Wednesday, September 28, 2011


EXCERPT: "MOUNTAIN VIEW, California — A rich former Google executive pleaded with Barack Obama to raise his taxes Monday, boosting the US leader's push to get well off Americans to bankroll his $447 billion jobs plan. Obama stormed through the American west on a three-day tour devoted to hammering Republicans and piling up cash for his 2012 reelection bid, which is overshadowed by 9.1 percent unemployment and a wobbling economy. Former Google brand manager Doug Edwards became an instant media sensation when he joined billionaire investor Warren Buffett in calling for those who had done well in America to do more to help the struggling masses. "I don't have a job, (I) worked for a small startup down the street here that did quite well," Edwards told Obama, at a Silicon Valley town-hall event on the jobs package sponsored by the LinkedIn social network. "I am unemployed by choice." "My question is -- would you please raise my taxes?" Edwards said. Edwards later told reporters that he had never met Obama, but was invited to the town hall event by a friend who had links to the Democratic Party."


EXCERPT: "His new populist tone comes after repeated attempts to convince Republicans to join him to pass measures to heal the economy, a policy of conciliation which has dismayed some of his core political supporters."

Okay, other bloggers have tore his asshat a new one but the Gunny wants to look at this from another angle. The angle that Obummer and his regime think that Americans are SO STUPID as to not recognize a "plant" when we see one. The Gunny watched this idiot and Obummer interact and it was SO LAUGHABLE to watch the asskissing liberal Edwards, try to act like he was coming up with this on his own.

Now remember folks, when you are dealing with liberals, ALWAYS follow the money. Now Douggie Edwards of Los Altos, according to Open Secrets, has given away PILES of money to 100% Dummycrat candidates and not just in Mexifornia either. Oh no, Ol' Douggie supports far left liberals like Coakley, Gillibrand, Al Franken, Boxer, Dems of Ohio ($10K), Hitlery Klintoon, the DNC ($58K) and Obummer. In fact, his TWO pages of donations on Open Secrets reads like a bank statement.

Oh yeah, Ol' Douggie never met Obummer and was just an honest guy in the crowd. "Hey look everyone, pigs have sprouted wings and are flying about!"

The lying, the corruption, the dishonesty and the outright disregard of the intelligence of the American population is sickening. Dear Obama, NOT EVERYONE IS A STUPID LIBERAL! Fugging moron ain't got a clue.

In fact, this regime IS SO STUPID that they got Wyoming and Colorado screwed up on a map on press credentials! 

EXCERPT: "Per CNN's Mark Walz, the credentials given to members of the press corps traveling with President Obama on his campaign swing out west this week included a map that mistakenly identified Wyoming as Colorado. The two rectangular states do look similar on the map, but it's a pretty embarrassing error, especially considering how important Colorado might be to President Obama's re-election chances next year."

It must be hell keeping track of those 57 states huh?

Dear Obummer, LOWER MY TAXES and let schmucks like Edwards foot the bill. In fact, the Gunny thinks that ALL registered Democrats should pay 90% in taxes simply because they are soooo patriotic and want to help the rest of us.

Ol Douggie and Obummer, as phony as a pair of wooden nickels.

SAVED ROUND: One has to wonder if Obummer spent MORE TIME working in DC than on vacation, on golfing trips, and on flitting hither and yon (on our dime) giving speeches, SOMETHING MIGHT GET fixed in the US. (Although the Gunny doubts it) All this punk-ass community organizer DOES is read off of the teleprompter in front of staged crowds. Reminds the Gunny of when commies like Stalin, Castro, Chavez, etc, gave/give speeches.

EACH SPEECH GUARANTEED - 100% BULLSH*T!;_ylu=X3oDMTJmOXVpdHRsBGNwb3MDNARlZAMxBGcDaWQtNTUzOTY2BGludGwDdXMEc2VjA2luX25ld3MEc2xrA253cy10aXRsZQR0ZXN0AzQxOQR3b2UDMTI3OTk2OTg-/SIG=13cvcd3l7/EXP=1317311035/**http%3A//


  1. New American Revolution here.

    These friggin ass-hats are pathetic they are like rats on a sinking ship and they know it. They are trying to convince each other and us that the ship is not only fine but has started to fly. I hope beyond hope that they will finally find a way to stop the elections so we can get this shit over with.
    Raise my taxes please master. F#ck this guy I hope there are no sharp objects in his home and if there are then he can run around with them. Dumb sumbitch, people like him piss me off beyond belief. Why don't you just give me some cash so I don't have to bust my a$$ working two jobs just to worry if I might be able to pay my rent. F#ck you Doug Edwards and your family and friends. Dumbass.

    Sorry Gunny but this has to stop. Please any lib that wants to flash mob I'll gladly give you my address. Come down my street to kick my white ass see how that works out.

  2. Gunny,
    I'll go along with Crawfish on this one... follow the money. I'm sure that there is a sweetheart deal somewhere as payback.

    There are no accidents in politics... ever. Unless they get caught with a hooker or posting their weiners on FB.

  3. Gunny,

    Remember in "Little Big Man," when Jack Crabb was assisting the snake oil salesman? It was the exact same scene that Obama and Dougie just played out. The real question is can we carve off parts of Obama, then tar and feather both of them?

  4. NAR,

    What can I say, you're dead on. The bullsh*t of this regime is piling up DEEPER every day.

  5. Craw,

    Yep, listed it in the entry. He sure does like supporting the Dummycrats. No doubt he's getting kickbacks along the way.

  6. Hardnox,

    I have no doubt that Douggie is getting his palms greased and hob-nobbing with the lib criminals at their fancy cocktail parties.

  7. TGP,

    Brother, watching thelandslide in 2012 is gonna be payback enough. America is gonna flush that brown turd and make that asskicking that Mondale got look like a kindergarten picnic.

  8. Is it true that The Un had the Nobel Prize committee donate the $1 million prize money directly to 10 different charities instead of giving the check to The Un to distribute, thus allowing The Un to avoid paying $400,000 to the IRS? How's that fit in with "paying taxes is patriotic"?

  9. Yeah these rich Buffett types remind me of the teacher's pet sucking up saying,
    "Well, we could skip recess to learn more from you."
    I think he didn't like recess because he either stayed with teacher or got his ass drubbed.
    Oh, yeah.
    I think he turned out to be a faggot.
    Or a fed cop or something.

  10. Dougie is probably in for a nice wad of money for standing up and embarrassing himself in front of the nation. Hypocrites like him are a huge shame to themselves. If they really want their taxes raised, why don't they just write a check to the treasury. I'm sure they would get a nice big kiss from the IRS.
    And, yes, the Zero reminds me more each day of his fellow precursors of Hitler, Stalin, Chavez. Why doesn't Obummer go live with Chavez. I hear he likes men and they would just swoon over one another I'm sure.