing pain in his thumb by smashing the ever living crap out of his hand in the hope that, at some point, it will eventually stop hurting, and with no regard for the possible consequences that may result.

    A man with a titanic ego, an IQ equivalent to that of a Labrador Retriever, cult like loyalty to an extreme set of agendas, and we give him a title putting him at the head of the most powerful nation in the world. Yeah, that's proving what a great idea that was, every agonizing second of every agonizing day since he first set foot in that big white mansion. And it'll keep reminding us of our mistake for a long, long time after he's gone.

  4. It's quite simple really, they got all that money and, spent it on "lobbying" Democrats...which pretty much tells me that all those loans were a sham in the first place and targeted to go directly from the taxpayer to the democrats with this company acting as a middle man.

    I wonder how many other little shell companies the democrats have set up to siphon stimulus from the public and into their coffers?

  5. Don't forget about the huge subsidy he he gave to Gibson Guitars for employing 2,000 US workers and not moving their operations overseas. Oh..wait...nevermind.