Monday, September 19, 2011


It ain't enough that this city of floating crapulence sends us a corrupt wannabe dictator from Kenya, so incompetent that it is gonna take 10 YEARS of hard work to undo everything the Serial Vacationer has done, but NOW, they've set up a HOTLINE for ILLEGAL ALIENS, like Obama's Aunt and Uncle, to CALL and get HELP! Probably paid for by the US TAXPAYERS.

EXCERPT: "A new hotline being unveiled Monday aims to help illegal immigrants clear up confusion about deportation. Volunteers will take calls and direct people facing deportation to lawyers and social service agencies by asking them a checklist of questions to help determine the right course of action. "In the last five years, 48,330 people have been deported from the Chicago ICE region, leaving an estimated 80,550 children without a parent," the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said in a statement."

Well if they weren't HERE ILLEGALLY then they would not BE DEPORTED and their kids would not be left without a PARENT, would they? What part of ILLEGAL do liberals NOT UNDERSTAND! They are CRIMINALS for being here in the FIRST PLACE!

The Gunny has a solution. Arrest them. Deport them to work camps here in the US. They can work like slaves, grow our veggies, etc, and when their fine for being here ILLEGALLY is PAID OFF, we can deport them back to wherever they came from, just like they got here, PENNILESS!

NO MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS! What part of this does our government NOT UNDERSTAND!?

EXCERPT: "The ICIRR is partnering with 35 social service agencies ... to launch the country’s first 24-hour hotline for families facing the crisis of deportation." The phone line offers help in English, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese and was paid for by private and individual donations."

Anyone care to research WHO is paying for this? The Gunny can guess one right off of the bat. The Nazi-lover himself, Obama's master, George Soros. Some of the funders include: Amnesty International, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Catholic Diocese of Belleville: Office of Hispanic Ministry, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Human Rights Watch (SERIOUS LEFTISTS), Mosque Foundation, Service Employees International Union - Local 1 (SEIU-1), SEIU Service Employees International Union (Obama's buddies), St. Agatha Catholic Parish, St. Isidore Catholic Church, The Immigration Project, The Resurrection Project, UE District 11 Western Region, UFCW Local 881, DREAM Act Portal...

There used to be a law in America where aiding and abetting criminals got you charged as an accomplice but not in the Obomination, with one corrupt bastard named Holder running the DOJ. (DONORS AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE)


  1. Wonder if filing not enforcing immigration laws would be considered "aiding and abetting enemies(illegal invasion)of the US" which is Treasonous.

  2. Gunny,

    Arrest them. Deport them to work camps here in the US. They can work like slaves, etc. etc.

    That would be too cruel and heartless to do to these fine upstanding decent folks just looking for a better way of life all the while breaking the law and leaching off the hard working Americans of America.

    But I like it.

  3. Wouldn't helping illegal aliens be considered aiding and abetting our enemies since the cartels are a terroristic organization? Wonder if anyone would charge him with it? Under the UCMJ I believe it is still punishable by d@#th.

  4. Sorry dbl post there phone died out after first one but yea fuck em and send there damn kids with em they are still citizens just living in Mehheeko.

  5. NAR,

    Good post on them aiding and abetting TERRORISTS because who knows how many terrorists are infiltrating with the illegals!

  6. do know that there is an election coming...and they need to get started gathering all of the votes. This is but one way to start the process. Off topic, how about all of those ex-solyndra employees applying for 13,000 dollars of tax money to be re-trained so they will have job skills that might actually be in demand? Talk about adding insult to injury...the "gravy train" just never seems to stop with these people. Have a Great Day! God Bless/help America!

  7. Oh, yes...but...but...But they're just here for jobs no American will do.

    (Gordie.. That will forever be a stain on your presidency.)